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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'll Do You One Better

Roanoke Times columnist Christian Trejbal has come up with an interesting idea that deserves our consideration.  I'm not sure what his motive is (the fact that there has to be one is indisputable), but a good idea is a good idea.  He writes (in "Shrink the General Assembly"):
[O]ne piece of succulent fat still hangs from the bone. The General Assembly should trim down.

Any schoolkid enrolled in civics should know that the General Assembly is composed of two chambers, the Senate, which has 40 seats, and the House of Delegates, which has 100.

Less known is that the Virginia Constitution is a little soft on the size of the chambers. Article IV, Sections 2 and 3 set a range.

"The Senate shall consist of not more than 40 and not less than 33 members," and, "The House of Delegates shall consist of not more than 100 and not less than 90 members."

I suspect few Virginians would weep if we went with the low end of the range instead of the high. This is an era of open hostility toward government, especially toward politicians.
Perhaps he's right. (Though I still smell a rat; is Trejbal trying to bait conservatives by having them defend the current set-up?; after all, when has Trejbal - or anyone else at the Times - ever been concerned about the government saving money?)

But I'll go you one better, dude. Want to save taxpayer money? Let's do a Nebraska. And eliminate the state Senate.  Now there's a cost savings waiting to happen.

In two words or less can anyone tell me what Phil Puckett has accomplished in the last 12 years?  Can anyone even tell me what he does while in Richmond, besides suck up oxygen, dine at Richmond's finest restaurants, and expense his travel, lodging, and meals?

Want to save the taxpayers money, Christian?  Take away Phil Puckett's expense account.  I guarantee you he'd not be missed.

And chances are real good that, if we went to a unicameral system of government, the republic would survive.

But ... but ... but ... 

Boucher's Pals Are Destroying The Coal Industry

One rejected mine permit after another.

You boys and girls over in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, you're upset because Morgan Griffith lives one foot outside the congressional district?  Look at what those who live much further away - pals of Congressman Rick Boucher all - are doing to you:
Capito Disappointed In Region III EPA Administrator’s Recommendation To Veto Spruce Mine Permit

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R.W.Va., today issued the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region III Administrator’s recommendation to veto a permit for the Spruce Mine in Logan County:

“Today’s announcement is hard evidence of the EPA’s anti-coal agenda and it represents a gross overreach of federal power. Continuing to keep the permit approval process in limbo has caused a slow bleed of jobs throughout Appalachia and has already had serious consequences on the economic livelihood of the mining industry in West Virginia.

“The EPA has continuously overstepped its authority while disregarding the state and federal agencies involved, the expertise of both the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as well as the Army Corps of Engineers.

“The EPA and the Administration should not be picking winners and losers in the energy industry. I strongly urge Administrator Lisa Jackson to reject this recommendation and give our miners the clarity and certainty they deserve.” [link]
That's Obama's EPA.

The Obama who "loves" Rick Boucher.

The Rick Boucher who voted for the most destructive piece of federal legislation - cap and trade - to ever be foisted upon the struggling coalfields of Southwest Virginia.

And you have a problem with Morgan Griffith's geography?

Get your priorities straight or face abject ruin.  There's no stopping Boucher and the Democrats unless you resolve to stop them.  On November 2.

Your future - and that of your children - are at stake.

- - -

You can read more on Obama's effort to stop all surface mining here.

Gov't As Pain In The ...

I got a call yesterday from my brother telling me that our mother was rushed to the hospital and is now in the Intensive Care Unit over in southern Indiana. He said he couldn't get any information regarding her condition because he didn't have "power of attorney." He told me that I held the POA and I was the one who needed to make the call.

When told that, I said in a rather astonished tone, "You need power of attorney to find out how your mother is doing in the hospital? She isn't dead, is she?!"

So I called. (After telling my brother that I'd find out what I could and call him back.)

The hospital switchboard transferred me to the ICU where some male voice asked, after I had identified myself: "What's your HIPAA password?"

I replied, "My what?"

"Do you have your HIPAA password?"

"I don't even know what a HIPAA password is."

He said, "Let me go ask your mother if its all right to release information to you."

Progress. At least she's alive.

He came back to the phone: "She says it's okay. Here's your HIPAA password for future calls - _______."

Only then was I allowed to find out how my mother was doing in the Intensive Care Unit of the freaking hospital.

For those not aware, HIPAA is a law that was written by Ted Kennedy back in 1996 to protect the privacy of homosexuals who had AIDS and didn't want the public to know.

And now, so that homosexuals are spared the trauma of public exposure, I have to run some goddamn government gauntlet to find out how my own mother is doing in the critical care unit, where her life is in the balance.

My mother.

So you know, she may or may not be all right.  But the United States government, in its infinite wisdom, did allow me, after stringent security requirements were met, to get a report on this poor elderly soul's current condition.

May God help her.  And us.

Obama Is Right

The headline:

You're damn right they are driving voters. And you were elected to ameliorate both. Instead the crisis has worsened precipitately. As have our fears and frustrations.

Hope and change? Stick it where it belongs.

- - -

Here's part of your problem, genius:

Obama: "You can respond in a couple of ways to a trauma like this. One is to pull back, retrench and respond to your fears by pushing away challenges, looking backwards. Another is to say we can meet these challenges and we are going to move forward."

I don't even know what that means. Am I missing the word "jobs" in there somewhere?