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Friday, October 22, 2010

WaPo Endorses a Republican!

But only one.  In every other local race for the House or Senate, America's leader in the purveyance of liberal claptrap has endorsed Democrats.

Stop the presses.

Climate Hypocrites

I could probably simply insert the word HYPOCRITE here and slap a period at the end, and you would understand.

But this is too rich not to pass along.

Here's "James Cameron- Hypocrite" for your viewing pleasure:

Austerity - self-denial - is for the little people, it always seems.

Quote of the Day

From law professor Glenn Reynolds:
Once you understand that to the credentialed-instead-of-educated, the Constitution is a wish-fulfillment device rather than, you know, an authoritative text, it all makes sense. And there’s no real need to know or care about the words in the text, since it means whatever you want it to mean at the moment.
Which explains Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Stevens.

Boucher's Right. Everyone Else Is Wrong.

Including the entire Democratic delegation from our wayward western counties, now called West Virginia.

From a Morgan Griffith press release:
Boucher: Rahall and Manchin Don't Understand Coal

Virginia Democrat says West Virginia Democrats are wrong on Cap and Trade

Roanoke, VA - At station WSLS's Candidate Exchange tonight, Congressman Rick Boucher said West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall was "wrong" about Cap and Trade.

Boucher then failed to explain how an advocate of coal could completely misunderstand the Cap and Trade bill Boucher helped write.

"Congressman Boucher would have us believe Democratic Governor Joe Manchin and Democratic Congressman Nick Rahall don't understand how Cap and Trade affects coal," said Griffith. "He says these two long-time advocates of coal don't understand how this vital legislation would affect their constituents."

"It's pretty clear: coal advocates oppose Cap and Trade. Radical environmentalists like the Sierra Club support Cap and Trade. And Rick Boucher sided with the environmentalists."

Rahall has been campaigning on having voted against Cap and Trade. Last week, Manchin began running television ads in which he shoots the Cap and Trade bill with a rifle.

Griffith advocates stripping this regulatory power from the EPA and giving it back to the elected officials who must answer to the people.
It might be added that the Sierra Club is a big-time supporter of Rick Boucher.

"nuff said.