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Friday, October 15, 2010

Griffith Is Making All The Right Moves

Except where it counts most.

The polling gap between him and Rick Boucher continues to frustrate.  The latest from Survey USA (the survey being conducted between the 11th and the 13th):
In VA-09, Democrat Boucher Remains Well Positioned for 15th Term in US House: In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia's 9th Congressional District today, 10/14/10, incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher defeats Republican State House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, 51% to 41%, according to a WDBJ-TV news poll conducted by SurveyUSA. 1 in 5 Republicans cross-over to vote Democrat. Independents break for the Democrat, one of the few places in 2010 where this is the case.
Included with the summary (above) is some rather interesting detail. A few things to ponder:

1) The gender gap remains. In the latest survey Boucher leads Griffith by 13 points (53-40) among women.

Perhaps someone can explain that. I can't.

2) The most startling set of statistics to come out of this poll shows the degree to which Boucher's support strengthens as the age of the surveyee lengthens. Or, to put it another way, the younger the voter, the more apt that voter is to want change in congressional representation. Griffith leads Boucher strongly among young voters (52% to 42%) but, as those polled get older, there is a pronounced swing to the Democrat. Among the elderly (over 65), Boucher enjoys his strongest support - 56% to 37%.

Boucher's most solid voting block?  Old women.  

You might think that that trend bodes well for any future challenger to Boucher (should he win in November) as the elderly here in Southwest Virginia die off and his strongest voting base loses strength. The problem is, though, as demographic data continue to reveal, because of the lack of career opportunity here in the 9th District, young people - the best and the brightest of them anyway - are moving out to find gainful employment elsewhere. So the elderly will die and the young will migrate. Where do those two factors take us? My educated guess is that, with all things remaining the same, we'll probably have more of the same. Young people vote their frustrations and pack their bags, never to return, leaving those on fixed incomes to plod along with the status quo being their future.  And then they die.

A bleak assessment.  But welcome to the "Fightin' 9th," 2010.

- - -

Another tidbit to ponder: According to the survey, of those polled, 62% said they were pro-life and 35% said they were pro-abortion.  Nearly two to one.  Yet Rick Boucher, up by ten points, is as radically pro-abortion as any Democrat in Washington

Figure that one out.  Get back to me.

An Uphill Battle ...

... worth fighting.

From a press release:
The 10th Amendment Foundation Inc, Files suit in federal Court

The 10th Amendment Foundation will be filing suit in federal court in the Western District of Virginia in Roanoke on Friday October 15th

The Nature Of The Complaint Seeking A Declaratory Judgment To The Effect That The Recently Passed "Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act" As Amended By The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 Is Massively Unconstitutional.

Abingdon, VA - CEO Strother Smith, of the National board of The 10th Amendment Foundation, Inc, (www.10thamendmentfoundation.org) announces that the team of attorneys that have been building this claim against the Federal Government "Obamacare" legislation for more than one year will file the suit on Friday October 15th.

This complaint against the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
is markedly different than those filed by 13 Attorneys General from all over the country.

More than 65 unconstitutional offenses have been identified within the 900 pages that pertain to the legislation. Along with being rescinded, a temporary restraining order prohibiting enforcement of the massively far-reaching bill is also being sought.

A caravan of 10th Amendment Foundation members from Abingdon, Bluefield, the Tri-Cities and Tazewell as well as Roanoke will arrive at Elmwood Park in Roanoke at 1:30 PM. The lawsuit will be formally filed at 2:00PM.

The 10th Amendment Foundation is an organization dedicated to the principles of limited government and state sovereignty, as defined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
We'll watch this effort as it progresses through the courts.  Here's to those fighting the good fight.

Here's To The Party of Tea!

Here's a delightful (and well-written) poem submitted by Nick Prout of Roanoke and dedicated to ... us!
An Ode to Washington

(Apologies to E. B. Browning and poets in general)

Washington, how do we trust thee, let us count the ways….

We trust that Pelosi, Obama and Reid will grab for more power on which they will feed.

We trust that Clinton, Waters, and Rangel will see right and wrong from a very strange angle.

Trust D’s and R’s, Libs and Mods, to always generate very good odds

that it matters not for whom you vote, ‘cause the result will always be government bloat.

Trust them to play the political game, when things go awry they'll deflect the blame

to others long gone, opportunity to seize, it’s always the fault of “failed policies!”

We trust syrupy speeches, pre-written and scripted, to convince those dependent to remain addicted

to ever expanding Big Brother largesse, cheerfully hyped by the left leaning press.

Flyover folks get sad and depressed, oh how to put this dilemma to rest.

They’re hard working people who continue to strive, to keep their futures and dreams alive.

Is there someone out there with at least half a brain who can apply the brakes to this runaway train?

Wait! Over there, on the hill I see, thousands and thousands from the Party of Tea.

An organization that’s truly grass roots, they wear ball caps and jeans, not Brooks Brothers suits.

They operate not with strong arming and fear, but are forming a message for all to hear.

There may be answers, even solutions, like paying attention to our Constitution.

Trust the Pols to fight back with all of their power, they know they’ve arrived at the eleventh hour.

With these Tea men and women don’t dare to screw, as the calendar’s racing toward November Two!
"With these Tea men and women don't dare to screw." I love that.

Thanks, Nick. Great stuff.

It's No Wonder They're Anti-Gun

The mainstream press doesn't know what a gun is.  This is pathetic:
MSN.com Gun Literacy Fail
By Ken Shepherd, NewsBusters

Rifle, shotgun, same difference to the mainstream media:

Screen capture from MSN.com earlier today

Good grief.

- - -

Update: Oops.  Sorry.  I forgot to link the item to NewsBusters.  Now corrected.

I Hope He's Wrong

Jonathan Chait:
Hear me now and believe me later: If Republicans win and maintain control of the House of Representatives, they are going to impeach President Obama.
Hear me now:

We've been there. They've tried that. With a far more inviting target. And it proved to be both distracting and self-defeating. Besides, it was anti-democratic.

If anyone is going to bounce Obama's skinny ass from office, it's going to be We the People.