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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Do You Really Want a Rubber Stamp In Washington

I have to wonder, when I read that our congressman, Rick Boucher, has voted the same way as Nancy Pelosi has 96.4% of the time, what kind of far-left radical agenda that she proposes might he be against?  What constitutes that 3.6%?

You see the ads.  That cute little bookworm-looking old dude with thinning hair and no physique telling us that he knows "how to create jobs" (like he's ever actually created one).  His ad says:

Rick Boucher.  He has our values.

Ask yourself: How in God's name can Rick Boucher have our values and vote 96.4% of the time in favor of Nancy Pelosi's socialist agenda?

He can't.

Because he doesn't.

His values are her values.  Not ours.

Food for thought:

Put it in perspective. Do you and your wife or husband come even close to agreeing with each other 96.4% of the time?

Rick Boucher is a rubber stamp. He does what he's told. Nothing more.

Don't we deserve better than that?

Why Are All Of The Dems Running Away From Obama?

Keep in mind the fact that Democratic Congressman Rick Boucher (VA-9) has voted with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi 96.4% of the time (see above).  A feat, I'm guessing, that he's proud of.  Unlike all his Democratic counterparts in Washington. 

They're all running for the hills:

Come on, Rick. He's your man. Or ... you're his boy.  Either way.

If you're not like your buddies in the Democratic Party and you're proud of your record, shout it out, man!

You are proud of your voting record, right, Rick?

- - -

Speaking of the "party of no," Obama has bigger problems than the Republicans being in opposition to his failing plans:

Now what, big guy?

Thank The Environmentalists

And speaking of morons, Glenn Reynolds nails them:
CHANGE: Last GE light bulb factory closes. “It is doubly sad. The workers are losing their jobs, and we, who love traditional light bulbs are being deprived of a product we want. And those vile CFL bulbs? They’re made in China. Thanks a lot, Congress.”
What was it that National Resources Defense Council ad that ran in the Roanoke Times the other day in support of Democratic Congressman Rick Boucher said about Republicans like Morgan Griffith wanting to ship jobs to China?

Congress, doing the bidding of its masters in the environmentalist community, banned incandescent light bulbs.  Now American workers are being tossed out on the street as a direct result of their actions.  With their jobs being shipped to ... well, you know the story.

Let's revisit that NRDC ad.  Who's to blame for what again?

Let the record showRick Boucher - Democrat - environmentalist - lapdog - voted in favor of sending those jobs to China.

It Must Be Thursday

As if we don't have enough of a burden, a pinhead over at the Roanoke Times advocates for higher taxes.  Well, not taxes.  A higher gas tax.  Next to the cigarette tax the most regressive of all taxes. 

And they say conservatives are insensitive to the plight of the poor and disadvantaged ...

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Matt Drudge reports:

Senate committee sets firearm regulatory reform hearing...

That would be the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Who will be in attendance?

The biggest gun banners on the planet.  Patrick Leahy, Herb Kohl, Dianne Feinstein, Feingold, Specter, Schumer, Durbin ...

What might they possibly have in mind?  To ease federal restrictions on the sale and transfer of firearms (last I looked, a legal commodity)?

In a pig's eye.

You 52 million gun owners out there might want to keep an eye on this pack of thugs and miscreants.  They're up to no good.  Again.

What? They Think They're Doing Obama a Favor?

What might have been nothing more than a sparsely attended campus event with a table set up by young conservatives who proceed to sign up five or six club members becomes a viral YouTube extravaganza because some intolerant bigot of a college administrator who can't stand the thought that Barack Obama might be criticized on her turf (a college campus, the land of tolerance and diversity) shuts down the effort with a heavy police presence to back her up.

It's almost humorous - if her Stalinist tactics involving lying, deceit, and the implied threat of forcible removal weren't so appalling - to watch.  So watch.  And enjoy.  And be aware.  People like Olivia Ford-Morris run every college campus in America:


The worst part?  This woman's salary is paid by those she's abusing.

For the love of God.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

I Was Equally Perplexed

The Wall Street Journal has stolen my thunder:
Tax Contradictions
Obama says the economy needs a tax cut—and a tax increase.

After 20 months and more than $1 trillion down the Keynesian drain, President Obama is discovering the virtue of tax cuts. Pass the smelling salts, we just fainted.

Yesterday the President proposed a $180 billion plan that includes a permanent research and development tax credit and a tax write-off for all business capital purchases in 2011. These are both sensible ideas that would counteract at least some of the damage from Mr. Obama's looming tax increase. John McCain could sue for plagiarism because versions of both ideas were part of his 2008 campaign platform.

[T]he contradiction at the heart of Mr. Obama's partial tax epiphany: He wants to cut taxes on capital because he says the economy needs the stimulus, even as he wants to raise other taxes on capital that he says won't hurt growth. Huh?

Yesterday in Cleveland, Mr. Obama said he still wants tax rates to rise sharply in January on small business profits, dividends, capital gains and high-income earners. These are marginal rate tax increases on the very capital and R&D that his new tax cuts are supposed to nurture. And while the expensing tax breaks would be temporary, the tax increases would be permanent. [link]
I know.  You're sitting there saying: Huh?  He's wanting to tax capital while at the same time he's proposing a reduction in taxes on capital?  Is he that lost?

Let me make it simple for you.  Yes.  The man hasn't the first clue as to what he is doing.

Remember during the campaign being told that Obama had absolutely no experience for the job he was seeking?  The chickens have come home to roost.  His total lack of qualifications for the gig brings about this circumstance.  He's for it and against it at the same time.

At a time when we needed a steady hand at the helm we get Obama.

For the love of God.

Obama's Mojo

He still offers up those magic words.  From yesterday's speech in Cleveland:

"If we're willing again to choose hope over fear, to choose the future over the past, to come together once more around the great project of national renewal, then we will restore our economy, rebuild our ..."

Stop it already.

It no longer works. 

Americans have decided, in overwhelming numbers, that they'll choose jobs over hope, a paycheck in the hand now over promises of "the future," and would just as soon hang on to the America they know and love rather than toss it on the trash heap in favor of some ever-changing "project of national renewal."

So, in the immortal words - more or less - of Melvin Udall:

Sell the horse shit somewhere else, we're all full up here.

Sarah Has It Right

Although I think General Petraeus is off the mark when he cowers and says we shouldn't do anything to upset the world's Muslims for fear of angering them and jeopardizing the lives of American soldiers, like he's not already in the business of hunting down Muslims who are doing everything they can every day to jeopardize the lives of American soldiers, I agree that restraint in the Koran book-burning flap is called for.

Sarah Palin agrees:

"People have a constitutional right to burn a Quran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation — much like building a mosque at ground zero."

That gives me an idea. Maybe we can strike a deal with both sides. How about the Christian pastor cease and desist and that Muslim who wants to build that Victory Mosque at Ground Zero do likewise? Isn't that the sensitive approach?

And if that Muslim then persists, how about we ALL threaten to burn Korans? Maybe that would get the message through his thick skull.

We are a tolerant bunch.

To a point.

And you don't want to get to that point.

So back the hell (or whatever the underworld is in Islam; Damascus?) off.

Make no mistake - respect is indeed a two-way street.

Speaks Volumes

Glenn Beck holds a rally and 300,000 loyal Americans show up.

Barack Obama is the headliner at a rally in Cleveland ...

... and he can't fill the seats in a small gymnasium.

The thrill is gone.
The thrill is gone, baby.

Hollywood Ain't Gonna Like This


Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg, Woody Harrelson, Leo DiCaprio, and Robert Redford will disagree, of course.

Communism works.  It just hasn't been implemented properly.  Anywhere.  Ever. Yet.

Obama To Ground Zero Victory Mosque Builder:

"I hope he listens to…those better angels."

Oh.  Wait.  Obama is talking about that Christian pastor down in Florida who's going to burn a Muslim Koran.

In fact, the president is four-square behind the Muslims in New York who are working to defile Ground Zero with their mosque.

Better angels be damned.

And the mainstream press can't figure out why so many Americans mistakenly think Obama is a Muslim ...

What? Someone In Gov't Might Have To Cut Back?

This is interesting:

GOP candidate calls for rollback of Congressional salaries

Christiansburg - In a statement released from his campaign headquarters today, Morgan Griffith, the Republican candidate for the Ninth Congressional seat, said he supports Democratic U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick in calling for a Congressional pay cut. Griffith would like to take it even further--calling on Congress to cut their pay by 10 percent or roughing $17,300.

If passed by Congress, it would be the first Congressional pay cut in 77 years.

"Everyone else is cutting back in these hard times," said Griffith. "So why not show Americans, Congress understands by taking a pay cut themselves."

Griffith said the people of southwest Virginia are having a hard time making ends meet, while our Congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Rick Boucher are setting back and enjoying grandiose salaries. "If Pelosi and Boucher cannot live on $155,700 a year, than they should go home. And no wonder we have a trillion dollar deficit."

"We have to stop the spend, spend, spend cycle," said Griffith. "Instead, we need to think about balancing the budget and stop adding to the high deficit. In Virginia, I was part of an effort that balanced the budget. Yes, we had to cutback on things. When people are hurting government officials need to set an example and also feel the pain."

Congressional leaders, including current Ninth District Congressman Rick Boucher, make over $173,000, not including benefits. The independent Rasmussen polling group has released a report that 75% of people nationwide want Members to reduce their salaries until the budget is balanced.

"Our federal government has been in the practice of throwing money around. Now is the time to look for practical ways to stop that, and one is this Congressional pay rollback," says Griffith.
I think if we could just stop Rick Boucher's abuse of his franking (postage) privileges, we could balance the budget.

But this is a welcome gesture.  Concern about our grandchildren's national debt would be a pleasant change coming out of Washington.

* Received from Morgan Griffith for Congress.