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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Does This Group Know That NRA Doesn't?

Maybe that talk is cheap.

Gun Owners of America has provided us with its ratings of our Virginia congressional delegation and its 2010 challengers, based upon the degree to which each, through his or her actions, is loyal to the cause of freedom.  Of the 24 individuals graded, those we would be most interested in are shown here:

 While NRA bases its ratings in large part on incumbency (and in the case of Tom Perriello, wishful thinking), GOA grounds its decisions in politicians' voting patterns.  Thus Boucher and Perriello are both given C's.  And Griffith, Goodlatte, and Hurt are rated A.  As gun owners here know, GOA's assessment is much closer to reality than that which NRA has dreamt up.

Our thanks go out to Gun Owners of America for being there for us.

* If you're not a member and would like to join GOA, go here
** For more information on the organization, go here.
*** Bob Goodlatte in the 6th District is running unopposed.

Fire In The Belly

I remember in 2006 criticizing Republican congressional challenger Bill Carrico on these pages for not seeming to be all that interested in defeating the entrenched Democratic incumbent in the race - Rick Boucher.  I felt - and it showed in the election results - that he just didn't have the necessary "fire in the belly" to go after our very liberal congressman and beat knots on his head for voting against his constituents' best interests time and time again. 

Carrico ran a lackluster campaign.  And was trounced.

Ain't happenin' this time around, though, baby.

Morgan Griffith is takin' it downtown!

Watch and enjoy "Mr. Independence":

This raises another question (one of two now) someone in the media needs to ask Boucher, if he ever shows up in Southwest Virginia again:

1) Sir, you tout the fact that you voted against ObamaCare. That being the case, will you work to repeal it in the next session of Congress?

2) Sir, you claim to not be in Nancy Pelosi's back pocket. If you're reelected, will you vote against her candidacy for reelection as Speaker of the House?

We'll probably never get a straight answer to either question. But I think we all know the answers just the same.

Who's In Charge At VFW-PAC?

You saw the other day the explosion of indignation that descended upon the VFW by its members - veterans all - for its political action committee's endorsement of the candidacy of anti-American Senator Barbara Boxer for reelection out in California.

As I wrote yesterday, the leadership at the VFW had to discipline its own PAC for that truly bizarre decision.

Well, apparently the spanking didn't sink in.

As startling as it appears to be, that same VFW-PAC now endorses the candidacy of Virginia's most liberal congressman - Rick Boucher - in 2010.

For the love of God, say it ain't so.

From VFW-PAC's website, we learn of its endorsement policy:
1. Members of Congress must show support of both: (a) Veterans Legislation and (b) strong National Security. The procedure for scoring shall be based on roll call votes in the respective houses of Congress. Abstentions shall be considered a vote against VFW interests unless special considerations are approved by the Board of Directors.
Surely it didn't skip their notice that this same Rick Boucher voted NO on George W. Bush's surge policy that won the Iraq War and brought greater security to the United States of America.  Surely.

But what obviously was lost on these people is this:

FACT: In 1991 Rick Boucher voted to terminate the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

FACT: In 1995 Boucher voted NO on a vote to keep American troops from serving under foreign commanders in the war in Kosovo. (the bill passed despite his effort.)

FACT: Boucher voted against the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996 .

FACT: Right after 9/11 Rick Boucher voted NO on the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001.  He was one of only 79 members of Congress to vote NO.

FACT: Rick Boucher voted NO on the Patriot Act.

FACT: In 2006 Boucher voted NO on the Foreign Intelligence Acquisition Act.

FACT: Getting back to the "surge," in 2007 Boucher voted YES on Harry Reid's bill - the Redeployment From Iraq Act - that required that George Bush make an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, American lives be damned.  (Boucher and Reid failed in their attempt to bring precipitate retreat of the United States military from the battlefield.)

Boucher voted in favor of retreat in the face of the enemy and ...

... the VFW supports Rick Boucher?

Are the leaders of the VFW out of their minds?


Wondering Why Gas Prices Have Jumped Lately?

Believe it or not:

Remember "Drill, baby, drill!"? If only we had energy independence ...


Remember not along ago the mantra that some in this country were chanting about "jobs Americans won't do"?  If the phenomenon ever existed, it certainly doesn't these days, what with pinched workers even seeking out day labor just to make ends meet.

Watch this video and you'll get a frightening perspective on just how deep the unemployment problem in this country runs.  Day labor?  Part-time work?  Menial tasks?  Millions would die for the opportunity these days:

The passage that hits the hardest:

Regarding the number of Americans currently unemployed and underemployed - 27 million: "It's the same as if every worker lost their [sic] job in 27 out of the 50 states."

My God.

Thanks go out to BankruptingAmerica.org for this eye-opening video.