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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morgan Griffith Takes It To TV

Rather tame by my standards, but 9th District challenger Morgan Griffith doesn't need to work for my vote.  Or those of the citizenry who are fed up with the way things are in this country and in this Congressional district.

That having been stated, it's a nice TV spot:

The best part is the shot of his two little boys. Having to stand still for thirty seconds.

The ad should break today on local television. Watch for it.

'We're Going Down! We're Going Down!'

The name Steven Slater is already fading into obscurity after only two weeks.  You'll remember him, though, as the flight attendant who had had enough of his unruly passengers, opened an emergency exit on his JetBlue aircraft, and fled.

Playing off of that story the Republican National Committee has come up with a campaign ad that is, oddly for the GOP, creative and laugh-out-loud cute:

In a related story from Gallup (as phrased by Matt Drudge):

"New Low For O: Gallup Daily Shows Obama 41% Approve, 52% Disapprove."

Abandon ship.

Embed courtesy of the New York Daily News.

A Changing Of The Guard

Much water - and blood - have passed over the dam.  So this, from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, is worth noting:

This battle in the War on Terror was fairly won by the United States military. Let's see if the Iraqis can now win the peace.  I have my doubts ...

I'll Let You In On a Little Secret

The front of the coach cabin isn't where the primo seats are.  Though American Airlines will tell you otherwise:

AA Finds Another Creative Way to Charge Customers

American Airlines will give passengers the option of paying a fee to reserve a seat in the front of the coach cabin, the Fort Worth-based airline announced Wednesday.

The sample fees the airline provided range from $19 to $39 dollars on popular routes. For example, passengers flying from San Francisco to Dallas could pay $29 to reserve a seat in the first few rows of coach, including the bulkhead, when they check-in at the airport. The reserved seats will be sold only at the airline's self-service check-in machines.

The program, which American calls, "Express Seating", would also allow passengers who pay for reserved seats to board the aircraft in the first group. [link]
I'll be honest.  I'd rather ride in the cargo hold than sit behind a bulkhead on a long journey.  No leg room and the view of the wall in front of you is ... so appealing.

No.  The best seats in the (coach) house?  In the emergency exit rows.  Much more leg room (so that passengers don't pile on top of one another at the door so readily when the plane is going down in a ball of flames).

Simply ask.  If you don't look like Mohammed Atta, and you weigh more than 85 pounds (in some cases you need to be able to lift the exit door), chances are good you'll get the best seats money can buy.  But it's up to the person dispensing seat assignments, so good luck.

But be forewarned.  I book in advance.  And you know where I'm headed.

Can We Imprison Reps For Being Wrong?

The Wall Street Journal sings victorious this morning while I shake my head in dismay over the fact that trillions have and will be lost because of the stupid blunders perpetrated by Congress. With a few key individuals particularly culpable for the massive bungle.

The Journal:

Barney to Fannie: Drop Dead
Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.

Barney Frank has been all over the airwaves this week with a clear and—we never thought we'd say this—perfectly sound message about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: "They should be abolished."

Well, praise be. Two years ago next month, then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson put the two government-sponsored mortgage-finance giants into conservatorship, and Congressman Frank declared himself pleased that there was a good chance, according to government bean-counters, that the rescue wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime. Also at the time, Mr. Frank scoffed at the Bush Administration's view that Fan and Fred should be wound down, saying it would never happen. One and a half trillion dimes ($149 billion) later, Mr. Frank appears to have seen the light.

Recall that in 2007 Mr. Frank had complained that the reason Fannie and Freddie hadn't been reformed earlier was "the insistence of some economic conservative fundamentalists in the Bush Administration who, to be honest, don't think there should be a Fannie Mae or a Freddie Mac." Welcome aboard, Barney. [link]
It was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as you may recall, that precipitated our current economic travails by securitizing mortgages that went to millions of buyers who couldn't afford the loans they were offered.  Institutions that existed with the active support, protection, and collusion coming from none other than Barney Frank all along the way.

Now Mr. Frank wants the two abolished.  Fine.  A bit late but fine.

But what do we do about Barney Frank?  Shouldn't he at least be abolished too?

Nope. Same Pelosi.

When I read the headline I began to worry.  Was I all wrong about Nancy Pelosi being a dolt?  Is she in fact a sinister, conniving dictator in a Victoria's Secret push-up?  This gave me pause:

Whoa. That sorta includes me. Is the most powerful woman in America poised to unleash the vast investigative arm of her government on me and my loved ones?

Then I read the details of her proposal:
The freedom of religion is a Constitutional right. Where a place of worship is located is a local decision.

I support the statement made by the Interfaith Alliance that ‘We agree with the ADL that there is a need for transparency about who is funding the effort to build this Islamic center. At the same time, we should also ask who is funding the attacks against the construction of the center.'
Who's funding the attacks? Like some secret organization is paying millions of Americans to voice their opposition? Is she serious? Or does she have a drinking problem?

My fears have indeed been allayed.

Nancy Pelosi is still the dolt that I thought all along she was.

On That Islamist Victory Mosque At Ground Zero

You should probably get to know the imam who is pushing for its construction.  Bill O'Reilly had this brief segment on his show last night:

Guess who's to blame for 9/11?

The Voices Of Those Who Grieve

While Democrats and their buddies in the mainstream press shed crocodile tears over the assault on religious freedom (take a picture; it won't last long; they'll be back to bashing Christians soon enough), it's worth your time to take a moment and listen to those who lost loved ones on 9/11:

Two thoughts come to mind:

There are still over 1,000 innocent victims who have yet to be found.

And a pitiful few Muslims around the world ever denounced their Islamic brethren for having perpetrated this vile act.  In fact, far more actually celebrated the event.

Not now.  Not yet. 

They have the right.  But have they earned it?

I'd Be Embarrassed

Let it be understood: They's some weird sunsabitchas running for Congress out there:

Here's what one of them - the Democrat - has put himself through:
So far, [Ray] Lutz has had a rough ride: He's missed 17 meals, lost 14 pounds, taken an enema to avoid toxic shock, talked to a doctor who recommended a salt-water purge, given up exercise and is so tired he has resorted to napping during the day.
All that for the chance to debate the man who is guaranteed to win reelection no matter what.
Personally, I'd kinda like to see this dude in a debate. Retching. Intermittent unconsciousness. Projectile vomiting. Babbling and incoherence. "Who am I? Why am I here?"

Could be a hoot.

Let the games begin.