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Friday, October 29, 2010

Boy, I Hope The Polls Open On Time

Because this woman is going to beat down the doors come Tuesday morning if they aren't.

From an email I received (the name of the sender will will remain anonymous):
What is wrong with the people making these stupid decisions? Are they just total idiots? Can they truly not see what is happening to our country? I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the people running our country...the ones running it into the ground. And, I am not proud of the ones who vote to put the idiots in power.

I have spoken with about everyone I know, encouraging them to vote. And, I get so angry when I get the normal responses of "Why? It doesn't matter who you vote for? It's not going to make a difference. It doesn't matter to me." As far as I am concerned, I put them in the same Idiot category as the ones who vote for the Idiots in Charge.
I'm with ya, sista.

(Now that's passion. Does anyone think we aren't going to win this thing?)

A Citizen Speaks Out

The following letter was sent to the Wytheville Enterprise, with a copy to me should the paper decide to not publish it.  It is so well written that I did not edit it.  It's lengthy, but that's not a bad thing if it's focused and makes a point.  And the fact that I agree with every bit of it makes it especially enjoyable.

For your reading pleasure, here's Tyler Blount, Wytheville, VA.:
I love this time of year: beautiful fall colors, football, hunting season, and political campaigns where suddenly everyone is a conservative. I have lived in the in the 9th district for 36 years and remember when Rick Boucher was first elected in 1982. I have closely followed his voting record every year and marvel at how many people continue to believe he is a “moderate” Democrat.

Every election year Rick ensures us he has our values despite a record of actual votes and endorsements patently inconsistent with 9th District sentiments. Boucher signed onto Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as early as January of 2008 with statements like “Barack Obama will be good for southwest Virginia”. Now he wants to distance himself from the President, his party, and his personal voting record with campaign ads using words like "took on his own party," "independent," and "our own values." If Rick Boucher is so “independent," "moderate," "centrist," and uninfluenced by Nancy Pelosi and Obama, you would think everyone in his district would not need convincing.

Rick Boucher is an affable, intelligent, and competent politician. He is also a secular, liberal, progressive populist with a 28 year voting record far more representative of San Francisco than southwest Virginia. Here is a summary of Boucher’s voting record. You be the judge of how well his votes accord with your values and interests:

- Voted at least 32 times to use taxpayer funds to pay for elective abortions, nine times to kill or weaken the ban on partial birth abortions, nine times to allow taking a minor-aged daughter across state lines for secret abortions to circumvent Virginia’s parental involvement law. He co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act that would nullify all limits and state laws protecting unborn children and reverse the ban on partial-birth abortions. He has a 100% rating by pro-abortion advocacy groups NARAL and Planned Parenthood and a 0 rating from the National Right to Life. NARAL has contributed $5,000 to his 2010 re-election campaign.

- In 2009 Boucher said it is “personally distasteful” to bailout auto makers then voted to bailout GM, Chrysler, AIG, Wall Street banks and every spending bill proposed by the Democratic majority since 2007. He voted for the 800 billion dollar stimulus and the teacher and government employee union bailouts. He voted for the record $1.42 trillion federal deficit in 2009 and for another 1.3 trillion dollars of deficit spending in 2010. Now he is running ads saying it is time to return to a balanced federal budget after voting to spend, spend, and spend again. He even voted to spend nearly a billion dollars to “rescue” severely overpopulated and invasive wild mustangs in western states.

- He regularly votes against a balanced budget amendment and just this week refused yet again to stand for a balanced budget amendment, saying it “would tie our hands,” preventing us from providing another emergency stimulus. When asked how he would cut deficit spending he emphasized cutting military spending and made no mention of massive social welfare programs, government waste, bailouts, or his beloved earmarks.

- In a classic election year reversal he announced a few weeks ago he was no longer in favor of raising tax rates during a recession. He promised to vote to extend the Bush tax cuts he twice voted against. Two weeks later our Congressman cast the deciding vote along with Nancy Pelosi in a 210-209 vote to do nothing to stop the largest tax rate hike in history. Apparently Rick’s self-acknowledged prowess in “creating jobs” disdains allowing us to keep and spend our own money. Meanwhile, the Damocles Sword of thirteen trillion dollars of national debt, annual trillion dollar deficits, government intervention, inflation, taxes and uncertainty stifles small business investment and jobs.

- Boucher voted against welfare reform and consistently votes against tax reform. He has a rating of “0” from Americans for Tax Reform, a “10” from the National Taxpayers Union, and Citizens against Government Waste rates him at a whopping “14” - all on a 100 point scale.  

- He defends his vote for “Cap and Trade” as good for his district while every other Congressman from a coal state voted no. Rather than stand up to the EPA, Boucher voted to punish coal users, saying Cap and Trade will only raise our electric bills “about 100 dollars a year”. The Heritage Foundation estimates utility bills will increase by $1800 a year under Cap and Trade. The Senate’s refusal to schedule a vote on Cap and Tax has spared us for now. Boucher failed to lead on Cap and Tax and “we the people” had to intervene.

- Boucher is a king of pork barrel spending which is one of the rare trademarks of his voting record he admits to. He refuses to call the estimated one billion dollars of re-election checks he has handed out during his career “earmarks”. He likes to describe giving away our hard–earned money as Congressional directed spending. The private sector cannot sustain the weight of Boucher’s consistent votes to tax, spend, regulate and redistribute its wealth.

By contrast, Boucher’s opponent in this Tuesday’s election, Morgan Griffin has a proven record of both fiscal and social conservatism. He is pro-life, pro-business, pro-family, and has an A rating from the NRA. Perhaps most importantly, Morgan Griffith is committed to stopping the runaway spending, cancerous debt, and massive governmental intervention of the present Congress. After twenty-eight years it is time to replace Rick Boucher.

Tyler Blount
1893 Rockdale Road
Wytheville, VA 24382
Great stuff. Thanks.

Seems Fitting

Virginia Tech is holding its "Gay in Appalachia" event with film documentarian Drew Emory the featured speaker.

Though Virginia Tech isn't in Appalachia and Drew Emory is from Seattle, Washington.

Shouldn't they call this "We Really Don't Want To Be Near Those Smelly Poor People In Appalachia But We Like Homosexuals and Some Probably Live Down There" event, or something?

I mean, really.

How Bad Has It Gotten For Rick Boucher?

If this is any indication, he's been abandoned in this his hour of need by everyone but his most loyal sycophant.

On Facebook our congressman has a friend.

As in one.


Griffith Closes Out His Campaign ...

... in the way it's best done.

You put away the slings and arrows, you present your warm, caring side to the voters, and you reach out with compassion and sincerity.

This is absolutely wonderful.  Simple.  Yet perfect:

I think I might even vote for him now ...

Griffith Isn't One To Back Down

I've told you before, one of the things I like about Morgan Griffith is his understanding that politics is a contact sport.  And the fact that he's not going to let his opponent lie about him without responding.

So, to that end:
Griffith on Boucher attack: "There he goes again"

Christiansburg, VA - In a statement released today, Morgan Griffith lambasted incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher for falsely attacking him on Social Security.

"Liberal Democrats like Rick Boucher can be depended upon to attack Republicans on Social Security when they are in trouble," said Griffith. "Like clockwork, Congressman Rick Boucher is sending out mailers attacking me on Social Security just before Election Day. There is no truth to the charge, but Boucher doesn't care."

"There he goes again," said Griffith. "Rick Boucher is once again falsely claiming his opponent wants to harm social security. I guess it's an endangered Democrat tradition."

"Every fall in Virginia we get crisp cool evenings, colorful autumn leaves, exciting football and false attacks from Democrats accusing Republicans of wanting to kill Social Security," said Morgan. "If they weren't trying to scare seniors, it would be laughable."

"It wasn't true when Boucher first said it about William Wampler back in 1982, and it isn't true today," said Griffith. "I have always supported Social Security. My mom is on Social Security, and if elected, I will protect her benefits."

"The simple truth is that Rick Boucher is losing on the real issues, like his support for the job killing Cap and Trade bill, his support for Speaker Pelosi's liberal agenda, and his support of Barack Obama's profligate spending spree," said Morgan. "If I were him I would want to change the subject too." [received via email]
Think about it: If anything it's Boucher and his kind who want to destroy Social Security by making it unsustainable and refusing to fix it.

Griffith's right. The program is here to stay. So the Democrats need to get a new scare tactic and leave that one in the 20th century where it belonged.