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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time for a Good Laugh

I'd be embarrassed if I had voted for this dude:
Del. Shuler cites schools in letter
By Anna L. Mallory and Katelyn Polantz, The Roanoke Times

At least five businesses could relocate because of ailing Montgomery County schools, a state delegate said this week.

Fearing concerns that aging and damaged school facilities in Blacksburg and Riner could affect employee retention in the New River Valley, Del. Jim Shuler, D-Blacksburg, sent a letter last week to Gov. Bob McDonnell.

The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors is considering a $125 million request from the school board to build new Blacksburg and Auburn high schools and to renovate Auburn's current high school into a middle school.

Funding the request fully could mean a tax increase of 12.5 cents per $100 in assessed property value.

Shuler's letter is the result of at least two requests from Superintendent Brenda Blackburn for support. He said he's not received any feedback from the governor, but a spokeswoman for McDonnell confirmed that the letter was received Friday. [link]
My guess is, the governor hasn't responded because he's still laughing.

Businesses are going to leave Blacksburg because the public schools there are in need of paint and sidewalk patch?

Can't this Democrat come up with a better apocalypse than that?  Like Mad Cow Disease or something?  Or that the lack of funding might cause the Virginia Tech Hokies to lose to Boise State?  No.  Scratch that.  That's far too implausible.

A good chuckle on a Saturday morning.

Simple Minds & Keyboards

Not a good combination.

And speaking of New York Times columnist Bob Herbert ...

Did you catch his latest? 

He's now slipped off into the world of economics (from his routine trash-talking about whitey and the Tea Party movement).  Economics.  Something the less educated amongst us should never attempt.

The Democrats are in deep, deep trouble because they have not effectively addressed the overwhelming concern of working men and women: an economy that is too weak to provide the jobs they need to support themselves and their families. And that failure is rooted in the Democrats’ continued fascination with the self-serving conservative belief that the way to help ordinary people is to shower money on the rich and wait for the blessings to trickle down to the great unwashed below. 
Got that?  The Democrats in Washington are going to get their heads handed to them in November because they legislated as conservatives.

In fairness, he did get one thing right.  They did "shower money on the rich" (mostly rich and well-connected friends).  But what this guy is missing is the other half of the story:

The United States government has showered money on damn near everybody in this country.

Ever heard of the national debt?  Any idea how difficult it is to achieve a one-year $1.4 trillion budget deficit?  You have to work long and hard to make that happen.  And showering money on the rich - because there are so few of them - won't achieve that feat.  You have to rain money down on the populace like it's water (which is soon to be its equivalent worth).

Ever hear of food stamps?

There are now 40.8 million Americans collecting government freebies.  40.8 million.  Up 20% since Obama arose from the depths.

Ever hear of ObamaCare?

It provides free health care coverage to 30 million Americans who were not insured before.  30 million. Costing hundreds of billions of dollars over time.

Ever hear of the government giveaway to first-time home buyers?

Ever hear of the "stimulus"?

Ever hear of SCHIP?

Ever heard the word "earmarks"?

And how many times have unemployment benefits been extended for those Americans out of work?

Outside of direct government giveaways, was this guy asleep when the minimum wage was increased by his Democrat pals?

He can say what he will about "tax breaks for the rich" (the top 1% of which still pay 40% of all federal taxes while the bottom 40% pay squat).  But what about the trillions that have been showered on everyone else?

Maybe there's a different explanation for what's going on with our economy, genius.

While I think the Democratic Party deserves blame for having messed this country up - with too much help from too many RINOs out there - I don't think blaming Democrats for being too conservative passes the laugh test.

- - -

Bob Herbert (dismissively) writes:

"Forget about the crazies in the Tea Party for the moment."

What does this nitwit think created the Tea Party movement?

Explanation For Economic Disaster Found

By the New York Times no less:

There are not enough bureaucrats in Obama's administration.

See "Vacancies Strain White House’s Goals for Economy."

There you go. That's why things are so bad.

Somebody Keep a Journal

Who is going to be the last person on the planet to espouse the notion that the planet is (uncharacteristically) warming?

The possible winner of the grand prize?

Brenda Ekwurzel, Ph.D, Union of Concerned Scientists.

"This past summer's wild weather is just a warm-up for the increasingly frequent instances of extreme weather expected to occur with further climate change. Wide-scale flooding in Pakistan; landslides in China; heat, drought, and ...

Take note. She's the last of a dying breed.

Over In West Virginia

It's Obama vs. Manchin.

And there's upset in the air.

Maybe It's Time We Had This Conversation

I see on Drudge that there are now a number of people around the country threatening to burn copies of the Koran.

And I see the articles written by authors trying to do their best to separate Islam from the terrorist acts that have taken place in the name of Allah around the world for decades.

It comes down to this, as far as I'm concerned, on this day of remembrance:

In whose name did the terrorists attack New York City and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001?

In whose name did al Qaeda murderers slaughter innocent human beings in Bali?







And in whose name does Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf plan to erect that mosque near Ground Zero?

Those who adhere to the faith have a lot of explaining to do.

But all we seem to get from them is ... silence.

Many will try to tell you there is no connection between Islam and terror.  Tell it to those who proclaimed otherwise as they proceeded to murder tens of thousands of human beings.

- - -

Here's my problem with Islam, in a nutshell.  Liberal Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker makes a plea:

In response, I guarantee, from the billions of Muslims out there, she'll get nothing.

When I hear Muslims decrying all the violence being perpetrated in the name of Allah as Christians do that in the name of Jesus Christ, I'll believe theirs is a peace-loving religion.  Perhaps some day ...