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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Like Don Quixote ...

I'm somewhat bemused, and at the same time overly amused, by all the alarms going off in the leftist world as a result of religious freedom being under attack. For examples see "What would Jefferson say of Cordoba House?," "Religious liberty for all -- or none," and "America's battle is not with Islam" in the Roanoke Times alone.

Liberals worrying over religion.  Now that's rich.

They are all fretting, of course, over the calls for banning that mosque in New York City.  A city that has one hundred mosques existing without incident today (it would be that 101st that would bring the tipping point, and the Apocalypse, apparently).  An issue that, to my knowledge, doesn't involve a ban at all, but a call for respect and compassion on the part of the Muslims who want to build their mosque so close to Ground Zero.

RespectCompassionMuslims.  Maybe these same bleeding hearts will put those three words in a meaningful sentence for us sometime (as opposed to the usual beheadings, intolerance, and Muslims as is usually the case) and quit soiling themselves over windmills that don't need to be subjugated.

We Make Progress

The rabidly liberal Roanoke Times editorial staff has come out in opposition to radical Islam.

Can a denunciation of the 9/11 hijackers be far behind?

A Perennial Thorn In Our Side

From the Roanoke Times this morning:
The case linking [Congressman Rick] Boucher and national Democrats isn't quite a slam-dunk.

Boucher has already received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.
One of the most liberal members of the United States Congress is endorsed by the NRA.

I love my NRA.  I'm willing to take up arms to defend it.

But please, for the love of God, butt out.

* I'll reserve the comments section for the NRA-ILA to provide a list of pro-gun legislative initiatives that Boucher has authored in the last quarter century.  The most progressive lobbying group in Washington is willing, in the case of Rick Boucher, to accept the status quo?

Consider: "Boucher said this week he opposes a federal bill to require background checks for buyers of firearms at gun shows."  Where's his legislation that prohibits such attempts to abridge the 2nd Amendment?  Where's the beef?  Since when is "being opposed to" anti-gun legislation good enough?

West Virginia Could Do Worse

He's pro-life.  Pro-gun.  Pro-coal.  Pro-business.  And pro-marriage-as-nature-understands-it.  If only he were more averse to taxation, he'd be more conservative than two-thirds of the Republicans in Washington.

Which should scare the crap out of the GOP:

W.Va. Gov. Wins Democratic Primary for US Senate
Associated Press

Charleston, W.Va. (AP) -- Popular Gov. Joe Manchin won the Democratic nomination Saturday and will face GOP primary winner and wealthy businessman John Raese in the race to fill the Senate seat vacated by the late Robert C. Byrd.

Raese defeated a crowded field of Republicans and becomes part of the GOP quest to dismantle the Democratic Senate majority as high unemployment and the slow economic recovery take a toll on their political prospects this fall.

Manchin's support from coal and utility industries -- which have provided more than a quarter of the $1.2 million he has raised since declaring his candidacy last month -- may help him overcome national GOP attempts to paint him as a liberal who will side with President Barack Obama's administration.

Obama lost West Virginia in 2008, and his energy and environmental policies are deemed anti-coal in the nation's second-largest coal producing state. Democrats desperately need to hold the Senate seat in West Virginia, a state that Republican nominee John McCain won handily with 56 percent of the vote. [link]
Of course our own James Webb, rabid lefty, was once a devout conservative.  Something in the air he breathed up in D.C. must have changed him.  Perhaps Manchin will sink into the depths of depravity too when he starts snorting the same noxious fumes.  But for now he's a by-God conservative. (Running in the general election against a conservative; sweet.)

Robert Byrd's finally dead and buried.  To some degree - the jury will remain out - things are looking up.

Us vs. Them

Why does Obama hate us so?

"The entire submission should be withdrawn, and the Obama administration should apologize to the people of Arizona for the insult."

We're counting the days ...

Choosing Sides

College campuses in America are the most isolated environment in existence.  Think "cloistered monastery" and you get a good understanding of the insulation that exists today in that surreal world.

I'm not sure the following will open any doors - or minds - but it is a justifiable response to the phenomenon.  Bruce Kesler just disinherited his alma mater:
“Anyone who has taught at a university during the past quarter-century and more knows that the slogan of ‘diversity’ generally alludes to its opposite (i.e., imposed uniformity of thought camouflaged by diversity of physical appearance) and also foretells mischief.”

I will always appreciate the excellent liberal arts education I received at Brooklyn College, and the critical thinking that has caused me to disinherit it.
Anti-Americanism is rampant within faculty ranks on America's college campuses. Americans respond.

This Will Drive Them Nuts

Half a million in attendance?  My, oh my.

And if that's not excruciating enough for the leftists among us, who can't deal with the fact that their worldview might be opposed by honorable, civic-minded Americans, there's the message ...

Let the denunciations begin.

- - -

Ouch: "In other words, Glenn Beck’s rally drew more people than Keith Olbermann has viewers."