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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If This Doesn't Bring Tears To Your Eyes ...

... you don't love your country.

Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, 1st Platoon, Battle Company, 2/503 (Airborne) Infantry, Medal of Honor recipient, speaks of his fellow warriors:

God bless him and all those precious men and women who fight for our freedom on battlefields far from home.

Get To Know The Candidates

This is important to me.  So I'm passing it along to you.

You may remember one of Congressman Rick Boucher's excuses for having voted in favor of that coal jobs-killing "energy" bill that came to be known as cap-and-trade was because the Environmental Protection Agency was going to come down hard on coal anyway, so he wanted to cut the best deal he could under the circumstances.

He didn't fight for his coalfields constituents.  He bargained.  And was proud of it.

Well, the EPA is not God.  It is an agency that is run by those who are run by us.  We the people.

A fight for the people - his people - is exactly what Boucher should have done.

But no.

He cut his deal with the devil.  And wants us to be accepting.

So you know, not everyone in politics is gutless.  Here's his Republican challenger Morgan Griffith's position on the subject:
Christiansburg - Morgan Griffith, Virginia House Majority Leader and the Republican candidate for the Ninth Congressional seat, supports a new House bill that would restrict the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s control on carbon dioxide emissions.

"Coal mining jobs would be saved by passing HR 391 and stopping the EPA assault on coal under the Clean Air Act," said Griffith. "Why hasn't Rick Boucher co-sponsored HR 391? Why hasn't he stood up to the EPA?"

Griffith pledges to co-sponsor HR 391, by Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, which would forbid the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide.

"The EPA has run rampant with regulations that have hurt companies in southwest Virginia," says Griffith. "Why hasn't our Congressman said 'Stop' - you (the EPA) work for us, and not the other way around. Rick Boucher has been missing in action as the EPA implements their out-of-control regulations."

Griffith also points to the fact if Boucher believes in the values of southwest Virginia, then why did he vote for Cap and Trade. "Under Cap and Trade, those coal jobs will be lost and electric rates will skyrocket." [link]
You folks over in the coalfields want to save your jobs? Read that again.

Obama, Boucher, and their ilk can be stopped. And relatively easily. Starting on November 2. And ending when Obama's skinny ass is sent into retirement in 2012 and the EPA is either reformed or shut down.

It must be stopped. Or things around here are going to get far worse.

Griffith is the man to do it.

- - -

"Many in the large crowd at the town meeting asked why Boucher did not attempt to curb the power of the EPA. He said that action would take 60 votes in the senate and would not make it out of committee in the house. 'Even if it made it out of committee and the full congress approved it President Obama would likely veto it,’ Boucher said." [source]

So why try? It will be a lot easier if the folks in Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties simply packed their bags and looked elsewhere for work.


- - -

See a related YouTube ad here.

A Message To America's Morons

Otherwise known as liberals:

Here's an opportunity for you to gain some perspective.

While we here in America heap criticism - and have more than a small amount of fun doing it - on those who would burn a Koran, Muslims around the world take a different approach to those who would insult their faith:

"Two Iranian grand ayatollahs issued fatwas calling for the killing of those who insult the Koran, including anyone who burns the Islamic holy book ..."

That said, our liberal friends here in this country have a problem with ... us.

Heads.  Butts.  Darkness.

Who Would Have Guessed?

Certainly not all those whiny liberals who told us there would be blood running in the hiking paths if crazed gunmen were allowed by law to carry weaponry in state parks.

Nitwits, meet reality:

Nashville - In the 15 months since Tennessee handgun-carry permit holders got the right to go armed in state parks, two gun-related incidents have been reported at state facilities and neither resulted in violence, officials said.

“I am pleasantly surprised,” said Tennessee Environment and Conservation Commissioner Jim Fyke, who in 2009 lobbied against the so-called “guns in parks” bill. “I believed that it was not a good idea.”
So permit holders are law abiding citizens.  The shock.

- - -

This from the same article brought a chuckle:

"A 'major' exception, he said, involved a Dec. 20, 2009, incident in which rangers at Radnor Lake State Park in Nashville stopped Leonard Embody, who had an AK-47-like handgun strapped over his shoulder."

Does an "AK-47-like handgun" go into the same category as an M1-A1 humvee?

The mind reels at the ignorance.

- - -

Of course our chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Who keeps a round chambered anyway?

The GOP Can't Block The Sun ...

... with SPF 50 ... much less block Obama's judicial nominees.  Republicans have but 40 votes in the Senate.  While the Democrats have 60.  A filibuster-proof majority.

But that doesn't stop the flailing Roanoke Times from blaming Senate ineptitude and internecine warfare within the Democrat ranks on those darn Republicans anyway.

See "Where are the judges?: GOP is blocking an unprecedented number of Obama's nominees."

Earth To Roanoke Times:

The Republicans in the Senate couldn't block a Virginia Tech linebacker on their best day.  (As hard as that might be to believe.)

It's the Democrats you need to be complaining about.

Like that'll ever happen.

The Message Within The Message

Under the circumstances, I think this is sound advice:

And keep on dreamin'. Because back here on Planet Earth, things are going from bad to worse and you're screwed.

Got To Keep The Gov't Growing

Even if it means we lose another 150,000 jobs.

Obama will not stop until he's sucked us all dry:

The prez's new 150,000-jobs killer
By Joseph R. Mason, New York Post

The president and many in Congress are using this year's catastrophe in the Gulf to push for sweeping, unrelated measures that would punish not only the US oil and gas industry but the American economy as a whole.

Just last week, President Obama explicitly targeted the industry for two massive tax hikes. First, he'd ban oil and gas companies from using the "Section 199" tax credit, a measure for domestic manufacturers enacted in 2004 to boost US employment. Second, he wants to end "dual capacity" protection for US energy firms.

by the federal government's own economic model, these tax hikes would lead to huge, immediate job losses. I ran the numbers through the Commerce Department's RIMS II model; it shows, under the proposed changes to Section 199 and dual capacity, Americans would almost immediately lose more than 150,000 stable, private-sector jobs. [link]
As Obama might put it: The government needs the money in order to pay for all those poverty programs that help the rising number of poor among us.  The poor who are made poor by government taxation.  Taxation that is needed to help the poor.  The poor who ...

Our government continues to grow without letup.  As do the ranks of the poor.

A Good Story

Did you ever want to go to court and do a Frank Galvin (in "The Verdict") on those who accused you (or in Galvin's case, his client) wrongfully of wrongdoing?  I once got a ticket in Dayton, Ohio of parking backwards on a city street.  There is an ordinance against it, apparently.  Probably having to do with maintaining proper order and the avoidance of rioting and mayhem.  Or something.  I wanted to go before the judge and tell him what I thought of the statute, the brown shirt who wrote the ticket, the court system, the American penal code, and the horse that the judge rode in on.

But prudence dictated that I responded when asked how I pled -


"$10 fine.  Next."*

What I wanted to say was "So take me out back and shoot me, you black-robed son of Satan, you ..."

Anyway, here's a fun story to get you through your day: Citizen, Unleashed.  Enjoy.

- - -

* But no court costs, so I beat "the man" in the end.

** To quote Edward Abbey: "No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny: the officious demands of policemen, government clerks, and electromechanical gadgets."

Great Stuff

"In Search of ... People of Color."

Thanks, Glenn.

Speaking Truth To Media Idiots

James Taranto:
The reason President Bush did a better job at managing Americans' mistrust of Muslims is not, as Obama seems to suggest, that the Bush economy was so much better than the Obama one. It is, rather, that Americans, on this matter, trusted Bush. There's an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China. Bush commanded trust when he spoke up for peaceful Muslims, because Americans understood he was on our side against the terrorists.
It speaks volumes that a whole pile of Americans are still trying to figure out Who our president worships when he kneels beside the bed at night. And they'd just as soon not hand him a gun if he were caught between an Islamist terrorist gang on one side of a battlefield and the 101st Airborne on the other. In which direction would he shoot?  A lot of Americans wonder.

Taranto has it exactly right. Bush had his faults. But he loved his country. And he did everything in his power - after 9/11 - to protect us from those Obama is far too quick to apologize for.

This Is No Way To Run a Country

For the love of God:

"Most Democrats now claim they were blindsided and didn't understand the implications of the 1099 provision - which is typical of the slapdash, destructive way the bill was written and passed. As the critics claimed, most Members had no idea what they were voting on."

Our government should not be run like this.

It's So Much Easier Than Governing

At least the dude has some experience in this field:

Allah only knows what it's going to be about.

Only In America

One can only shake one's head in embarrassment.  Front page, New York Post:
Sexy TV sports reporter Ines Sainz slinked into last night's Jet game in a black minidress with a plunging neckline and matching black stilettos -- while insisting that she "felt very uncomfortable" when lusty Jet players made salacious comments about her in their locker room after practice Saturday.
I guess this dim bulb thought the "hooker chic" look would get her into the players' prayer gathering after the game. Or something.

Good God.

Where Are We Headed?

Barack Obama, showing that he does have some nerve, came to Virginia yesterday. Ostensibly to talk about the state of business in America. Which took a lot of nerve as well since he's done more than any one man since William Tecumseh Sherman to destroy it.

In response to our president's visit, the Republican Party chairman here in Virginia, Pat Mullins, had this response:
"President Obama was right about one thing — economic uncertainty is holding back job creation. Small businesses aren't certain what their obligations will be under his massively-unpopular health care take-over. Employers don't know how much they're going to be paying in taxes, and they don't know how much higher their energy bills will be if President Obama and Nancy Pelosi manage to get Cap and Trade pushed through Congress.

"Consumers aren't spending because they're uncertain how much more of their paychecks Democrats intend to confiscate to pay for their unprecedented spending binge. Families are uncertain if they'll be able to keep their current insurance plan, or if they'll be forced into a government-approved policy which their family doctor doesn't participate in. They're uncertain if their children will be able to make ends meet as the bills for President Obama's trillion-dollar deficits come due.

If President Obama was serious about job creation, he'd join Leader Boehner and the rest of the GOP team and demand that Democrats halt any and all tax increases and cut spending. Once businesses knew that Washington was serious about getting it's own financial house in order, job creation would follow, as businesses realized that crippling tax increases and burdensome regulations weren't lurking just over the horizon." [received in email from the RPV]
Mullins is right on every count.  Obama needs to stop and do a 180.  Otherwise the decline will most assuredly continue.


I wonder how this could be:

Christian voters are losing faith in Barack Hussein Obama?

Odd indeed.