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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boucher Hears The Footsteps Approaching

A quiz: When has Congressman Rick Boucher - Democrat - ever been in favor of cutting taxes?

Answer: Never.

At least not until he's in the fight of his life to keep his cushy seat in Washington.


Boucher Caught in Election Year Flip-Flop
Incumbent promises to vote for Bush tax cuts after voting against them 3 times

(Christiansburg, VA) Congressional Candidate and House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith was astonished at Congressman Rick Boucher's sudden flip-flop on the Bush tax cuts.

Congressman Boucher's office told WJHL in Bristol on Monday that he would vote to extend all of the Bush tax cuts.

Congressman Rick Boucher's record on the Bush tax cuts:

· Boucher voted against the Bush tax cut in 2001.

· Boucher voted against the Bush tax cut in 2003.

· Boucher voted to let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2008.

"After voting against the Bush tax cuts in 2001, and then voting against the Bush tax cuts again in 2003, Rick Boucher voted against the tax cuts in 2008," Griffith said. "Now he says he'll vote for the Bush tax cuts. True conversions happen on the road to Damascus, not when you're falling in the polls."
This doesn't count the many, many times that Boucher, over the years, has voted to raise our taxes.

Funny how a little vote to destroy the coal industry has turned his priorities completely around.

Or not so funny.

Received from the Morgan Griffith for Congress campaign.

A Factoid Worth Noting

"Americans purchased 14 million firearms - more than the combined active armies of the top 21 countries in the world" - last year. (source)

We love our country.  We fear those who run it.

And don't even be thinkin' 'bout knockin' down anyone's bedroom door at midnight.

Americans rock.

Boucher Gets The Obama Defense

A letter writer to the Roanoke Times op/ed page gave me a chuckle this morning.  He wants us to believe that things around here would be much worse if it weren't for the efforts - successful efforts - of Congressman Rick Boucher.  Call it the "jobs saved or created" ploy.

Or call it desperation.

The key take-away:

"Talk about economic development is plentiful. Boucher has a track record of actually doing it. Currently, like most places, our area has a jobs deficit. Things would be much worse without the efforts of Boucher and all the folks he has partnered with over the years. We are lucky to have him representing the 9th District."

Got that? The jobs situation here in Southwest Virginia is awful. But the guy who claims that he's been highly successful in bringing jobs to the area in his TV ads has been  ... highly successful.

It would have been ... well, godawful if it hadn't been for Boucher.

One shudders when one wonders what might be the situation today had he not brought in all those low-wage, no-benefits, dead-end, menial-tasked call center jobs to his district.

One truly shudders.

This Is Bigger Than Hurricane Igor

At least in certain circles.

For many young males in this country, the planet will stop spinning on its axis, night will meld with day, nutrition and expulsion will be forsaken, and the outside world will be walled off for the next few months.

It has arrived:
Where once Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allen Poe were all the rage, now we have " a massive leap forward through all-new engine technology designed to take full advantage of next-generation graphics, audio, special effects, AI and animation."

Expect there to be college course credit offered.  It's the age in which we live.

O, The Agony

Liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus is despondent over the Tea Party's victory in Delaware yesterday.  She was so hoping for some "moderate" Republicans to be elected to the Senate this year.

No, really.  She says so.  Right here:

"I had thought the silver lining of this election year might be to produce a Senate with a more robust cadre of moderate Republicans."

Right, Ruth.  We all know how torn up you are over it.

What, The Dems Aren't Losing ENOUGH Seats In November?

Why not throw the controversy surrounding all the illegal Mexicans in our midst into the equation?  That will ensure the loss of both the House and the Senate come election day.

Is there even a sane person left in the Democratic Party?

Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill
By CNN Congressional Producer Ted Barrett

Washington (CNN) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he will add the DREAM Act, a controversial immigration measure, to a defense policy bill the Senate will take up next week.

The decision means the defense bill, which often passes with bipartisan support, will be home to two major, thorny political issues – the other being the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Reid called the DREAM Act "really important" and said it should be passed because it provides a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants who go to college or serve in the military. DREAM is an acronym for Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act. [link]
We have illegal immigrants in the military?   Isn't there something illegal about that?

Do we really want to reward illegality?

Well, this is the Democratic Party we're talking about.  The Party that has made Jack Abramoff look like an amateur since 2006.  Where illegality is a way of life, it seems now.

But beyond that, does this nitwit really want to throw illegal immigration into the debate before the election that is sure to be a Democrat debacle anyway?

Whose side is he on?

Liberal Republicans Sicken Me

Tell me, if Delaware's Mike Castle (a liberal Republican by any reasonable person's standards) had made it to the general election and had been beaten by his equally liberal Democratic challenger, would Castle have been gracious in defeat and announced his support for his opponent?

Of course he would have.

But what happens when the liberal Castle loses to a fellow Republican who happens to be conservative?

Says a lot about the state of the Republican Party in Washington.  It's no wonder its members are being driven from office one by one by We the People.

And While We're On The Subject ...

You'll be reading a lot in the mainstream press about how radically conservative Republican Party nominee Tea Party nominee Christine O'Donnell in Delaware is.  As soon as the Democrats get their faxes over to them.

What you won't read is this:  Her Democratic opponent once referred to himself as a "bearded Marxist."

Nothing radical about that though.  No calls for tax cuts in his background.  Move along.  Move along.

Words Well Writ

I love this sentence from James Taranto:

"At the Friday news conference, Obama was asked again about the Ground Zero mosque. "Now, I recognize the extraordinary sensitivities around 9/11," the president lip-serviced."

Writing is an art form.  Made up of many small, but well-thought-out and masterfully positioned keystrokes.

Taranto is one of the best in the business.  A veritable Karavaggio of the Keyboard.

Words Well Writ 2

Again from James Taranto:
It seems to us, though, that the snobbish attitude displayed by Packer and Sullivan is a particular conceit of the left, and a big reason why the public has soured so quickly on Democratic rule. Obama comes across as "the voice of reason incarnate" only to an obnoxious know-it-all like Packer. To a normal person, he comes across as another obnoxious know-it-all.

Words Not So Well Writ

From Jeanna Bryner at Fox News:

"Worldwide, cows are responsible for 37 percent of the human-produced methane, according to study researcher Alexander Hristov, an associate professor of dairy nutrition at Penn State University."

Cows are human?