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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Reason Why GM Went Bankrupt

I think there are a whole lot of Americans who would be willing to buy a Chevy or a Dodge or a Ford simply because they were Made In America.

If only we knew which ones - or which parts of which ones - were actually produced in the good old USA.

These days, there's no telling.

Toyotas are made here.  Fords are made there.  Volkswagens are made here.  Chevies are made there.  Nissans are made here ...

It is what it is.  If only it weren't.

The Gulf Between Our President & Us

Quote of the day from Elizabeth Scalia:
One of my husband’s friends – hated Bush, loved Obama and defended him vociferously for the first year, less passionately the second – told him over lunch this week that he’s done with Obama and “I never thought I’d say this but I miss Bush. We knew that he said what he meant, even if we didn’t want to hear it. We knew who he was, even if we didn’t like him. And we never had to wonder whether he liked us. He always did.”

And that is it, in a nutshell. Bush is missable, because we miss having a president whose affection for his country and its people–even the ones who hated him–was never in doubt.

We miss Bush because he never lectured us or harangued us, and when people disagreed with him, they were not immediately called names in an attempt to simply shut up debate.

I am absolutely certain ... that in the face of angry, hurt opposition President Bush would not have permitted or encouraged his party to charge 60% of the nation with bigotry and xenophobia, because Bush never hated his opponents, and he never believed the worst of his countrymen; he believed the best.

Believing the worst of his countrymen sometimes seems to be President Obama’s default mode.

We miss Bush because he believed that Americans are inherently decent and heroic people who would–even in strained situations–bring thoroughly decent and heroic responses to bear.
We can all say some bad things about W. (as I just did, sorta, in the post below this one). But Ms. Scalia is right. Bush was the real deal. A man who loved his country and who, on too many occasions, shed tears over the plight of too many innocents among us who were lost, whether in the Twin Towers or in a humvee in Fallujah. His was a genuine sorrow.  And a love for his country.

Can you imagine Obama grieving over the loss of an American soldier or a grandmother working at Cantor Fitzgerald? I can't. That's the difference.

Why The Tea Party Arose From The Ashes II

There are a whole lot of concerned Americans out here looking for a political party that holds to the same values we do.  We keep looking ...
'We're not the other guys' isn't good enough, GOP
Washington Examiner Editorial

Those Bush years too often displayed little difference between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. Much of the vast expansion of the federal government by Democrats was previewed by the Bush-led Republicans. Obamacare's overreach? Don't forget the Republicans' entitlement-expanding and budget-busting Medicare Part D. In fact, Republicans were off the reservation long before Bush ever entered office. The 1994 Republican revolution marked the first time in more than 40 years that Republicans held a congressional majority. They won while pledging specific policy goals in their Contract with America, including term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and welfare reform. Some significant progress was made but in a few years the revolution was all but abandoned. The Cato Institute's Ed Crane recently noted that the "combined budgets of the 95 major programs that the Contract with America promised to eliminate ... increased by 13 percent."

Today, most Americans are ready as never before to shrink government and stop the spending madness. This presents the GOP with an opportunity it didn't have in 1994: an electorate exhausted by Washington politicians and their doubletalk. [link]
You've read here before of my referring to Washington Republicans as being little Democrats.  They're willing to go along with government growth and fiscal suicide, just not as much, nor as gleefully, as the real thing.

You've also read this before: If I want a Democrat, I'll vote for a Democrat.  'We're not the other guys' isn't good enough" indeed.

The Truth About The Bush Tax Cuts

Bottom line:  If Obama and the Democrats allow them to expire, we'll all feel the pinch.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, writing in yesterday's Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Ending Obamanomics: Don't Raise Taxes

Most Democrats in Washington, including President Obama, want to let these tax cuts expire. They argue that they represent "tax cuts for the rich," and they feel that these tax dollars are needed to help reduce the federal budget deficit, which will exceed $1.47 trillion this year.

While reducing the federal budget deficit is important, it should be done by reining in Washington's out-of-control spending, not by raising taxes on families and businesses.

The federal tax cuts benefit a wide range of citizens, including married couples with children, investors, and small businesses.

These tax cuts include reductions in individual income tax rates, tax relief for married couples, an increase in the child tax credit, a reduction in capital gains taxes, and important depreciation write-offs for certain business investments.

If we allow these tax cuts to expire, the result will be a federal tax increase of $135 billion on consumers and small businesses. This would be a devastating blow to an economy that is struggling to recover.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, if Congress fails to extend these tax cuts American families will see their total federal tax burden increase by $1,541 next year. Many families who are struggling to make ends meet cannot afford to pay higher taxes.

Apart from the impact tax increases would have on families and businesses, their impact on the economy as a whole cannot be overstated. [link]
Who can afford a jump like that in their tax bill the way things are right now?

It seems those working in the federal government are doing just fine.  It's the American people who are hurting.  Why add to the pain and suffering?