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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beneath the Surface ...

You may have seen this TV commercial that Rick Boucher is airing in which five coal miners profess their love for our congressman.  What may not be known about those five is this: They may not simply be concerned citizens of the coalfields.

This comes to me in the form of an email, and at this time I'm still trying to vouch for it in its entirety.  But so far, it's spot-on:
Rick's miners

Rick Boucher's five miners aren't what they appear to be.

a) Barney Tiller is a member of the Russell County Democrat Committee.

b) Kevin McCammon is the husband of Russell County Democrat Committee member Lara McCammon.

c) Danny Dye is either the brother or cousin of Russell County Democrat Committee Member Ronnie Dye.

d) Joshua West appears to be the son/grandson of Russell County Democrat Committee member Harold West.

e) William Harrison appears to be related to Russell County Democrat Committee members Raymond Harrison Jr. and Raymond Harrison Sr.
Hmm. Makes the ad something other than what it appeared to be on the surface, doesn't it?

* Again, I'm working to verify the information provided.  At this time, I'm simply passing it on as a public service ...

All I've Got To Say Is ...

Putting words in Morgan Griffith's mouth, as Ronald Reagan might have said: Rick Boucher can have the United Mine Workers Union; I'll take Southwest Virginia's miners, union and otherwise.

Read "Coal likely to fuel voters' choice in 9th."

And remember who was there - and who wasn't - protecting miners' jobs when it mattered most.

Keep Defending That Traitorous Vote, Rick

And see the rest of your support here in Southwest Virginia crumble.

The following is big news only because it arises out of - and is prompted by - one vote that Congressman Rick Boucher cast back in 2009 in which he sided with his environmentalist buddies in Washington - and with Obama - and in doing so, betrayed his most loyal constituency in the coalfields of the 9th District.


Because of his betrayal, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph has wholeheartedly endorsed Boucher's opponent, Morgan Griffith:
Endorsement: Va. 9th District House race — Morgan Griffith
Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Two of the three candidates in the so-called “Fightin’ Ninth” recently met with the Daily Telegraph’s editorial board where they were questioned on a number of topics of importance to the region, including the future of coal. Heaton canceled a scheduled appearance before the editorial board.

After much deliberation, the editorial board has voted to endorse Griffith.

[Morgan] Griffith has based his campaign around coal, and coal miners. He appears ready to fight against cap-and-trade measures in the House, and in support of coal miners and their families across the district. He isn’t deterred by the threat of a presidential veto.

Griffith says he will do whatever it takes to save coal mining jobs in our region. He notes he will work with both Democrats and Republicans to change the laws that empowered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions. He also stands ready to defund the EPA if necessary.

Overcoming a presidential veto won’t be easy. But we like Griffith’s fighting spirit. [link]
The editorial also had this to say about that unfaithful Democrat who has been our representative in Washington for a quarter century:
The fundamental issue in the 9th District race is coal, and Boucher’s vote in support of - and his continued defense - of the controversial cap-and-trade energy bill introduced in the House cannot be ignored.

he seems to be out of touch with his constituents on the much demonized —and rightfully so — cap-and-trade legislation. Boucher supported — and continues to defend — this legislation, which could be particularly harmful to the region’s coalfields.

In addition to threatening coal mining jobs, this legislation will also cause electric bills to increase. By Boucher’s own admission, the measure introduced in the House would have increased the average family’s electric bill by about $100 a year. Boucher compares the

increase to the cost of a postage stamp a day. But if you purchase a postage stamp for 44 cents a day for 365 days, the cost will definitely add up. Sadly, there are many families across our region who can’t afford to pay another $100 a year in their electric bills just because President Obama has decided that climate change legislation must be passed in Congress. Some families who are struggling to make ends meet can’t afford to pay another $10, $1 or even a nickel more on their electric bills.

And they certainly can’t afford to pay another $100 more.

For these reasons, we endorse Morgan Griffith for election in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District. We urge voters across Southwest Virginia to cast a vote in favor of Griffith, and in support of the region’s still vibrant coal industry.
When you make your decision, remember this: Livelihoods are at stake.  Families.  A way of life.

Then vote accordingly.  With a vengeance.

Boucher Supports Infanticide

Or, as the world knows it - abortion.

Something that I've always found to be curious: Our representative - Rick Boucher - is the most liberal member of the United States Congress when it comes to this issue and yet he has always gotten a pass on the subject here in this extremely conservative Southwest Virginia District.

Curious indeed.

Well, he won't get a pass from me.

This ongoing genocide must stop.  And the only way to stop it is to STOP RICK BOUCHER.

To that end, this comes to us from the Virginia Society for Human Life:

"Vote for life. Vote for Morgan Griffith."

We are the United States of America.  "The last best hope of earth."  Yet we allow the depraving slaughter of our young.

For the love of God.

- - -

For detailed information on the positions of the two candidates, see the Virginia Society for Human Life's Voter Guide, a snippet from which I've reproduced here.  Click on the image to enlarge it:

Take that information into the voting booth with you.

- - -

A letter to the editor of the Galax Gazette sums it up:
Take back nation from 'liberal elite'

Rep. Rick Boucher voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and told us that Barack Obama would be “the most Southwest Virginia-friendly president in American history.” Boucher voted for the Pelosi/Obama agenda 96.4 percent of the time, including for cap and trade legislation.

Boucher is endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League and has a 100 percent approval rating from Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

He voted against restrictions on partial‑birth abortion, for taxpayer funding of elective abortions and against protecting a pro‑life health provider's right to refuse to perform, cover or pay for abortion.

He co‑sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act and voted to allow minor‑aged girls to be taken across state lines for secret abortions without “parental consent.”

His opponent, Morgan Griffith, is an Emory & Henry College graduate, and is a pro‑life, fiscal conservative who is endorsed by the Christian Coalition, National Right to Life, law enforcement groups, the Gun Owners of America and military families.

He has now received the official support of every tea party group in Southwest Virginia.

The time has come for us to take back our country from the liberal Pelosi/Obama/Boucher elites.

Ted R. Reavis
Fancy Gap
The time has come ...

It's Come To This

The Roanoke Times has to distort the truth in order to create credentials for a very weak Democratic candidate for reelection over in the 5th District, a scheme that doesn't even pass the smell test, let alone reflect any semblance of the truth?

See for yourself.

In "Return Perriello in the 5th District," a half-hearted attempt at finding a reason* to endorse the one man more than any other here in Virginia who has simply rubberstamped everything Obama has told him to, the Times tosses out what everyone now knows is an inaccurate "fact":

"[Tom Perriello has] also won the endorsement of two typically conservative organizations: the National Rifle Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars."

In the case of the first group cited - to its shame - the NRA has indeed endorsed Perriello.  But the VFW hasn't.  In fact it has vehemently rejected its political action committee's decision to provide that endorsement.

The truth?  It was the VFW-PAC that endorsed the very liberal Perriello, not the VFW (an action that has gotten the VFW-PAC to be abolished!).

This prompted the following letter to be sent to the Roanoke Times, a copy of which has been sent to me for  publication (since the Times will probably trash it):
Boucher/Perriello VFW Scam

Dear Editor,
I am writing this as a very concerned LIFE VFW Member, military veteran, and resident. I am NOT writing because of my political views or who I support BUT of my concern for the well being of OUR VFW Organization .

In listening to info, political commercials and debates last night (Thursday ), I heard both Virginia Congressman Boucher of the Ninth and Congressman Perriello of the Fifth District say that their campaigns were ENDORSED by the VFW Political Action Committees which is NOT SO – at least NOT ANYMORE .

When the VFW PAC , an arm of the National VFW , started revealing endorsements of MANY political candidates all over this country a few months ago , MOSTLY INCUMBENTS , VFW Members flooded the national VFW headquarters with letter and calls sounding off against these practices and threatening to resign because first and foremost we are supposed to be a NON PARTISAN organization. As a result, The VFW National Commander requested that its PAC rescind these endorsements for the good of the Organization and they refused. So in order to avoid the VFW BEING TORN OUT BY ITS VERY ROOTS HE CAME OUT WITH THIS STATEMENT:

“In a statement posted on the VFW website Oct. 18, VFW Commander-in-Chief Richard Eubank announced he was dissolving the organization’s Political Action Committee and rescinding all of its endorsements. In the statement, Eubank said, “The VFW has been subjected to extreme negative publicity throughout the nation, and the recent endorsement decisions have, in fact, harmed the VFW’s reputation and future ability to fulfill our mission.”

Eubank’s decision was made after the VFW-PAC had earlier refused to honor the organization’s request to take back the endorsements. “I cannot let this threat of erosion of OUR MEMBERSHIP and public support for our great organization continue.”

If our local US Congressmen and candidates are AWARE of this statement, which I’m sure THEY ARE , out of respect for our Veterans and the well being of their organizations I, AS A MILITARY VETERAN AND LIFE MEMBER OF THE VFW respectfully REQUEST they STOP using the VFW as a Tool for their re election campaigns IN THEIR COMMERCIALS AND DEBATES .

Sam Lewis
Vietnam Veteran
[emphasis in the original]

- - -

* Here's my favorite line in that pathetic attempt on the part of the Times at providing legitimate reasons to back Perriello:

"Voters tempted to think Perriello a party lapdog should consider this: From Day 1, he stood up to the late Jack Murtha, an extremely powerful Democratic leader, and pushed for transparency in earmarks."

Transparency?  Transparency in earmarks?  Who cares?  The issue there has always been the existence of earmarks, not their transparency.  Perriello, like Murtha before he died, is a big believer in wasting the taxpayers' money by running earmarks through the appropriations process.  That's the issue.  One that the Times carefully avoided mention of.


A Public Service Announcement

Congressman Rick Boucher and challenger Morgan Griffith have another debate scheduled for this evening, if you missed the first one. From a press release:
Second debate set for TV

Roanoke - The candidates for the Ninth Congressional seat will square off in the second of two televised debates on Tuesday, October 26 on WDBJ-7, Roanoke television market.

Republican Morgan Griffith says he is excited about this opportunity to discuss the issues with Incumbent Rick Boucher. "Last week's debate was short, and we were only to touch the major concerns of voters in this election, so Tuesday's meeting should help to clarify many of those and others."

This will be the last time the candidate's face off before Election Day.
For those outside the Roanoke viewing area, there is another way to catch the debate. At 7 p.m., WDBJ.com will stream the event online.

For those of you in the Tri-Cities, WJHL-TV, channel 11, will also be televising the debate.

Griffith Gets Another Endorsement

This one is of particular importance since conservatives get a bad rap when it comes to the issue of immigration.  For the hundredth time, we are not against legal immigration.  We are fine with legal immigration (knowing that we are all here as a result of someone perched on our family tree having been an immigrant).  It's only the lawless we want kept out - and sent back should they break our laws and make their way across our border illegally.

Anyway, the news:
Immigration group endorses Griffith

Christiansburg - A National Immigration group has announced its endorsement of Republican Morgan Griffith for the Ninth Congressional seat. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says illegal immigration is more prominent in the 2010 elections than in any other election in modern history.

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC says polls are ranking illegal immigration as a top voter concern next to the economy and national security, and an unprecedented number of candidates are declaring their opposition to Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a non-partisan organization that endorses candidates for Congress and Senate which opposes any form of Amnesty, path to citizenship, or taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens. [received via email]
Though illegal immigration has slowed in recent years, it has by no means stopped.

Hopefully Morgan Griffith can do what Obama and Rick Boucher have refused to do. Stop illegal immigration.