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Monday, October 25, 2010

Worlds Apart

Amendment 3 on the ballot you'll be dealing with on November 2 in so many words:

Increase the state government's Rainy Day Fund.

How should you vote?

The Roanoke Times this morning says YES, the Commonwealth needs to build its savings account that is made up of funds that it has no particular use for at the moment.

I say HELL NO.  Let the people of Virginia keep their hard-earned cash in their own savings accounts.  If our government has specific need, they can come to us with hat in hand and make the case.

Abolish the Rainy Day Fund.

I Call Upon Mason Adams ...

I think one or two of the Roanoke Times's veteran news reporters need to sit down with Lerone Graham and Amy Matzke-Fawcett and explain to them how to write a newspaper article. Because this one is a bit bizarre:
Phone call led police to Radford Papa John's shooting suspect
By Lerone Graham and Amy Matzke-Fawcett

A phone call placed shortly after a deadly Radford shooting Thursday led to the arrest of the suspect, according to search warrants.

About 1:35 a.m. Thursday, Radford police officers responded to a 911 call at the Papa John's Pizza restaurant at 1024 Tyler Ave.

They found the body of store manager Jason Levi Stigger, 27, who was shot to death in the restaurant. Money appeared to be missing, according to warrants, leading police to suspect robbery as a possible motive.

Radford police, assisted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, arrested Kenneth Allen Lytton, 45, of Christiansburg on Thursday evening and charged him with one count each of first-degree murder and use of a firearm to commit murder.


Lytton, a 1984 graduate of Auburn High School, enjoys riding motorcycles and driving his Mustang, according to his Facebook page. [link] [emphasis mine]
I thought for a moment that my computer had inadvertently sent me to the Match.com dating site while I wasn't looking.

The alleged murderer enjoys riding motorcycles and driving Mustangs?   What are his favorite foods?  Does he savor long walks on the beach and reading mystery novels as he lies in front of a warm fire?  And, oh by the way, at the same time slaughtering his fellow human beings?

What in God's name is "Lytton, a 1984 graduate of Auburn High School, enjoys riding motorcycles and driving his Mustang ..." doing in this news item about a grisly murder?!

Why do I see some editor involved in this bit of idiocy?

The Way Forward

These two statements from Pat Boone, in announcing that Morgan Griffith has won the 60 Plus Association’s Honorary Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award, would seem to be at odds with one another:

"Morgan Griffith can always be counted on to protect Social Security and Medicare."

"Morgan Griffith will be a tax cutter, protecting the pocket books of senior citizens."

But they're not incongruous at all.

If Obama has proven nothing else, he's shown that throwing taxpayer money at select companies in order to "stimulate" the economy is a fool's errand. What we need, as history has proven over and over again, are more taxpayers with the ability to pay taxes. Especially more businesses that are in a position to pay for all those programs our government dreams up. And we need to allow those businesses to keep a healthy portion of their money so as to be able to prosper. And hire. And create more taxpayers.

From that prosperity federal tax revenue will flow.

And Social Security will be secured.

As it stands right now, the program is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, with the nation's printing presses at full capacity and the debt ledger getting ever more frightening.

"Morgan Griffith can always be counted on to protect Social Security and Medicare."

"Morgan Griffith will be a tax cutter, protecting the pocket books of senior citizens."

He's the only man in this race who will do both.

Cut taxes. Grow tax revenue.  Protect Social Security.

Makes perfect sense.

Obama Is Flailing

What to make of this?

Two things:

1) Didn't he say that last year?

2) You can bet he'll be focusing on the deficit. There'll be a new sheriff in town come election day, and the conservatives in Congress will demand it. Why else do you think Bill Clinton went from poo-pooing the notion that the budget could be balanced one year to balancing the budget the next? Can you say ... Newt Gingrich?

Obama is going to focus on the deficit. A truer statement was never made.

Well, This Won't Get You Elected

I wonder what Jeremiah Heaton's main goal was when he went before a Montgomery County Tea Party gathering the other day and proceeded to anger everyone in attendance.  To garner votes?

That would be an odd way of going about it.

See "Heaton Bashes Tea Party!"

I think the pressures of the campaign are getting to him.

'Obama likely to focus on deficit in next 2 years'

But for now, it's spend it even though you don't got it:

Barack and Michelle have booked the entire Taj Mahal Hotel, including 570 rooms, all banquets and restaurants for a two-day soiree in Mumbai.

For the love of God.

Jaw Dropper of the Day

Who would have ever thought ...

The question is, under current circumstances, are those five Dems willing to accept the "favor"?

From Little Weblogs a Great Story Doth Come

You read it here first.

Then it went mainstream:

Now it hits video:

I think Rick Boucher needs to leave before this gets any more serious.

Another Day. Another Griffith Endorsement.

The people of Southwest Virginia so want to get out of this mess that our government has gotten us into.

And they know how to do it. From a press release:
Floyd Tea Party endorses Griffith

Floyd - The Floyd County Tea Party has announced its endorsement of Republican Morgan Griffith for the Ninth Congressional race. Griffith met with the group earlier this month, which held a Q&A session for candidates. [received via email]
Now, if all of you show up on November 2, Griffith can get to work and fix this awful, awful situation.

Otherwise, things are only going to get worse.

Worth Bookmarking

An announcement:
The Southwest Virginia Tea Party Patriots of Abingdon/Bristol announces the launch of their online news journal format website, www.swvateapartyab.org. Borne out of frustration with area media coverage of issues pertinent to the historic 2010 mid-term election, the group elected to become their own news source!

To address the group's growing dissatisfaction with the current incumbent's indifference to their concern about critical issues facing the region and the republic, the SWVA Tea Party Patriots announces their billboard campaign to air their complaint.

Seven tea party patriot groups throughout District 9 have come together to show their support for Republican candidate Morgan Griffith, whose pledge in turn is to effect smaller Constitutionally sound government, fiscal responsibility and free trade. The groundswell movement celebrates We The People taking an active role in redefining our government. [received via email]
You need to check out this website.  It's very well done.  And the content is fabulous.  Great job.

Now, let's hope the good people of the Tea Party help us affect positive change.