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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Which Democrat Are We To Believe?

Southwest Virginia Democrat Congressman Rick Boucher, May 16, 2009, on his cap-and-trade bill:

 "And so I’ve been working extensively to fashion a controlled program that Congress can adopt which will preserve coal jobs, create the opportunity for increasing coal production and keep electricity rates in regions like Southwest Virginia affordable. The compromise that I have reached with Chairman Waxman achieves those goals.”

West Virginia Democrat Governor Joe Manchin yesterday:

"I sued EPA and I'll take dead aim at the cap-and-trade bill.  Because it's bad for West Virginia."

One of these Democrats is wrong (or lying).  It's up to you to decide which it is.

Seems Right

Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Bart Hinkle compares former Governor Tim Kaine - Democrat - to Baghdad Bob.

See "Baghdad Tim."

Good humor.  Good stuff.

Where Will Boucher Be Next Time?

They won't call it cap-and-trade.  But they'll be working to destroy the coalfields just the same.

Last time around, Congressman Rick Boucher caved in to his Democrat bosses and supported "energy legislation" that all now agree (except him) would have been disastrous for Southwest Virginia's coal industry. 

To his everlasting shame.

But if he's reelected, what can we expect him to do next time it raises its ugly head?

If he's reelected.

If he's reelected.

You want to take that chance?

And I'll Bet They'll Claim It Was An Accident

This is so wrong:
Board of Elections gaffe may nullify New York soldiers' overseas absentee ballots
By Thomas M. Defrank, Richard Sisk and Lukas I. Alpert, New York Daily News staff writers

Sen. Charles Schumer blasted Board of Elections officials Monday for blowing a deadline for sending ballots to troops overseas - putting their chance to vote at risk.

"Our troops sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. They should never, ever be denied the right to vote," Schumer said.

There are approximately 50,000 New York City residents serving overseas - and 320,000 statewide.

Elections officials were originally supposed to ship the ballots to troops by Sept. 17. Because New York primaries were held Sept. 14, the federal government granted local officials an extension until Oct. 1.

But the state Board of Elections last week informed the Department of Defense that officials in New York City, Westchester, Putnam, Erie and Niagara Counties had failed to send the ballots by the Oct. 1 deadline. [link]
Tomorrow it'll be this same bunch of government bureaucrats overseeing your heart transplant.


Randy Moss Is Right

I have to tell you, I gain more respect for my wife, when it comes to NFL matters, every day. Paula, my live-in professional football expert, has been asking for a while now, between diatribes relating to Packers run/pass statistics and Aaron Rogers' preparedness - or lack of preparedness - on Game Day, just what in God's name New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is doing with his hair.

The short answer is this:

If that's not bad enough, on most game days - when America actually sees him in operation - his hair looks like this:

As Paula asks: What is he thinking?

Well, it turns out, she's not alone.  (Former) Patriots teammate Randy Moss is wondering too.  But he puts it in words more clarifying:

Tom Brady looks like a girl.

Of course in Hollywood that would be a compliment.  But out here in the real world, where men are men and women expect men to be men, it's a put-down.  Of the lowest order.

And, in this case, a well-deserved one.