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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Heaton Should Have Anticipated This

I think the Roanoke Times editorialists have gone way overboard with their analogy to Nazi Germany, but then it is the editorial page of the Roanoke Times, which is world renowned for its hysteria and delusion.  Still ...
Show me your papers

Who's Jeremiah Heaton? Until this week, you might not have been able to answer that unless you live in the 9th Congressional District and happened to bump up against the independent candidate at some event.

After reading the news story yesterday about Heaton's Gestapo-like, show-me-your-papers tactic executed on road workers, you might be just as glad not to know him. Heaton pulled a stupid publicity stunt that should cost him the little bit of support and few votes he had. [link]
 Hysterical or not, the Times is absolutely right about this:
Armed with a video camera, Heaton confronted men working along Interstate 81 near Marion. "Do you guys have an ID that says you're here legally? Because I think you're supposed to have it," he tells them.

Wrong. Workers have to provide proper identification to their employers, but they don't have to pull out their wallets on demand to just anyone.

Besides, what makes Heaton think they are here illegally? Because they look different than most people in the 9th District?
Well, that would be my guess.  They looked like Mexicans, therefore they needed to be carded.  Or so it would seem.  Which should scare the crap out of George Bush's sister-in-law.

Anyway, Jeremiah Heaton should have anticipated this kind of blowback from the left when he went out looking for dark-skinned people to interrogate.  With really nothing positive to show for the effort.  Another reason why he's not ready for prime time.

All Jeremiah Heaton All The Time

Kinda frustrating considering the fact that I had intended a long ago to present No Heaton None Of The Time.  But the intrigue beckons.

So what's this (from the Roanoke Times's "Blue Ridge Caucus") all about?
Jeremiah Heaton’s video of the I-81 work crew

With no major party connections or traditional campaign fundraising network, independent 9th District candidate Jeremiah Heaton has campaigned largely with off-kilter events designed to draw media attention.

His latest happening involves a video he shot of workers along Interstate 81. Heaton believes the men in the video are Mexican nationals who have illegally immigrated to the United States. Because they’re working for a private vendor contracted by the Virginia Department of Transportation, Heaton suggested that Virginia House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith — who also happens to be running in the 9th district as the Republican nominee — is to blame.

We ran a story about Heaton’s video today.

The link to the video on the story initially didn’t work because Heaton’s campaign temporarily removed it. An e-mail I received said the link to the video that was included in a Heaton press release on Monday was just intended for the press and not for the public. Now, the video has re-appeared on Heaton’s Youtube channel.

It’s the same video, with one difference: The original video was entitled “Interstate 81 – Mexican Workers – Marion, Virginia” while the new one is called “Morgan Griffith Allows Mexican Nationals to Replace VDOT Workers.”

A sudden change in campaign strategy? If yes, what prompted it?

- - -

You can view his video here:

For what it's worth.

Jeremiah Heaton Has a Following

I received a flurry of emails yesterday regarding my post earlier on independent candidate Jeremiah Heaton's odd attack on Morgan Griffith.  If you didn't catch it, see "I Smell a Rat."

I decided I had to pass one of the emails on, if only because the author (who didn't identify himself or herself) is so very creative.  And colorful.  Enjoy:
So you smell a rat.  Maybe you are just smelling your upper lip.  The reason Heaton is attacking Griffith is because it is Politics as usual.  Why is Griffith attacking Boucher?  Why is Boucher attacking Griffith? Surely you was not born yesterday?  Another reason is maybe because Griffith smarted off to Heaton at the Plum  Alley day in Washington County in front of citzens.  Maybe it because Griffith is a A-hole and that is probably what you are smelling.  If you want to know why he did it, call him.  I'm sure he will talk to you.  His number is unlisted.  

Such passion.  I love it!   Can you imagine anyone in the Boucher camp believing so strongly in his or her candidate?

(I would ask, though, that the author ease up on the olfactive references.  I'm trying to digest my Wheaties.)

* Punctuation, grammar, and syntax from the original.

What Is The NRA Thinking?

I guess it has to do with the fact that the Democratic Party has done so much in recent decades to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights that the nation's premier gun rights organization incumbent protection organization has thrown so much of its weight behind DEMOCRATS this year.  Or maybe they just like to be looked upon more fondly by Katie Couric.

Whatever the case, this is disappointing - and puzzling - to the max:

NRA backs Democrats in key races, frustrating GOP
By Ben Pershing, Washington Post Staff Writer

Not a lot of things have gone the Democrats' way this year, but dozens of their House candidates are getting a late boost from an unusual source: the National Rifle Association.

So far this year, the NRA has endorsed 58 incumbent House Democrats, including more than a dozen in seats that both parties view as critical to winning a majority.

The endorsements aren't the result of a sudden love for a party with which the NRA is often at odds. Rather, the powerful group adheres to what it calls "an incumbent-friendly" policy, which holds that if two candidates are equally supportive of gun rights, the incumbent gets the nod. [link]
One of those endorsements, of course, has now gone to Southside Virginia's ultra-liberal Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello, who has done so much to support gun legislation that he ... well, the NRA needs to fill in that blank because Tom Perriello has no voting record on important gun rights legislation at all.  Squat.  Zilch.

So what happens, you geniuses at the NRA, when an important issue does actually come before those 58 Democrats you helped reelect?  Do you honestly think they'll defy Nancy Pelosi and stick with their (cheap) promises to your endorsement panel?

You might as well begin to prepare your "Oops, sorry, we made a mistake" apology to America's gun owners after our 2nd Amendment rights are forever destroyed.

Mistake being the key word.

As in "I made a mistake in paying my annual dues to the NRA."

For a parallel see "Faust."

This Saddens Me

And angers me at the same time:

I fear for my country.

The Chinese Aren't Going To Like This

And if they start calling in that $772 billion that the U.S. owes them because of it, we're in a world of hurt:

Those in this country living on fixed incomes and their life's savings aren't going to be too keen on the idea either.

So what could go wrong?

We Live In Different Worlds

The Washington Post editorial board is opposed to Governor Bob McDonnell's plan to privatize the liquor business here in Virginia for one reason.  It has decided that if that privatization occurs, it will remove $47 billion from state coffers.

From "A $47 million hole in Virginia's liquor plan is unacceptable":
[A]s it's now structured, Mr. McDonnell's proposal is a rip-off. The math is simple: In just a decade, the state will lose more money than it gains from privatization. And in the years that follow, those losses will mount into hundreds of millions and then billions of dollars. 
It's worth noting, though the Post didn't, where that $47 million* goes.  It remains in the pockets of the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

That, in microcosm, is what separates liberals - like those who infest the Washington Post - and normal Americans.  To the vermin we are here only to sustain the viability of government.  While the rest of America concentrates on maintaining a comfortable, risk-free, nurturing way of life for our children and grandchildren.

To them government must be protected at all costs.

To us bread on the table and a brighter tomorrow are all that matter.

We live in different worlds.  Worlds that, based upon current trajectories, are on a collision course.

Enjoy your fantasy world while you can, fellas.

- - -

* Note: There are studies out there that suggest there to be no loss in state revenue at all, one of which appeared not long ago ... in the Washington Post, written by a Washington Post columnist.

A Good Move

But it's too bad that a collapsing Senate campaign had to bring it about:

Manchin announces suit to block EPA mine permit reviews
By Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette

Charleston, W.Va. -- The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection filed suit today in federal court to try to stop the Obama administration's crackdown on mountaintop removal coal mining across Appalachia.

Private lawyers hired by DEP filed the suit just hours after Gov. Joe Manchin announced the planned litigation during a press conference at the state Capitol.

Manchin, in the midst of an increasing tough race for the U.S. Senate, said the suit is aimed at stopping the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's "attempts to destroy the coal-mining industry and our way of life." [link]
The obvious questions are:  Why now?  Where has Manchin been all this time?

Whatever the answers, this action is welcomed and is desperately needed if we are going to stop Obama's coal industry-destruction agenda.  And we need all the help we can get, knowing, of course, that the effort will get absolutely no support from the U.S. representative responsible for those who earn their paychecks in the coalfields of Virginia.


While Obama each day goes out and tells us how much better the economy is doing, we each day read bad news like this:

This after years of horrendous unemployment numbers.

When will it all end?  Will it end?

Meanwhile, we stay the course ...

Chickens Come Home To Roost

It's small satisfaction, but it's enough ... for now.  Victor Davis Hanson:

"In the meantime, an entire generation of Democratic House members and senators are going to pay a heavy price for falling for a clearly inexperienced, untried, and often petulant candidate amid the exuberance of the 2008 hope and change wave."

They should have known better. They deserve that which they are about to get.

Not a Bad Idea

This from today's Roanoke Times makes me wonder:

What, they were all flown down to Ft. Myers, the retirement capital of the planet, and each to told stand on the street corner and observe?

Just asking.

A Question For Mr. Boucher

A question that I'll never get answered because he's too important to deal with a small-time blogger - and resident of his freaking district - like me.  So I call upon the area's reporters - and you know who you are - to ask Obama's first love here in Southwest Virginia the following:

Mr. Boucher, you voted against the health care bill that your fellow Democrats hammered together in the spring.  And in your TV ads, you seem quite proud of your vote.  Knowing that, will you now support the effort to have it repealed, as the Democratic candidate for the Senate in nearby West Virginia is advocating, and as one-fourth of the Democratic rank-and-file around the country seek, before it inflicts great harm on the American populace?

Simple question.  Begging for an answer.

We Want Our Lightbulbs Back!

In case you've been curled up under a tree with Rip Van Winkle, I guess I should mention this at the outset:

The Democrats in Congress (with George W. Bush's acquiescence) have banned lightbulbs.

I feel comfortable in making that bold statement because the alternative that had the geniuses on Capitol Hill tinkling in their Depends - the curlicue lightbulb (or CFL) - has proven to be a dismal failure in every regard.  And now, as a result of their handiwork, we have darkness to look forward to, unless something changes.

Like control of both houses of Congress!

Just as satisfying, though, would be if the really smart people in Washington would admit their error and give us our lightbulb back!

In making that request we are not alone:
Let There be Lightbulbs
Wall Street Journal

In retrospect, it was a premonition of the Obama era: Late in 2007, Congress banned incandescent lightbulbs, by a vote of 86 to eight in the Senate and 314 to 100 in the House. President Bush signed the bill in his late, get-me-back-to-Texas phase. Let's hope it's a better premonition that Congress may now be having second thoughts.

Last month, Republicans Joe Barton, Michael Burgess and Marsha Blackburn introduced a two-page bill that would repeal the efficiency standards that were included in the 2007 energy bill and designed to phase out the conventional Edison-style bulb by 2014. The replacements are supposed to be compact fluorescents, those corkscrew tubes.

To hear the greens tell it, compact fluorescents will reduce both household electricity bills and the U.S. carbon footprint; therefore the government needs to mandate the type of bulbs that adults are allowed to buy. By this reasoning, people switched to petroleum from whale oil in the 19th century not because it was a cheaper and more useful product, but because Congress banned whales.

The frequently invoked, less frequently consulted American public hasn't responded as the planners, well, planned. Some 89% of the residential market continues to be dominated by normal bulbs, according to the Energy Department. One reason may be that consumers prefer the incandescent style of lighting. Another may be that fluorescents cost at retail 10 times more than the ordinary bulbs that continue to work perfectly well.

The repeal bill doesn't have much political momentum to date. Still, Democrats and their union allies did take note of the news that GE is shuttering the last remaining lightbulb factory in the country, in Winchester, Virginia. So much for green jobs reviving American manufacturing.

A further thought that ought to be giving Democrats night sweats, but probably isn't, is that the lightbulb ban has become a symbol of the nanny statism that has gone into overdrive in the last two years. [link]
Bottom line:  CFL's don't emit the same amount of light or the same quality of light, they are more prone to breakage, their failure rate is much more concerning than we were first led to believe, they are a bio-hazard if broken in the home (because of the presence of small amounts of mercury), and, to top it off, they are extremely expensive.

But, just as with the doofus at the Bristol Herald Courier who demands that American Electric Power invent a new source of energy (where's Rapunzel when you need her?) out of thin air, the Democrats in Congress banned incandescent bulbs without realizing that there is no viable alternative available to us anywhere.

Soon we'll be faced with a situation in which we find ourselves sitting in the dark, with our eyesight failing, and with our bio-hazard suits on because of the mercury contamination throughout our houses, houses that are soon to be seized by the bank through foreclosure because we had to take out second mortgages to pay for lighting the houses that we will soon not own.


November 2 can't come fast enough.