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Monday, September 27, 2010

More On That NRA Endorsement Of Tom Perriello

This came to me in an email and is worth reprinting here:

On the NRA endorsement of Perriello ...:

Sen. Robert Hurt has an "A" rating from the NRA for his 10 years of 2d amendment votes in the General Assembly. Meanwhile, Perriello is given the NRA endorsement for a mere 18 mos. in Congress.

Imagine Sen. Hurt's experience with 2d amendment issues: he is a former prosecutor so he has seen guns used at their worst; & their best in defense of life & property. He is a hunter. He has been in the General Assembly for all the debates on gun show loopholes, Va. Tech gun control efforts & any annual 2d amendment arguments presented to the General Assembly, so he is knowledgeable on all current 2d amendment issues.

I've been told that the NRA is a single issue lobbyist & I should not be angry that the NRA endorses a complete liberal who votes to erode our other rights. But I believe that the NRA chose Perriello's 18 mos. of votes over Sen. Hurt's 10 years' votes for a reason too frightening to contemplate: a backroom deal.

I left a voicemail with the NRA citing my displeasure; no, outrage, over this endorsement. I will call back this week to end my membership with them. Many outside the 5th CD are doing so also.

Thanks, Jerry.
It could be mentioned that Perriello hasn't just 18 months of votes in Congress.  He has 18 months in politics total.  Which means no one at the NRA has a clue as to his specific positions on the many issues facing gun owners in the USA.

I don't understand it either.  But I'm not outraged.  Simply resolved.  We'll continue the fight without the help of the NRA.

It's not like we've gotten a whole lot of assistance from them here in the 9th over the years.

Come Here! Come Here!

I'm sure Rick Boucher would love to be included on this list:

"President Obama will swoop into the heartland this week in a high-stakes bid to boost enthusiasm for Democrats ..."

Bring some of that mojo down here to Southwest Virginia, Mr. Hope&Change.  Your involvement is all we need to push Morgan Griffith over the top!

I dare you.

Liberal Mayors Flailing

It's not that they're failing.  It's that others are failing them:

Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Daley, having the strictest gun laws on the planet, find themselves facing rampant gun violence in their streets as well.

A correlation?


It's Alabama's fault.

Ya gotta admit, they're at least entertaining.

A Confession

I don't know what a stink bug is.

And I'll go to my grave with the satisfaction of having never found out.

They'll Need To Charter a Taxi

Expect this to make for breathtaking headlines in the mainstream press:

I wonder if they'll pay minimum wage so that more than 20 people show up.

Reality Sets In

Oh, such a dilemma.  The liberals at the San Francisco Chronicle have come to realize that their favorite senator in Washington is not very bright.  Okay, "undistinguished."  And they would never support a moderate Republican in a million years.  So what to do?

Why, they sit out the upcoming election of course:

I feel so sorry for them.

Wall Street Prospers With 10% Unemployment

How can that be?

Because America's businesses have figured out how to make money and work around the socialists in Congress to do it.  They have shipped jobs overseas.  To avoid this (from "The Regulation Tax Keeps Growing"):
The annual cost of federal regulations in the United States increased to more than $1.75 trillion in 2008, a 3% real increase over five years, to about 14% of U.S. national income. This cost is in addition to the federal tax burden of 21%, for a combined cost of 35% of national income. One out of every three dollars earned in the U.S. goes to pay for or comply with federal laws and regulations, and new policies enacted in 2010 for health care and financial services will increase this burden.

In per-household terms, the combined federal burden of regulation and taxes is a remarkable $37,962. Increased transparency in both the cost and benefit side of the regulatory equation is necessary to determine whether what we spend is worth the 35% of national income that it costs, and whether the distribution of the burden is relatively efficient. This is particularly true now that the federal government is undertaking Herculean efforts to stimulate the economy while increasing regulations costly to businesses.
But we don't care.  We hate corporations.  Especially the ones that don't comply with the mountain of regulations that Congress has heaped upon them.

Is it any wonder that business is booming in China?

- - -

The New York Times, always clueless, blames China's rise and America's staggering unemployment problem on currency valuation.  I'm not kidding.

OK. Go Ahead and Shoot

Sometimes the best laid plans can go awry ...
Adult store clerk foils women 'armed' with toy gun
Associated Press

Duncansville, Pa. (AP) -- Police said two women who tried to rob a central Pennsylvania adult book store with a toy gun didn't fool a clerk, who told them to "get a real gun." Authorities said 28-year-old Shannon Cheripka, of Glasgow, and 26-year-old Angela Crook, of Coalport, attempted to rob the Adult World store in Duncansville around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Cheripka told police the clerk said, "First, if you're going to rob someone, get a real gun. Second off, you're not getting any money."

Authorities said the clerk chased away the women before police in nearby Logan Township arrested them in a van the clerk had described. [link]
I can picture the clerk pointing his index finger at the two "crooks" and saying, "Let's see if mine shoots further than yours."

Too funny.

What Were They Thinking?

So someone in a leadership position in the Democratic Party invites a comedian to testify before one of their subcommittees and he turns it into a ... laughingstock.  What were they expecting, a treatise on advancements in nuclear physics?

If Stephen Colbert's appearance was embarrassing, the reaction from those who should have known better is absolutely pathetic:

House leader: Colbert was an 'embarrassment'
The Associated Press

Washington (AP) — The House's No. 2 Democratic leader said Sunday that comedian Stephen Colbert's testimony last week on immigration was "inappropriate" and "an embarrassment."

Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California invited Colbert to appear before the House Judiciary Committee. But other Democrats weren't happy about her decision.

The committee chairman, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., asked Colbert to leave the room at the beginning of the hearing because the comedian had no expertise in farm labor issues or immigration policy.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland told "Fox News Sunday" he thought the episode was more of an embarrassment to Colbert than to the House. But, he added, "I think it was inappropriate" that he testified. [link]
No, I'm sure Colbert's fans ate it up.  So he's fine with his performance.  And it wasn't an embarrassment to the House either.  It was - pure and simple - another indication that the Democrats in Washington don't have a grip on reality.

One of many indications.