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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not This White Boy

I used to spend a lot of business time in El Paso.  Before one of my trips there I remember someone suggesting that, while I'm in town, I should walk across the bridge over the Rio Grande and into Juarez, Mexico to buy myself some discounted Cuban cigars. I was shocked at the suggestion since that would be illegal - even for personal consumption - for me to bring commie contraband into the USA.  Shocked!

But there was another reason for my never having made the excursion.  Besides the fact that I hadn't the time.

I didn't want to get my head handed to me.

See "Mexico hopes $270 million in social spending will help end Juarez drug violence."

What was the likelihood that I'd have run into trouble?   Slim to none.  How badly did I want a Cuban cigar?  Not that much (they're highly overrated when compared to the stuff coming out of Nicaragua these days).  Should I have done it - as so many people do - just to be able to brag about owning some Cubans?  Not that kinda guy.

So I did my deals in El Paso and left.

And left Juarez to the drug dealers.

- - -

I may have told this story before but ...

I remember being asked by coworkers if I'd ever taken the time to partake of some great Mexican food while I was working in El Paso.  I said - honestly - that I had not.  When I crashed each evening in my hotel room I generally had a bag-o-burgers with me.

But I was asked often enough that I finally resolved, next time I'm there, to make a trip to a Mexican restaurant, just to say I had done it.

And I did it.

I went to a local Taco Bell one night and took a bag-o-tacos back to my hotel room.

Mission accomplished.

Must Be Something In The Water

Or in the Talmud.

Or it may simply be the natural result of a nation being at siege picking leaders who are tough as nails and willing to sacrifice everything to keep their people safe and prosperous.

There was Golda Meir.

And Ariel Sharon.

Now Binyamin Netanyahu.

While we're stuck with Obama.

This says something about the Israeli people.

And about us.

Hey, Here's Where McDonnell Can Save Tax Money

He can stop funding schools.  Nancy Pelosi has taken over that responsibility:
Virginia expecting $249.5 million in federal money for public schools
By Zinie Chen Sampson, Associated Press

Richmond, Va. -- Virginia is expected to get $249.5 million for public education under a new federal law intended to help states avert layoffs, and school divisions are waiting to hear how much they'll receive to hire, rehire and retain teachers.

The U.S. Department of Education says the funding aims to save 3,800 Virginia school employee jobs. It's part of a law enacted Tuesday that will provide $10 billion to help states cover funding for an estimated 160,000 K-12 jobs and $16 billion for Medicaid costs. [link]
For those of you not aware of the details, this is the legislation that Democrats in Washington, who find themselves groveling at the feet of their most supportive sugar daddy, the unions, passed to keep tens of thousands of union members comfortably ensconced in the lifestyles to which they've become accustomed, even as the rest of the country - those who actually pay for that comfort - are hurting mightily.

Anyway, the question of the day:  Now that Obama and Pelosi have taken on the responsibility of paying teacher salaries, shouldn't Bob McDonnell consider reducing state aid to education?

It's a fair question.

Especially considering: EduJobs bill spends millions in states that don’t need it

- - -

Laugher of the Day: The Democrats are touting the fact that this legislation is "paid for."  They reduced future outlays to the Food Stamp program to do it.

Does anyone truly believe that the Democrats are going to cut aid to the poor?

Another bailout on the way.

Presidents In Contrast

Can you ever, in your wildest imagination, see Barack Obama doing this?

The Two Sides Of Tom Perriello

Well, let me be more accurate.  Here are the two sides of 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello's mouth.

In a town hall meeting over in Scottsville on Tuesday a constituent had this exchange with Southside's slimiest and least favorite Democrat (as reported in the The Daily Progress) :
One constituent asked Perriello if he would pledge not to vote during a “lame duck session” in favor of major Democratic legislation should Republicans take control of the House. One example of such legislation, he said, might be the “card check” bill that would essentially make it easier for workers to unionize.

“I agree with that,” Perriello said. “It would be wrong to push something through.”

“So you’ll take a pledge?” the constituent repeated.

“Sure,” Perriello said.

Well, there's no pledge more set in stone than a congressional vote.  And when Tom Perriello had the opportunity to make that pledge official?  In roll call vote 515?

Perriello stomped on it like it was a new-born kitten.  He voted YEA on a measure that blocked an effort to keep Congress from passing major legislation in the upcoming lame duck session.

"Sure," says Tom Perriello.

NAY, says Tom Perriello.

So which is it?

- - -

* For details regarding the legislation and the vote (Roll Call 515), go to the New York Times article "House Derails GOP Bid to Block Lame-Duck Action."

Perriello Spinning Like a Top

Remember, not long ago, how 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello was crying about the urgency of passing Obama's health care proposal?  Something, as I recall, about driving the average American's costs down being the imperative, we were told.

Well he voted for ObamaCare and it passed.

And now we're stuck with it.

As is Tom Perriello.

Here's what the weasel says about that "cost-cutting" monstrosity now, as summarized by a Charlottesville Daily Progress reporter:
"Perriello, of Ivy, responded that the continuously rising cost of health insurance was the key reason why health care reform was a priority. The reforms will not, however, start to lower premiums until after all the reforms are implemented in the coming years, he said." [emphasis mine]

Now this kid is telling us that those savings that he promised - outlined in a bill that he hadn't read - won't be realized until "the coming years" pass?

Does anyone see a snake in that grass?

Run from it, dude.  But you still own the thing.

Prepare to pay for it.

Your Income Went Toward Puppet Shows

I received this from the Republican Party.  It makes one think so I thought I'd throw it up for your review:
NBC/WSJ Poll: 1% of Voters Rank “Historic” Democrat Congress One of Best in History

-- 60% rate Democrat Congress Below Average or One of Worst in History --

It's not like Nancy Pelosi, and her team of Virginia yes men — Glenn Nye, Tom Perriello, Rick Boucher, and Gerry Connolly — haven't tried.

When they were elected in 2008, they had a clear vision — turn America into the kind of "progressive" utopia Barack Obama had promised them was possible. And they succeeded in part, passing major bill after major bill that attempted to remake the country in their image:

• Democrats passed a $1 trillion 'stimulus' that spent $100,000 for theaters to develop "socially-conscious puppet shows," another $15,551 to study drunk mice, and handed out thousan ds of $5,000 tax credits to buy new golf carts,

• Democrats passed a massive Federal take-over of the health care system that will drive 1-out-of-7 Medicare providers into the red and possibly out of the program.

• Democrat spending has created trillion-dollar plus deficits running into the future as far as the eye can see.

• Democrat inaction has created a looming tax increase that will cost an average Virginia family another $1,638 per year in federal income taxes (Assumes median income of $61,210 , family of 3.)

Now, after two years of “historic progress," voters are preparing to declare the liberal Democrats in Congress “history.”

From a forthcoming NBC/Wall Street Journal poll:

"Nearly one-third, 32%, said this year has been 'one of the worst' congressional sessions, and 28% said it was 'below average.'

About three in ten, 31%, said rated congressional performance as 'average,' 5% rated Congress as 'above average,' while 1% rated this Congress as 'one of the best.'"

Pro Tip: If more than half of your employers rate your performance as "below average" or worse, doing the same thing again isn't a good plan.

Unless you're trying to get fired.
Some food for thought:  When you read of the earmarks (your hard-earned income) that went to puppet shows, drunken mice, and drunken golfers, think of this quote from 9th District Congressman Rick Boucher who still defends the earmark practice:

"I frankly think the members of Congress are far better situated to understand the priorities of their districts."

That's what he thinks.  What do you think?

Anyway, the American people have made their decision when it comes to this Congress.  The polls are in.  The result:

With a vengeance.

Footnote: How hard do you have to work to get a 1% approval rating from your employers?  Pretty darn hard.  Says a lot about Pelosi and her band of thieves.