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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boucher: Martians May Be Funding My Opponent's Campaign

This would be hysterically funny if it weren't so embarrassingly pathetic.  From this morning's Bristol Herald Courier, see "Boucher criticizes attack ads funded by shadowy out-of-district corporate interests":

What we’re seeing is unprecedented,” Boucher said moments before speaking at a campaign stop in Abingdon on Saturday. “It’s an avalanche of attack ads against me, funded maybe by outside sources across the nation, maybe even outside the country.”

Maybe.  And maybe again.

And maybe even outside the cosmos.

Maybe even outside this earthly dimension.

Most probably, it can be said with confidence, outside of Rick Boucher's padded cell.

- - -

And what in God's name is a "shadowy corporate interest"?  Is that some kind of rectal cancer?

Quote of the Day

From Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times:

"As for the economy, it is by no means where it should be or where most hoped it would be by now, but the American people should not forget how much better it is than when Obama took office."


We're so much better off now.

We have so much to be thankful to Obama for.

You're right again, Dan.

As Long As You Ignore Reality ...

... this argument put forth by an associate professor of economics at Washington and Lee University in Lexington in a letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times this morning (see "For sake of the economy, regulate greenhouse gas") would be perfectly sound:
Economic vitality in Virginia is highly dependent on the professional and business service industries, and new business creation is the key to job creation. What we need here in Southwest Virginia are high-paying, high-tech jobs, and a clean, healthy environment is necessary to attract the kinds of firms that will create these jobs. Environmental regulation has also been shown not only to improve the quality of the environment, but also to speed the pace of technological advancement. Technological advancement is the key ingredient of economic growth. And the story goes far beyond jobs.

We all want our children to find productive employment opportunities as they enter the workforce, but we also want them to be healthy. Every year, more than 30,000 people die prematurely from ... [blah blah blah]
"A clean, healthy environment is necessary to attract the kinds of firms that will create these jobs"? To that I have a one-word response:


The most polluted country on the planet.

And the fastest job creator of same.

Southwest Virginia? The inverse. Environmental quality has improved over the last forty years, and those high-paying jobs have all but disappeared.

Want to try again, there, Mr. associate professor of economics?

The Blood Boils

I watched this video put out by WCYB in the Tri-Cities in which Congressman Boucher is interviewed at length about the election, etc.  In it I was subjected to the normal political pap that one would expect to get from this guy: I'm doing great, Southwest Virginia is doing great, America's doing great, I am so pleased ...

I can deal with that.

What I cannot deal with is this.  Beginning at about the 5:45 mark, Boucher is asked about his vote for his coal industry-killing cap-and-trade bill.  His response:

"There's no doubt that this has been a difficult issue to explain and, uh, it is quite controversial.  Uh, I did exactly what the coal industry asked me to do.  Uh, regional leaders like Jim McGlothlin, the longtime chief executive officer of United Coal Company, Southwest Virginia's single most successful locally-owned coal company, came to see me, uh, the National Mining Association president, the leading spokesman for the coal industry in Washington, came to see me, and they said the Supreme Court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases.  That is absolutely the worst outcome for the coal industry because EPA cannot protect coal, cannot protect coal jobs, can't protect the coal economy, Congressman, we want you as the senior member of the Commerce Committee to help write legislation that will overcome that EPA regulation, and do so in a balanced way that will protect us.  Now that's exactly what I did; I got such a good deal for coal ... We have been able to protect coal jobs ..."

There are so many lies, distortions, and obfuscations in that answer that my brain simply wants to explode.

1) A lesser point perhaps.  United Coal Company is not Southwest Virginia's single most successful locally-owned coal company.  It's not even locally owned.  Someone should tell the man that the company is headquartered in Bloutville, Tennessee and is owned by the Ukrainians.  And the former CEO, the aforementioned Jim McGlothlin, isn't a Southwest Virginian.  He sold the company and lives in Texas.

2) "The Supreme Court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases."  Boucher continues to propagate this lie.  The Supreme Court did not order EPA to regulate anything.  Being a lawyer by trade (well, decades ago anyway), he should be able to read Supreme Court rulings as well as I can.  In its decision the Court determined EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gasesIt did not order it.

3) "We want you as the senior member of the Commerce Committee to help write legislation that will overcome that EPA regulation."  What, he thinks we're idiots?  Didn't he just tell us that the Supreme Court ordered the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases?   Did he plan on overruling a Supreme Court decision? This is a classic example of Rick Boucher speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

4) If coal executives came to Boucher and asked him to protect them by writing cap-and-trade legislation, then shame on them.  Eternal shame.

5) "I got such a good deal for coal." Then why does every other congressman representing coal interests in Appalachia - from Georgia to Kentucky and West Virginia - vehemently disagree?

6) Most importantly, where's the leadership? We the American people stopped the environmentalist marxists from destroying the coal industry. Cap and trade - the legislation that Rick Boucher crafted, by his own admission - is dead. We killed it. If coal executives had come before him wanting him to cut a deal for them that would only result in the loss of 50 or 60,000 jobs in Virginia, why didn't he look at them and say: No. I'll fight them. With every fiber of my being. They must be stopped. The health and well-being of families in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia depend on it and I'll not rest until the extremists are defeated!

Instead he "did what they requested" and cut a deal with the devil.

A competent leader wouldn't hide behind others. A competent leader wouldn't make up flimsy excuses.  A competent leader wouldn't cut deals when lives are at stake..

You should have defied them, Rick, you coward. You should have fought them. Every step of the way.  As We the People did. Totally without your help.

6) Finally, there's this: "We have been able to protect coal jobs ..." Yes, WE have. No thanks to you.

It Appears That Boucher Ain't Alone ...

... in promoting "conservative" third-party candidates so as to cut into his primary opponent's base.  Seems Tom Perriello has some explaining to do as well:

What is with these Democrats that they can't fight fairly?

So a Comedian Decides To Hold a Rally In Washington ...


To quote the man behind the rally:

"I'm really happy you guys are here ... umm ... even if none of us are really quite sure why we're here."

I hope there was at least free beer or free sex made available.  Otherwise, Jon, what was the point?