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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Get Obama Out of Our Bedrooms

If you accept the premise - as I do - that the original intent of government(s) in this country to get involved in the defining, sanctioning, and licensing of marriages was to prevent miscegenation (the "mingling" of races), then you're halfway down the road to wanting government(s) out of the marriage enterprise.  There may have been a day when it made sense to license human relationships alongside pet ownership, but no more.  It's long past time to get Obama out of our bedrooms!

David Harsanyi agrees:

Time for a Divorce
writing in Townhall

[I]sn't it about time we freed marriage from the state?

Imagine if government had no interest in the definition of marriage. Individuals could commit to each other, head to the local priest or rabbi or shaman -- or no one at all -- and enter into contractual agreements, call their blissful union whatever they felt it should be called and go about the business of their lives.

Who cares? Is there any other personal relationship that is defined by government? Other than in legal terms, of course, this one isn't, either.

Yet we have decided that a majority on the Supreme Court or, perhaps, a majority of the voters in your state or, even worse, a majority of the legislators in your state have the power to define what is often the most intimate bond of your life.

In our Utopian vision, no group is empowered to dictate what marriage should mean to another. And one of the great perks would be the end of this debate. [link]

We license dogs.  And marriages.  Why?

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* There will be those who will point out my enthusiastic support for Virginia's constitutional amendment that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman and argue now that I'm being hypocritical.  I'm more than willing to drop my support for that amendment the day the state of Virginia frees the institution of marriage from government control.  If the Episcopal Church then wants to marry throngs of gays, and continue to implode, that's its business.

Where's The Job Growth?

Much is being written these days about the jobless recovery that is underway. See below. And about the unprecedented depth and duration of that joblessness. How is it that America's economy rebounded months ago but jobs haven't followed suit?

Well, actually they may have.

In Mexico.

Doug Powers:
Recovery Summer Update: Government Motors to Invest $500 Million in Factory in… Mexico
writing for Michelle Malkin

This is just their way of saying “thanks for the second chance, American taxpayers”:

"General Motors will invest $500 million to produce a new vehicle and eight-cylinder engines in a plant in northeastern Mexico, a company spokesman said on August 4.

"The decision was announced at a meeting on August 3 between GM management and Mexican officials, the spokesman said, without giving details of the new vehicle

Well, the cars that people will actually buy have to be manufactured somewhere, I suppose.
Wrap your arms around that.  The American taxpayer is now paying laid-off GM workers unemployment compensation - in perpetuity.  We're also paying to keep General Motors afloat.  And now, to top it off, we're paying Mexicans to build the cars that we've paid dearly to have produced by the company that we're heavily invested in.

Stop this train.  I want off.

Schwarzenegger Meddles In Social Issues!

How often have you heard or read of people giving the Republican Party advice to stay away from social issues?

Isn't it odd that we don't hear or read of such criticism when ...

or ...

or ...

Well, there are social issues and then there are social issues, it seems. And they depend entirely on which side of those issues Republicans are on. Homosexual marriage? Don't touch it. Unless you support it. Illegal immigration? A losing issue. Unless you support it. Abortion? Only if Jesus is okay with it.

Next time you hear some really intelligent person advise Republicans that politicians should stay away from social issues, understand what they are really saying: Stay away if you disagree with us. Otherwise, jump right on in.

John Maynard Keynes Is Dead

So let it be written.  All those who adhered to the notion that government(s) could use fiscal and monetary stimuli to reduce the adverse effects of economic recessions have been proven wrong. Again.

From the Wall Street Journal:

It Isn't Working
Three years of spending and monetary stimulus haven't helped jobs.

Another month, another mediocre jobs report from the Department of Labor. This is consistent with the rest of the economic evidence that this is a lackluster recovery that so far is not turning into a durable expansion.

So far the Obama team has thrown the entire Keyensian playbook at the economy. We have paid people to buy cars, purchase homes, pay off their mortgages, weatherize their homes and put solar paneling on their roofs. And of course there was the original stimulus package of $862 billion, though some of that remains unspent. None of it has put America back to work.

The policy lesson is that you can't have a jobs recovery without private confidence and investment. The Obama crowd bet that you could force-feed private investment with government spending and politically directed credit, but the result has been to traumatize business instead. Why would a small business owner hire anyone new if he knows that taxes are going up, health-care costs are sure to rise, and the cost of each new employee is uncertain? Nor can you inspire business confidence if you demonize bankers and business.

The economy is now 2.5 million jobs short of where it would need to be to get back under the 8% unemployment rate we were promised. With the federal government running a $1.4 trillion deficit, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling the House back into session to pass a $26 billion "stimulus" bill to give cash to states, cities and teachers unions.

As the evidence mounts that government spending doesn't create net new jobs, the White House insists we need to double down on spending and monetary stimulus. We've now had three years of this policy, and it isn't working. Time to try a different economic model, the one that worked in the 1980s after another severe recession. [link]
It's not working.  So the Democrats in Washington plan to do a whole lot more of it.

You've read the definition of the word insanity.  See above for exhibit A.

* Oh, let me give their response for them: it's all Bush's fault.