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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rationing? There Won't Be Rationing.

5th District Congressman Tom Perriello - a Democrat - wants you to believe that ObamaCare will be all things to all people. That's why he voted for it.

That's why he defends it today. From "Perriello Chats With Voters" in this morning's Roanoke Times:
Joe Ingram's medical bills come to about $10,000 a month.

The 29-year-old college graduate and Army Reserve veteran was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several months ago. His health care plan only covers about $700 a month -- not even one-tenth of his expenses. He does not qualify for Medicaid or veterans health care, he said.

Ingram is now forced to choose between filing bankruptcy or quitting his job at Ferrum College as an insurance coordinator to live at a full-time Medicaid-run nursing facility.

He and 60 others brought their concerns to a town hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Albemarle County, at Ferrum College on Saturday evening. His sister-in-law, Katherine Ingram, 30, of Ferrum stood up for him and pleaded Perriello for help.

"This is a choice that no one should have to make," Perriello told Ingram and his family. "We are working on putting a system in place for people like him who fall between truly poor and living comfortable to get guaranteed and affordable health care."

Bullshit.  All that is is political palaver and nothing more.

Well, it's an outright lie as well.

Joe Ingram will, sadly, in truth, be the first to go before Obama's Death Panel.

From Hot Air:
When Barack Obama and the Democrats spent most of a year pushing their deeply unpopular health-care system overhaul, they repeatedly insisted that government intervention in the market would not mean that treatment decisions would come down to cost issues — even while demonizing providers as Tonsil Vultures and amputation-happy predators.  Today, however, the Washington Post reports on an effort at the FDA to decertify Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer and its implications for cost savings at Medicare.
You can believe a slimy Democrat.  Or you can look out upon the America that those same slimy Democrats have created for us.

Joe Ingram heard, no doubt, what he wanted to hear.  That was Perriello's intention.  But Perriello won't be around when the Death Panel turns Ingram away because of the prohibitive cost of treating his ailment.

Only Perriello's legacy will.

May God help us for it.

Where I Stand On The Ground Zero Victory Mosque

It's an in-your-face endeavor.  The kind of thing that Islamists around the world get their jollies from.  It's an affront to the civilized world.  And it brings more sorrow to those who are still searching for loved ones in the dust and debris where once tall buildings - America's showcase - arched - proudly - skyward.

And the Muslims should be allowed to build it.

As we, each and every day, condemn them for doing it.

They'll be guaranteed their Freedom of Religion.

At the same time, we'll beat them over the head with our Freedom of Speech.

That's the way it works here, Muhammad.

As James Taranto puts it:

It is not a "clever little dodge" but a principled position to say that while the mosque's developers have a right to build it near Ground Zero, doing so is not the right thing to do. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from criticism. It is no more an assault on the First Amendment to argue that the placement of this mosque is unwise and offensive than it is (to take a current example) to say the same of Laura Schlessinger's use of the so-called N-word on her radio show.

Obama, however, made this point in a way that showed him to be small and weak, offering it not as a defense of the mosque's critics but of himself against them. Imagine if on Friday he had not only pandered to his guests by defending their constitutional rights but also challenged them by saying forthrightly what he acknowledged evasively on Saturday: that building a mosque near Ground Zero may be unwise even though the law clearly allows it. That would have been presidential.

Instead we got what sounded like a strong endorsement, followed by a backpedaling denial that it was any such thing, followed in turn by a denial that the earlier denial was backpedaling. The president stands behind everything he said but denies that he said much of anything.

Barack Obama is a stubborn man without conviction.
That explains how he sat in the pews of Trinity United Methodist Church for twenty years but picked up nothing from the sermons of Jeremiah Wright.  There's a void there.

But to the bigger point. Islamists have a right to build that God-forsaken mosque.  We have the right to excoriate them for it.

Don't like it?  Move to Mecca and worship at the church synagogue temple ashram mosque of your choosing.

Out of Control

When you print the money ...

... and your only promise is that you'll spend it ...

... then it doesn't really matter what you spend it on ...

... or whether it's a complete waste.

Welcome to the world of "clean energy" that Obama has created:

Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalist
Wall Street Journal editorial

President Obama kicked off a five-state campaign swing yesterday with a stop at a "clean energy" plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As it happens, Mr. Obama couldn't have chosen a better company to demonstrate the risks that taxpayers are taking with their billions in green stimulus investment.

The White House press corps has been dragged to so many of these energy events that it has lost interest in looking at the companies it visits. But the case of ZBB Energy is worth a closer look. Mr. Obama praised it for "pointing the country toward a brighter economic future," but we'll let readers decide if they'd write the same checks if they were investing their own money.

ZBB has been around for more than a decade, developing batteries and equipment to store energy from wind turbines and solar cells. More efficient and long-lasting storage devices have long been the Holy Grail of renewable energy, since they would allow operators to store intermittent wind and solar energy for later use. A technological breakthrough would be a great achievement, but the problem is that the effort has proven to be both difficult and costly.

That hasn't stopped the Obama Administration, which has been investing willy-nilly in the commercial battery industry. And so last January, when the Department of Energy announced $2.3 billion in "clean energy manufacturing tax credits," ZBB was one of 183 recipients—collecting $14 million.

We wonder who in government looked at ZBB's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since going public in June of 2007, ZBB has been hemorrhaging money. The firm lost $4.9 million in fiscal 2008 and $5.5 million in fiscal 2009. In its most recent filing, in May, it said it had lost $6.9 million for the first nine months of its current fiscal year. It explained it had a "cumulative deficit" of $44.1 million and informed shareholders that it "anticipates incurring continuing losses." It acknowledged that its ability to continue as a "going concern" was predicated on its ability to drum up additional funds.

In March the company engaged in various stock transactions—including a private placement to the company's directors—to raise some $1.9 million. It obtained a $1.3 million loan from the federal stimulus program and borrowed $1.5 million more from Investors Bank. In June it announced a debt agreement, which would allow it to tap a further $10 million.

Meanwhile, a review by the company's audit committee last fall discovered that ZBB's former CEO had been wrongly compensated as both an employee and an independent contractor, and that the company had failed to withhold his proper taxes. He stepped down, and the management team was reshuffled. ZBB was also forced to restate its financial results after a separate audit committee review found the company had recognized revenue from a contract in the wrong quarter.

The company also acknowledged in its May filing that the 72,000 square foot manufacturing facility it bought in 2006 is "currently producing at less than 10% of its expected capacity." That means it can't currently access the $14 million in federal tax credits, which were supposed to help with equipment for a new facility. Meanwhile, private investors have soured on some energy-storage companies. ZBB's initial public offering was priced at $6 a share in 2007, and it closed yesterday at 70 cents. [link]
Here's the uproariously funny part of the story: You're sitting there saying to yourself, "There is no way I'd invest in that money pit."

Well, you are, fool.  Obama is seeing to that.

For the love of God.

Photo courtesy of CBS 58 News.

And Along Those Same Lines ...

To reinforce the notion that the government's effort to prop up failing, unproductive, and extremely expensive private enterprises spells doom for the United States of America (see above post) here's something to consider:

When government takes over the allocation of investment dollars this is the result (Bruce Webster's comment below Glenn Reynolds' post hits home).

John Galt was not available for comment.

This Country's Gone Mad

Glenn Beck was forbidden to pray at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts?

"But I would like to remind you that the President can still have a Ramadan dinner at the White House."

If only Beck had offered to pray to Allah ...

The Battle Lines Are Drawn

You are either with those in Washington who caused this mess we're in.

Or you can be part of the solution on November 2.

Ronald Reagan offers up a warning. And some advice:

We have the kind of country that Pelosi and Reid and Obama - and Boucher - wanted.

Now it's time to fix it.

Remember November.

Apply The Smell Test

The intimidating goon showcased in this video of a recent town hall proceeding in the Chicago suburbs is, according to the office of the Democrat who sponsored it, an employee of the Round Lake Public Library.

A tiny library has a security guard.

Any bets on the veracity of that story?

That Doesn't Even Make Sense

There was a time when these would have been magical words:

"Let's reach for hope."

Now people are scratching their heads and wondering what, in in the name of Sweet Jesus, Obama's trying to say.

Reach?  For hope?  What?