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Monday, October 18, 2010

Griffith Wins Over The 'Surly Mob'

The following is actually bigger news than the uninformed might think.  For two reasons.  (1) The Republican candidate for Congress here in the 9th, Morgan Griffith, has now received the backing of the most influential and most motivated independent political movement in Southwest Virginia, and (2) the leadership of that movement - the TEA PARTY - makes it clear that it intends to work within the confines of our two-party system to affect positive change.  Which was the only way to go if it was to sustain itself (are you listening, Jeremiah?).

The news (from a press release):
October 18, 2010

Tea Party Patriot Coalition of Southwest Virginia Signs Mutual Pledge of Support with District 9 Republican Candidate Morgan Griffith

Wytheville,VA - A coalition of Tea Party Patriots from Wytheville, Abingdon/Bristol,the New River Valley, Jeffersonville District, Wise County and Galax/Fancy Gap, spanning virtually every region of the Fightin' 9th Congressional District--an area larger than the state of New Jersey--convened on Thursday evening, October 14th to formally pledge their support for Morgan Griffith's run for Democrat Rick Boucher's seat.

The formal signing of the mutual pledge came on the heels of an Open Forum event hosted by The 10th Amendment Foundation (www.10thamendmentfoundation.org)at the George Wythe High School. In a letter to 10AF dated September 10th, begging off on grounds that Congress would be in session, Congressman Boucher formally declined his participation. Casting the deciding vote to end the session early on September 29th, Boucher continued to turn down follow-up invitations keeping his record for the entire election season unbroken for no scheduled Town Halls.

Inexplicably, Independent Candidate Jeremiah Heaton followed Boucher's lead and declined to attend without informing 10AF event organizer, Richard Macbeth. "We heard from the Bristol Herald Courier that Mr. Heaton had objections to the 'empty seat' that would take Mr. Boucher's place," said Macbeth,"however he failed to inform me of his decision. The show must go on--and it did." A taped recording of "The Chicken Dance" from an anonymous member of the audience kept the crowd of 250 attendees entertained when Mr. Boucher and Mr. Heaton failed to appear when called on to answer questions earlier drawn from the crowd.

"This has been the chronic complaint of our district," said Jeffersonville Tea Party organizer, Diane Altizer. "The continued arrogance that characterizes this congressman and the current administration is off the charts. Along with several other issues that are critical to our movement, Morgan Griffith has pledged to be accessible to the Tea Party as our representative."
I can't tell you how proud I am of these guys and gals. The Tea Party coalition might simply have gone off and shouted, "A pox on both your houses," and become some third-party conglomeration of malcontents - like the Green Party - with no clout and little following.

But to work inside the system, the Tea Parties have made it clear that they intend to be soldiers in the battle that rages to rescue our country from the liberal savages who seized control of the United States of America decades ago and who have brought it to the brink of ruin. True patriots who will rescue the GOP from itself in the process, I might add.

As for Griffith, this is the shot in the arm that his campaign needed. Hundreds of new voices - loud, enthusiastic voices - will be added to the ongoing chant: We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore! Throw the bum out!

And vote for Morgan Griffith on November 2.

To those who made this happen: You guys ROCK!

Scandal Rocks The 9th District

Well, I don't know if it's a scandal, but it would have been nice if one of the candidates for Congress here in Southwest Virginia had told us that he has had an ongoing business relationship with the wife of one of the other candidates.  The entrenched incumbent, no less.

Remember "I Smell a Rat"?

If for no other reason than that it would have been proper to disclose.

If such a relationship exists.

We await answers ...

Here's the deal:  A letter was sent to reporters at the Roanoke Times yesterday, a copy of which was sent to me as well, by a resident of the 9th District, with the following allegation:
While you are at it, you might want to take a look at independent candidate Jeremiah Heaton's business relationship with Mr. Boucher's wife. While it may be innocent and irrelevant, there might be a story there.

As you know, Mr. Heaton has been excoriating Morgan Griffith. Heaton lives in Abingdon, and owns the Damascus General Store which comes under Mr. Heaton's LLC, Holston Mountain Ventures, LLC. Damascus General Store often pays Mrs. Boucher, a frequent visitor to the store, to play country music at the store on many week-ends.

While I am confident that all of these activities are probably perfectly legal, you might want to consider simply asking Congressman Boucher (and Jeremiah Heaton) about that business relationship and why it has not been disclosed.
We'll soon know if this is true.

And if it is, some pretty serious issues arise.

Did Jeremiah Heaton's over-the-top attacks on Rick Boucher's opponent have anything to do with Heaton's business relationship with the Boucher family?  It's one thing if We the People do such things.  It's a whole different matter if a candidate - a spoiler no less - involves himself in such a way and doesn't tell us.

Didn't we deserve to know this?

Especially after "I Smell a Rat"?

The people of Southwest Virginia await an answer from both Heaton and Boucher.  (From the latter we can expect the typical "Don't pick on my wife!" political dodge, a la Bill Clinton.)  If Heaton says there's no truth to the allegation, that no money changed hands, then we'll all be looking for an apology (and I'll offer one up myself).

But if there's a grain of truth to it, Jeremiah Heaton had better be coming up with a really good explanation for his relationship with the Bouchers, and for his up-till-now bizarre attacks on Morgan Griffith.

Because this stinks to high heaven.

'Green Energy' Hooey

This headline to a Roanoke Times editorial pretty much sums up the place in time we find ourselves with regard to "alternative energy":

Don't know what they are, of course.

Don't know how to get there.

Don't know when.

Really don't know why.

Or what those ideas will cost.

But we need something.

So, Bob McDonnell, create SOMETHING.

These people crack me up.

Why China Is Winning

The U.S. government seizes $100 million from those in this country who could have created jobs with it and gives it to those who will be "planning" our future.

Is it any wonder ...

As God Is My Witness ...

As unbelievable as it may be, the New York Times editorial page still clings to the now-universally discredited theory of global warming.

See "In Climate Denial, Again."

Where's General Honoré when we need him?

A Good Read

If you're interested in a good encapsulation of the Congressional race here in the 9th District and of the positions that each of the candidates hold, along with some background on each, go to the Southwest Virginia Post and read "Race for the Fighting 9th: Who Speaks for Me?"

It's crunch time, folks.  If you haven't settled on a candidate yet, it's high time you did.

Oh, That Should Win Them Over

Senator Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia, wants voters there to understand how important it is to save his party from abject ruin on November 2:

"I talked this afternoon with Chuck Schumer, who is one of the leadership of the Democratic Party, and he said, ‘Look, the Senate is going to be Democrat or Republican based on what happens in West Virginia."

Chuck Shumer? Couldn't he have pulled out a quote from Nancy Pelosi to drive the point home that those who run the most despised political party in America today want to stay in power because they enjoy power and don't give a damn if they destroy the country in the process?

Chuck Shumer?

For the love of God, dude.