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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Roanoke Times Defends Rick Boucher

I'm inclined to leave it at that.  The Times, in defending our congressman, does enough damage just by being the Times.  But I should respond to "Car flap is a stretch."

Here's the gist of the argument:

"Only here's the deal. Rep. Rick Boucher splits his time between campaign, congressional and personal business. He's divided the expense among those three functions, as well, just as any elected official is not only permitted to do, but is expected to do."

Those who are looking for a reason to exonerate our congressman - desperately looking - might not ask Mr. Boucher - for fear of an answer - how he "split" the expense when the cost of the vehicle his campaign purchased was charged to his campaign.  In full.

Or ask how the personal usage was declared on his tax returns.

Or ask how the personal usage wasn't declared on his tax returns.

But there's another point the Roanoke Times needs to consider: If Congressman Boucher is "expected" to expense his use of a vehicle for campaign and congressional use, why is he expensing the maintenance of two vehicles?

Guess they'd rather not ask that question either.

No. No Bias Here.

Check out these headlines:

Obama and Gates knew about those five soldiers accused of murdering Afghani civilians for sport

General who probed incident in which five soldiers allegedly murdered innocent Afghani civilians says Obama officials committed war crimes

Obama Authorized murder of innocent Afghani civilians , FBI Email Says

Obama policy led to civilian murders in Afghanistan

Obama Knew About Afghani Murder Spree

Well, actually you won't find those headlines. The mainstream press hasn't written them. And it won't. Because it's Obama.

And the story isn't about George W. Bush and Abu Ghraib.

Think about it.

* That's right.  I simply substituted the names and the incidents in actual headlines about Abu Ghraib from 2004 to make the point.

** Perhaps the narrative doesn't fit these days because everyone knows that Obama doesn't really pay attention to what's going on in Afghanistan while Bush was an active leader in the War on Terror.  Perhaps.

The Men Behind the Mosque

Worth noting:

Among the Islamic clerics defending plans for a mosque near Ground Zero yesterday was an outspoken critic of Israel who enthusiastically signaled his support for terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah during a rally a decade ago.

At a news conference outside the site of the proposed mosque, Imam Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Washington-based Muslim American Society, was adamant about Muslims' right to build a mosque where they choose.

But he refused to discuss a video, from a rally in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, that shows him onstage repeatedly raising his arms when an unidentified speaker asked how many in the crowd supported Hamas and Hezbollah.
From "Mosque ally's vid shows 'Hez' true colors."

I Come To Hillary's Defense

Rule number one in international relations.  Foreign entities mock our political leadership at their own risk. 

That's my job.

So butt out.

Besides, I think the look that has gotten Hillary Clinton snippy reviews in the London press is an improvement.  Seriously.

From the Daily Mail comes the headline:

Oh Hillary, that hairstyle just doesn't cut it: Mrs Clinton prepares for huge UN meeting with lank locks

Lank locks? I don't even know what that means.

So you take a look and tell me the woman that Bill created doesn't look better than she has in recent years:

I think it makes her look younger.

And it sure beats this:

So leave my secretary of state alone.  

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail and the AP.

The Right To Keep & Bear Arms

I thought, since the Roanoke Times made an issue out of that concealed-carry permit holder in Lynchburg who made the news by shooting himself in the leg while sitting in a restaurant recently, I'd counter with a story that comes to us this morning from Hanover.

Rejoice.  One of the good guys lives another day, because he was armed:

Police say pizza delivery driver shoots suspected robber
By Mark Bowes and Joe Macenka, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Hanover, Va. -- Three Mechanicsville men and a 17-year-old girl have been charged with attempting to rob a Papa John's Pizza delivery driver, who shot one of the robbers after being accosted with a gun, Hanover County authorities said.

The suspected armed robber, identified as Brandon D. Floyd, 26, of the 7200 block of Cold Harbor Road, was listed in critical condition yesterday at VCU Medical Center, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the face, Hanover Sheriff's Capt. Michael J. Trice said.

Trice said the driver, who works for Papa John's Pizza on U.S. 360 in Mechanicsville, told authorities that he had just made a delivery to a house, and a man approached when he got back in his car. The driver, who wasn't identified, told investigators that the man had a rifle that he pointed at the driver and opened the car door.

The driver said he repeatedly told the man to drop his rifle, to no avail.

"The driver ultimately produced a handgun and discharged it in the direction of the gentleman with the rifle," Trice said. It appeared that a single shot was fired, Trice said. The driver was not injured in the confrontation. [link]
One wonders if Papa John's has a policy that forbids drivers to carry weapons on their delivery routes.  Some companies in the same business do.

One also wonders, since the attempted robbery of pizza delivery drivers is not an uncommon occurrence, if Papa John's - should it have such a policy - also has a policy on supporting financially the widows and fatherless children left behind in the wake of such an occurrence.  And such a policy.

In any case, here's a man who lives another day because he exercised his 2nd Amendment right and armed himself for personal protection.

Long may he - and our right as free citizens - survive the assaults of both the bad guys and America's liberal elite.