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Thursday, September 16, 2010

'When Tommy Stopped & Locked The Door'

The media and the Washington establishment have been beating unmercifully on the Tea Party.  And they have had great fun in promoting the war that raged within the Republican Party for its soul.

Well, that war is over.

And the Tea Party has emerged, stronger than ever.

The media and the Washington establishment may wish they'd been kinder to us.

For now it's their turn.
The Gatlin boys just laughed at him when he walked into the barroom.
One of them got up and met him halfway 'cross the floor.
When Tommy turned around they said, Hey look! ol' yellow's leavin'.
But you coulda heard a pin drop when Tommy stopped and locked the door. (*)
The liberals in this country are in our way.  To them a message: Move.  Or be moved.   We need to put this country back on course before it's too late.  And we're prepared to run right over you to do it.

Those Slick TV Ads Won't Help You This Time, Rick

Americans for Job Security is releasing a new TV ad of its own that goes after Rick Boucher for his traitorous vote on Nancy Pelosi's destructive cap-and-trade bill that was intended to destroy the coal industry, and along with it, the coalfields of Southwest Virginia.  You can view the spot here:

Boucher's one and only strategy in his reelection bid is to try to convince us that he's been really successful at bringing jobs to his district. In fact, he's never actually created even one. And he's trying to convince us at a time when joblessness is a way of life here.

Slick move, big guy.

More importantly, you'll note that at no time is he boasting of his voting record.

It's as if he's one person in Washington (one he'd just as soon we not know about) and another person here (working really, really hard every day at finding employers for us).

Well, he can attempt that bait-and-switch only so long.

That's where organizations like Americans for Job Security (along with the staff at From on High) come in.  We'll make sure you know exactly where this snake has been slithering up there in the Dismal Swamp.

Rick Boucher is not a friend of Southwest Virginians.  He's on the side of Washington.

Vote accordingly.

Here's a First

Has the national Republican Party ever felt there was enough of a chance for a challenger to Rick Boucher to win that it decided to invest in that challenger?

Well, 2010 is the year.  And circumstances are favorable for that challenger - Morgan Griffith - enough so that the National Republican Campaign Committee is making ad buys for him now here in Southwest Virginia.

The poll takers are narrowing the gap between Boucher and Griffith and there is upset in the air.

And the powers-that-be in the Party have taken notice.  From the Griffith campaign:
NRCC Puts Griffith on Targeted List

Christiansburg, VA - The National Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) added Morgan Griffith on Tuesday to its list of targeted challengers.

"We're pleased the NRCC is recognizing the support our campaign is generating across southwest Virginia," Griffith said. "People want a Congressman who will vote for them and not vote for Barack Obama 96% of the time. They want someone who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and say 'No' on Cap and Trade."

According to Roll Call, the NRCC has also purchased television advertising in the district independent of the Griffith campaign.
Griffith could have added the fact that the people of Southwest Virginia don't want a slimy politician who says one thing one minute and the opposite the next (see next post) representing them in Washington.

So things are headed in the right direction for the Republican challenger. And those things are being recognized nationally.

As I've said for years, this is Republican country. And Boucher is an anachronism.

Time to go, dude.

Has Boucher No Shame?

Some Democrats sure seem to.

It seems, as time goes on, more and more of them miss ol' George more and more.


Take our congressman (please), Rick Boucher. Now he says he favors tax cuts.

And not just any tax cuts.

The very tax cuts that he voted against a few years ago.

The bewildering - yet revealing - news:

Politicos back Bush tax cut extensions
Martinsville Bulletin

Three of the four area representatives and their opponents in the Nov. 2 election say they support extending the Bush tax cuts, which are scheduled to expire in January.

Both Republicans and Democrats are using the looming expiration of the cuts as a defining battle in elections to determine control of Congress, The Associated Press reported.

In the 9th District race, incumbent U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, said he feels it is important not to raise anyone’s taxes in challenging economic circumstances.

However, his opponent, state Del. Morgan Griffith, D-Salem, issued a release on Tuesday stating that Boucher had flip-flopped on the issue. He said Boucher voted against the Bush tax cut in 2001 and 2003 and voted to let the tax cuts expire in 2008.

“Now he says he’ll vote for the Bush tax cuts. True conversions happen on the road to Damascus, not when you’re falling in the polls,” Griffith stated in the release.

Boucher confirmed his past opposition to the cuts and his current support for extending them. What’s different now, the 14-term congressman said, is the state of the economy.

“The nation is struggling to recover from the deepest recession that we have experienced since the Great Depression,” Boucher said, noting that unemployment hovers at 20 percent in areas such as Martinsville and is 9.5 percent nationwide. “At a time like that, we should not be raising taxes on anyone. We need to be keeping the tax rate as it is so as to stimulate the economy.”

To allow the tax cuts to expire now “would not be in the interest of stimulating economic growth and job creation, which we have a primary obligation” to do, he said.

Boucher said that when he originally voted against President Bush’s plan, he did so because he thought the tax cuts were “improperly constructed,” with provisions that favored the wealthy and didn’t do enough to help middle- and lower-income earners. [link]
That last little ditty is a feeble attempt at spin.  Boucher knows the lion's share of taxes are paid by "the wealthy," and any tax cuts would therefore affect them more.  Besides, now he's in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy after being dead-set against them?

Give us a break.

Can we next expect Rick Boucher to be campaigning with George W. Bush by his side?

Wouldn't surprise me.  Now that he's in for the fight of his political life and his true colors are coming out.  He'll do anything to get reelected.

I was against it before I was for it.

For the love of God.

Quote of the Day

From Lori Ziganto:

"If I entered a locker room, full of a bunch of athletic men in their prime, wearing a shirt and jeans so tight that you could practically see my ovaries, I’d die of embarrassment if there were NO catcalls or whistles."

"Ines Sainz: The woman who cried wolf whistle," Hot Air, September 14, 2010

West Virginia Wants More People To Avoid It

I and thousands of Americans like me avoid gassing up in West Virginia because taxes on fuel there are so much higher than they are here in Virginia and in every other neighboring state.  We all fill our gas tanks before we enter West Virginia or we gas up after we leave West Virginia.  We avoid stations in West Virginia like the plague.

It seems the Democratic establishment there (in the second-most poor state in the nation, ahem) hasn't figured that out.  A Governor Manchin-appointed politician is now wanting to do for food what Manchin's predecessors have done for gasoline - force people to go elsewhere to avoid their taxes.

See "Drive-Through Tax Proposed for Road Money."

They want another tax. On fast-food.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.