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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well, This Is Just Stupid

I assume the Bristol Herald Courier got itself a new columnist.  And there must have been only one out there to choose from.

Seems to me, based on the following, that it would have done better to have done without.

Christ Almighty:
We Can Have healthy environment, low power bills
By Kathy Selvage

On his recent visit to Abingdon, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli essentially tried to convince us that we can’t afford cap and trade, a method to help us clean up our environment.

Why is it that we can’t have both more livable communities with healthy environments and low electric rates? If we cannot, it’s because we tie our future to coal, a swiftly declining, economically unfeasible fuel source for electricity.

The cost of electricity from coal escalates severely when you consider the cost for increased hospitalizations, lost work days, premature deaths, and neurological impairments related to the effects of mercury. All of these are linked to coal-fired plant pollution and all of us pay these costs, in one way or another.

AEP needs a new alliance and new fuel sources. This is what I would like to say to AEP as they were specifically mentioned by our Attorney General: Drop your deeply engrained alliance with the coal industry and develop a new one with your paying customers. Do what the public wants. Embrace low rates for the customer and help to preserve a wonderful environment for our future generations. Reduce the price of the fuel you use by adopting energy-efficiency programs and develop new, clean sources of electricity production and pass on some of those savings to your customers. [link]
That's called deep thinking in the world of journalism.

AEP, you need to wave your magic wand and come up with a new source of energy.  And it needs to be cheap.  And clean.  And efficient.  And environment-friendly.  And smell good.  And play music.

Which source of energy, you ask?

Hey, I'm a journalist.   I don't provide the answers.  I spout inanities.  You need to wave your magic wand and ...

Good grief.

A Question

Where's Condoleezza Rice when we need her?

And Israel ...

And Britain ...

And France ...

And Russia ...

And Poland ...

Still The Worst Columnist In America

In a very crowded field, the Washington Post's Richard Cohen still leads the pack.  From today's meandering (about the Kent State shootings 40 freaking years ago):
I still ride a bike. I do 12 miles, several days a week, and as I do so I listen to music -- the Pandora service on my iPhone. I have created a station that plays folk rock. Lately, it has repeatedly played the Neil Young song "Ohio": "What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground?" On the bike, I have to repress a tear. 
 I have to repress a tear.  Riding my bike down the street.  Listening to Neil Young

Stop.  Please stop.

- - -

Ann Althouse:

"Cohen plunges into his 40-year-old memories about how awful it was when the National Guard shot and killed 4 college students who were protesting the Vietnam War. And naturally, in Cohen's bike-drained, folk-music befuddled brain, that leads to what's wrong with... Glenn Beck!"

Truly agonizing.

- - -

Michael C. Moynihan in "The Worst Column of the Year: Congratulations Richard Cohen!":

"It is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of all the idiotic columns written about the Tea Party. But as we become inured to all the hyperventilating from Frank Rich, Eugene Robinson, and Bob Herbert, all the predictions of an American Beer Hall Putsch, we risk ignoring the consistently entertaining stupidity of America's minor league pundits. Take this latest entry the genre, an overwritten, undercooked piece from Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen that compares the Tea Party and its allies to the National Guardsmen that cut down four protesting students at Kent State in 1970."

"Consistently entertaining stupidity."  How'd we leave Maureen Dowd out of this conversation?

Whatever Happened To 'Iron Sights'?

Is this even possible?
Darpa's Self-Aiming "One Shot" Sniper Rifle Scheduled for Next Year
By Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science

A sniper crouches near an open window and zooms in on his target, who sits a half-mile away. He peers through a scope and holds his breath, preparing to squeeze the trigger. But it’s windy outside, and he can't afford a miss. What to do?

A new DARPA-funded electro-optical system will calculate the ballistics for him, telling him where to aim and ensuring a perfect shot, no matter the weather conditions.

Lockheed Martin won a $6.9 million contract this week for the second phase of DARPA’s One-Shot system, which will provide direct observations of a target, measure every variable that influences a bullet’s flight, and calculate the aim offset in a sniper’s rifle scope. [link]
What, I still have to pull the trigger?

(Note to wife: Christmas is coming soon, honey.)

Reason Enough

And here I thought ObamaCare was bad law only because it would wreck our once-effective health care system.

Now I find out the worst:

Gee, Nancy Pelosi had to have worked overtime to accomplish that feat.

"I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me..."
One's plenty, thank you, Barry.

Joe Manchin, Man of Principle

That principle being: One should say and do whatever's necessary to get elected.

Poor Joe Manchin.  He was always better than this:
Manchin vs. Obama(Care)
Wall Street Journal

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has become the first Senate Democratic candidate to call for the repeal of ObamaCare, never mind that at the time it was being voted on he said he was for it. Now amid a tight Senate race, Mr. Manchin's campaign says that, "knowing what he knows now," he would not have voted for the bill in its final form.

A Manchin spokeswoman tells us that "there are several sections that he would now vote to repeal, including any provisions that allow for the funding of abortions and the provisions that are cumbersome to small businesses. He also believes people's personal responsibility and health-care choices should not be taken away by overreaching regulations."

That sounds like the whole of ObamaCare, but Mr. Manchin's retreat is nonetheless politically significant. West Virginia is full of the working-class families that Democrats claim are the beneficiaries of health-care reform. But these blue state voters and their Democratic Governor have figured out there's nothing in it for them except higher costs and diminishing patient care.

According to the polls, Mr. Manchin has lost his once commanding lead over Republican businessman John Raese in the campaign for the Senate seat once held by the late Robert Byrd. The state's voters still like the Governor, but they're afraid what will happen if he becomes one more vote in a Democratic Congress, like Senator Jay Rockefeller, who has rubber-stamped most of the Obama agenda. [link]
Voters are afraid that this West Virginia Democrat will become a Washington Democrat.  It's come to that.

My.  My.  My.  My.  My.

Don't Think It Can't Happen Again

Since, in fact, it's happened before.

The world is always just one lunatic away from reviving Nazi Germany:

And then there's Planned Parenthood.

For the love of God.