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Sunday, August 08, 2010

When Good Intentions Become Law

A question: If the government is soon to redefine the word "marriage" to include the link-up between individuals with sexual abnormalities (before you protest, look up the words normal and abnormal) - and uses the equal protection clause and/or the due process clause of the Constitution as justification - can government ever again deny those who seek polygamous marriages? Or all those other sexual deviants out there who seek equal protection? And their own right to due process?  Why should they be granted less in the eyes of an equally protective judicial system?

If you buy into the notion that marriage is whatever two individuals want it to be, and you demand that government sanctify that proposition, you'll have no argument when pedophiles seek their day in court.

And their day it will be.

"But ... but ... but ..."

- - -

Special note to the Roanoke Times:  Regarding your editorial this morning ("The Right To Marry"), you include this sentence:

"The objections to same-sex marriage voiced by proponents of Proposition 8 amounted to moral disapproval of gays and lesbians that should not be the basis for state discrimination." 

Read my post again. If moral disapproval isn't a basis for state discrimination, make the argument that pedophiles marrying their victims (oops, that's a moral disapproval) love interests should not be sanctioned and protected by the state.

And From The Chaos Arose The Tea Party

This one sentence sums up the phenomenon that liberals still can't grasp:

"Standing on the sidelines shouting 'boo' amounts to condemning our people to a future of managed decline."

There are still a few of us who choose to not participate in the decline.  Or to pick the bones of the last remnants of rotted meat we once proudly called - and that they disdainfully call - The Free Enterprise Sysytem.  We choose to make America work once again.

The American Dream still lives.  The American Dream still lives.

Don't Try Telling Paula That

So I ask my wife: "What did you do today, honey?"

Wife: "I did the wash."

Me: "No.  Unless you went down by the creek and beat the clothing on a rock, the washing machine did the wash.  You pushed a button and watched the machine do the work."

Wife: "(Expletive).  (Expletive).  (Expletive)."

She has no sense of humor.

This won't make her day either:

"Men do work harder than women."

Hey, don't go calling me names (again) ... honey.  I just push the little keys on the keyboard.  Someone else made the accusation.

Why Should Medicare Be Any Different?

This goes along with everything else related to the United States government that we have grave doubts about:

Medicare Actuary Doubts the Health of Medicare’s Trust Fund

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick ...

6 Americans on medical team executed by Muslims in Afghanistan

Note to Associated Press: Let's report the truth.  This isn't the truth:

6 Americans on medical team killed in Afghanistan

They weren't killed.  Had their car run off the road, they'd have been killed.  They were lined up and shot.  They were slaughtered.

Oh, and another truth:  1.5 billion other members of the Islamic faith don't give a damn.

The truth.

All Bow Before Him

It has come to this (via Instapundit):

Remember November.

Your chance to ... thank him for all he's done.

Worlds Apart

I remember how happy my grandmother was the day she was informed that her monthly Social Security check was going to increase by six dollars. 

Six dollars.

Then there's the ruling class in this country:

First lady Michelle Obama is on a five-day trip to a luxury resort along with a handful of friends, her younger daughter, Sasha, aides and Secret Service personnel.

Michelle Obama is staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton resort in the mountains outside Marbella. The resort has two golf courses, a posh spa with Turkish baths, views of the Mediterranean Sea and a high-end restaurant specializing in avant-garde fare. Room rates start at $400 and rise to $6,500 for a two-bedroom villa with a private pool and 24-hour butler service.

While her friends arrived in Spain on their own, Michelle Obama flew in on a type of aircraft also used by Vice President Joseph Biden. It costs the government $11,555 an hour to operate the plane, according to the Air Force. Assuming a nearly eight-hour flight to nearby Málaga, the total round-trip cost of the flight is about $178,000. [link]
Six dollars.  Enough for a gallon of milk and some eggs.

Scientists Should Run For Elective Office ...

... if they start putting politics above their research, their theories, and their hypotheses.

You got a good taste - if that's the right adjective - for what passes for "climate science" in the Climategate scandal.

The same now applies to human embryonic stem cell "science." 

See "Playing Politics with Stem Cells."

Exhaustive research is displaced by bluster and a fat government grant.

"Science" has come to this.

This Is What Passes For Liberal Humor These Days

Foul-mouthed, ranting, incoherent, and full of hate.  Did I read the other day that Roseanne Barr was going to get herself a new TV show?

Take a look at her latest ... work:

jews and other cult victims!