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Monday, September 13, 2010

For Those Who Were Killed On 9/11

It was suggested the other day that I should have had more of a remembrance of 9/11 posted to this weblog on the anniversary of that fateful day in 2001 when thousands of innocent people were slaughtered in New York City, Washington, and in a field in Pennsylvania.  They were probably right.

So I think I'll do this.  For them.

A message to them that their loved ones who are left behind are in safe hands.  As long as we have the likes of Lt. Colonel Michael Kasprzyk - my son-in-law - manning the walls, all will be well.  The Islamists who hate us so much for who we are and what we represent will not bring death and destruction to this land of ours again.  Not again.

These Immortalized Soldiers Whose Bravery Abounds
They¹re Our Husbands, Fathers, and Sons
They Enlisted For the Duty at Hand
To Serve the Cause of Country and Land:

They Had Honor, They Had Valor,
They Found Glory That Changed Them Forever

Men Standing Tall and Proud They be
A Country Behind Them in a Solemn Sea
So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

In the Sun, In the Rain
In the Winds Across This Land

Years of Tears Have Brought Us Here
Gathering Around to Hear This Sound
So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

In the Sun, In the Rain,
In the Winds Across This Land

-- From "A Tribute To Veterans," Jerry Callow, 2003 --

Never again. Never again.

The Decline Of Southwest Virginia Continues

I'm kind of surprised that our congressman here in the 9th district of Virginia hasn't been touting his accomplishment in bringing industrial parks to the region?  He has in the past.  Because he did accomplish that feat - at great taxpayer expense.

But he hasn't anything to say about it of late.

Perhaps for a very good reason.

As he - and the taxpayers - have found out, this ain't a cornfield in Iowa.  And that endearing catchphrase - "if you build it, they will come" - ain't worked.  Most of those parks sit vacant.  Or nearly so.  While others - because of the disincentives to be in business here - are closing their doors forever.

The latest nail in the coffin:

IAC in Lebanon to Shut Down
By Katie Graham, WCYB News

Lebanon, VA -- More than one hundred people will be losing their jobs at a business in Lebanon Virginia. A spokesman with International Automotive Components says it's shutting down its Russell County plant by the end of the year.

All one hundred and ten employees at IAC's plant in Lebanon are in the same sinking ship. Company officials say this plant will be closed by the end of the year.

"It's devastating to us, especially to the people who work there. A lot of them are friends, people I went to school with, says the Chairman of the Russell County Industrial Development Agency, Harry Rutherford.

Once IAC closes, two out of the three facilities in this industrial park will be empty. That's according to the Chairman of the Russell County Industrial Development Agency. Alcoa used to be in this building behind me, but they shut down earlier this year.

A company spokesman says operations will be consolidated at other plants in Strasburg, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. [link]
There were over 400 Virginians working at IAC at one time.  Now those great jobs are gone completely.

Maybe those good people of Russell County, all of whom deserved a better chance, can get hired on at one of those call centers nearby that Boucher is so proud of having brought to Southwest Virginia.  At near minimum wage. 

With each passing day, we allow this to happen.

Boucher has allowed it to happen.

Who's next?