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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Full Disclosure

Here I am doing the work the editors at the Roanoke Times should be doing for themselves. Published this morning is a letter to the editor by one Ginny Brock in which the author writes - convincingly - that 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello has done a swell job representing Southside Virginia in Congress.

See "Perriello is leading us forward."

Boy, were the alarm bells going off with this one.  Perriello, the guy who everyone knows is lost in the political wilderness, is "leading us forward"?

The Bullshit-o-meter went off the scale.

So here's how this Ginny Brock is described by the Times:

"Brock is a longtime resident of Smith Mountain Lake."


But left out is this small ditty: Not only is she a resident of Smith Mountain Lake, Ginny Brock is also in a leadership position with Smith Mountain Lake Democrats.

Provides a bit of clarity, no?

Here's the deal, if I have to start doing the work of the editors at the Roanoke Times, I want title and paycheck.

- - -

Update 09.26.10: In the comments we find out that Ms. Brock is, in fact, president of Smith Mountain Lake Democrats.  That's two worlds removed from "longtime resident."

The Chinese Are 'Green'?

I don't know.  Does the following, from New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, make any sense?
“There is really no debate about climate change in China,” said Peggy Liu, chairwoman of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, a nonprofit group working to accelerate the greening of China. “China’s leaders are mostly engineers and scientists, so they don’t waste time questioning scientific data.” The push for green in China, she added, “is a practical discussion on health and wealth. There is no need to emphasize future consequences when people already see, eat and breathe pollution every day.”

And because runaway pollution in China means wasted lives, air, water, ecosystems and money — and wasted money means fewer jobs and more political instability — China’s leaders would never go a year (like we will) without energy legislation mandating new ways to do more with less. It’s a three-for-one shot for them. By becoming more energy efficient per unit of G.D.P., China saves money, takes the lead in the next great global industry and earns credit with the world for mitigating climate change. [link]
We all know - well, everyone outside of the EPA - that CO2 is not the pollutant that is plaguing China's landscape.  Theirs is the traditional noxious, foul, toxic factory pollution.  So any discussion about "climate change" need not equate the causes with "pollution."

But can Friedman actually be holding China up as the darling of the "green" movement and, out of the other side of his mouth, make mention of its "runaway pollution"?  Am I the only one seeing a disconnect here?

Sure, his focus is on the jobs side of the argument.  But what idiot wouldn't take money from the United States government when it's tossing millions at "green technology"?

(* We're going to save that discussion for another day.  My congressman, Rick Boucher, voted to fund job creation in China Read the article.  We'll come back to it.)

It's just that the Chinese are the first to get there with their hands out.  So they're creating green jobs all right.  And they'll continue to do so as long as Uncle Ralphy keeps paying them to do so.

Oh, I should bring this to Friedman's attention.  On that bit about China earning "credit with the world for mitigating climate change"?  Guess who leads the world in carbon dioxide emissions.

So many trees had to die for this renowned New York Times columnist to make a complete jackass of himself.  So sad.

Boucher Ducks The Voters. Again.

I can understand why he'd want to run and hide these days.

But don't the voters of Southwest Virginia deserve better at this critical time in our nation's existence?

Rick Boucher obviously doesn't think so.

From a press release:
League of Women Voters' 9th Forum cancelled

Christiansburg - Scratch another possible debate between candidates for the Ninth Congressional seat.

Montgomery County's League of Women Voters has cancelled a forum slated for later this month because incumbent Democratic Congressman Rick Boucher refused to participate.

"The League of Women Voters is one of the most respected civic organizations in America," Morgan Griffith, the Republican candidate in the Ninth race, says. "If Rick Boucher lacks the courage to discuss the issues with the League of Women Voters, then he shouldn't be serving in Congress.

In August, a candidate forum hosted by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce was cancelled after Congressman Boucher refused to respond to repeated invitations.
I was especially annoyed by that last sentence. Boucher didn't turn down the Chamber of Commerce debate. He didn't even respond to its offer. He ignored it.

What's that all about?

Who works for whom here?

Ah, The Memories

This brings back some uncomfortable moments from my past:

Gas Blasts Spur Questions on Oversight of Pipelines
By Andrew W. Lehren, New York Times

At a Christmas Eve gathering in 2008, a natural gas explosion in a suburban Sacramento neighborhood killed a 72-year-old man and injured his daughter and granddaughter. Investigators determined that Pacific Gas and Electric was to blame for a leak, but federal and state regulators never cited the utility for safety violations.

It was one example of what many experts and studies say is weak oversight of gas pipelines in the United States, a problem that has contributed to hundreds of pipeline episodes that have killed 60 people and injured 230 others in the last five years. [link]
Paula and I owned a farm in Bullitt County, Kentucky back in the 80's.  Under which, beneath the back pasture, ran an oil pipeline.  If memory serves, it was a 36" high-pressure pipeline that ran from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Erie.  On the surface, above that line, where it traversed my property, each fence post had been painted white and had been topped with orange.  As far as the eye could see, one could make out the positioning of the pipeline by the white fence posts with orange toppers.  In addition, there were signs posted at frequent intervals warning people not to do any digging because of the existence of the line.

What to worry?

Well, number 1: See the above article.

And number 2: Try to imagine me sinking a post hole digger in the ground above the pipeline in the process of replacing rotten old posts.  I remember the day ...

According to the oil company, the line was at least 24 inches below the surface (well below the frost line).  I always buried my fence posts 24 inches in the ground.  You can see the problem.  When I got down close to the danger area, I would use a hand-held digger and ... pray.  I thought: What are the chances that I could bust a steel pipeline with a rickety hand tool?

Then again, isn't that the sort of thinking that makes Drudge?

Bullitt County, Kentucky Erupts in Ball of Flame!

Moron's Body Parts Yet To Fall To Earth

To make a long story short, I lived.

Life on the edge ...

There's One In Every Crowd

Look up the word Quisling.  That's the best way to describe someone - anyone - in the coal industry who tries to make us believe that Congressman Rick Boucher was acting in the best interests of the miners in the coalfields when he voted in favor of Nancy Pelosi's jobs-killing cap-and-trade energy bill that every other area politician - including every Democrat - opposed.

Meet Southwest Virginia's very own Quisling - Jim McGlothlin of United Coal Company:


"Rick Boucher is our best friend in Washington. And we urged him to get the best possible deal for coal in the energy bill. He protected Virginia's coal industry and the thousands of jobs that depend on it. Everything Rick Boucher did was to support our coal economy."

My response:


Experts and interested parties all now agree. Boucher's "deal" would have been a disaster for the coal industry. And many studies have now proven it. Even his Democrat-controlled Congressional Budget Office reviewed the legislation and those studies and concluded that it would have inflicted a particularly heavy blow to the coal industry.

A question for this friend of Boucher:

If it was so good for coal, why was southern West Virginia's Democrat congressman opposed to it? Why were the representatives from Kentucky's eastern coal counties opposed to it? And the congressmen from northeast Tennessee and north Georgia? Why were both of West Virginia's Democrat senators opposed to it?

Was Rick Boucher the only Democrat in coal country who was right while the rest of them were wrong?

I'd be inclined to dismiss this guy as being a dumbass, but he knows what he's doing. Jim McGlothlin's name has surfaced in the past whenever Rick Boucher needed someone in the industry to polish his bona fides.

One has to wonder: What would prompt someone so connected in the industry to say something so obviously absurd? It's a mystery. As is this McGlothlin's thought processes.

In any case, Boucher has a supporter in the coal industry. As history proves, every scoundrel seems to have one.

Going On My Netflix List

The documentary that the teachers' unions will not want me to see:

Public education. 2010. The United States of America.

My God.

Welcome To ObamaCare

Rube Goldberg would be proud:
Six months of ObamaCare: Two Minnesota insurers stop selling individual policies
By Ed Morrissey

If you like your policy, you can keep your policy meets We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it right here in Minnesota as ObamaCare hits its six-month mark.  Two major insurers have decided to suspend sales of individual policies rather than run the compliance gauntlet in the health-care overhaul bill, today’s Pioneer Press reports.  Why?  No one really knows what the rules actually are:

"Bloomington-based HealthPartners says it is temporarily suspending sales of individual health insurance policies due to uncertainty created by the new federal law.

Congress passed health reform six months ago, but starting today new health insurance policies must comply with key provisions of the legislation.

In Minnesota, that’s meant changes to health plan policies that regulators at the Minnesota Department of Commerce must approve before companies can sell policies to new customers. The state hasn’t signed off on changes because the Commerce Department needs more guidance on certain new federal rules, said Amy Von Walter, a spokeswoman for HealthPartners." [link]
Got that?

HealthPartners is in a pickle because it doesn't know what the Minnesota Department of Commerce wants.  Because the Minnesota Department of Commerce doesn't know what the federal Department of Health and Human Services wants.  Because the Department of Health and Human Services doesn't know what Congress wants.  Because no one in Congress read the damn bill before they passed it, so they don't have a clue as to what they want.  And then there's Obama.  How's that nine iron working for ya, big guy?

So HealthPartners says to hell with it, we're going to sit this mess out.

And the poor schmucks in Minnesota who want to buy insurance?

They'll just have to wait until Obama and Congress first deal with immigration and card check and energy and Afghanistan and the Gulf oil spill and Arizona and ...

Our health care system really didn't have to be this screwed up.

'The Writing Is On The Wall'

The establishment in Washington spends so much time trying to figure out the Tea Party.  Even as it unfolds right before their eyes.

Here's a helping hand.  If you can't grasp this ...

... then try to get your arms around this:

Fail to understand it at your peril.

Courtesy of Ben Howe AT BENHOWEBLOG.

So The Department of Transportation Is Awash In Money

Bart Hinkle:

A Pattern Seems to Be Developing

By Bart Hinkle, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gov. Mark Warner warned of budgetary shortfalls. The alarms were a key argument for his income-tax hike. Shortly after it passed, the projected shortfalls miraculously turned into surpluses.

Likewise, Tim Kaine insisted that a desperate need for transportation money justified his pursuit of higher taxes, in contravention of his campaign promises.

Ooops! Never mind.. . .
Expect the next Democrat to run for governor to ignore all reality and call for another tax increase.  To help out the desperately impoverished Department of Transportation.

The need for tax increases, to them, need not be based in reality, you see.  Take cap-and-tax for instance ...

It's Become a Circus

Compared to what the Democrats in Washington have done to us in recent years, turning one of its Congressional hearing rooms into a "circus" is far more preferable.  But one has to wonder, after watching the Stephen Colbert antics unfold before a Judiciary subcommittee, who in God's name is responsible for this?

So you know, the hearing was called to discuss "the plight of farm workers" by some nitwit named Zoe.  A Democrat.  From California.

Investor's Business Daily:
Clowns To The Left

With joblessness near double digits, federal spending hurtling us toward national bankruptcy and an Islamist terror regime seeking nukes, what is Congress doing? Taking testimony from comedians.

What was Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., thinking when she invited Comedy Central's faux right-wing pundit Stephen Colbert to appear — "in character"! — before her House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration?

Republicans last week put forth a 21-page platform outlining their solutions to government overspending, unemployment and national security.

The Democrats who run Congress, on the other hand, were wasting time — and taxpayer money — turning a committee hearing room into a circus, to the delight of the TV entertainment media who were there in force. [link]
Any bets on whether this Zoe person was one of those who voted in favor of ObamaCare legislation without having read it?  Anyone willing to double-down on the fact that she doesn't really care?

"Circus" seems to be the thread that binds the accounts of this embarrassing moment in American history.

A metaphor for Democratic leadership in these troubling times.

We want to keep these clowns in office why?

In Obama's 'Post-Racial' America

If you ain't black or Hispanic, don't even come knockin' on the Department of Justice's door.