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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Devolution Continues

Okay, the time for partying is over.

Griffith and Hurt had better hit the ground running.  Because the implosion of the manufacturing sector in Southwest Virginia continues:
Job loss looms in Henry County
By Duncan Adams, Roanoke Times

The bad news: Major permanent job loss looms. Stanley Furniture Co. announced in May its plans to cease domestic production of wooden furniture and transition to focusing primarily on imports. It estimated then that about 530 people would lose their jobs before year's end.

Related job cuts began Oct. 22. But the bulk of workers will be discharged at the end of December, said Christy Landon, Stanley's corporate human resources manager. She said Thursday that the final tally of jobs eliminated is likely to be slightly higher than 530.

Since January 2005, Martinsville's lowest unemployment rate has been 6.2 percent -- recorded in October 2006, according to the VEC. The city has had double-digit unemployment since January 2008. [link]
This doesn't have to be.

This doesn't have to be.

Here's To The Tea Party!

Or, Tea Parties, to put it more accurately.

The ones that made all the difference in Tuesday's election.

The following is about the most accurate depiction - in a newspaper anyway - of the role that the Tea Parties played in the process, and of the relationship that exists between them and the GOP here in Virginia.

Good stuff:
Analysis: Tea parties, GOP in wary courtship
By Bob Lewis, AP Political Writer

Richmond, Va. — It was the Democrats' bid to re-establish Big Government that begat the tea party movement.

And the movement thanked the Democrats in Virginia on Tuesday by electing Republicans to three House seats Democrats had held.

"They were very helpful to me," Republican H. Morgan Griffith said the morning after he ended the 28-year congressional tenure of Democrat Rick Boucher in this year's conservative reprisal.

Never mind that Griffith and two newly elected Republican House comrades--Robert Hurt in the 5th and Scott Rigell in the 2nd _ shared the ballot with conservative independents who could have drained support from the GOP.

Despite sometimes fractious fights over who would bear the tea parties' standard during the spring nomination process, the independents seemed not to matter at all.

Tea party groups are autonomous and defiantly independent. They are an amalgam of social and fiscal conservatives, independents frightened or fed up with the status quo and libertarians who see the movement as a vehicle for advancing their minimalist government ideals.

They became galvanized over the explosive growth of government and spending under both Republicans and Democrats in recent years and the taxes necessary to service such debt. The 2-year-old movement's very name is an acronym for "Taxed Enough Already."

Lynchburg Tea Party chairman Mark Lloyd said there was no consensus among tea party organizations or even among individual members, but most chose to entrust the GOP, not independents, this election.

"The tea party movement and the GOP might be dancing together at the party just now, but all the talk about the marriage is just silly rumor," Lloyd said. "We are not even dating steady." [link]
It is a match made in heaven.

As long as the fidelity to principle and to the cause are honored by those the Tea Parties deem deserving of a boost into office.

Cheat on them, though, and look out.

What I particularly like about the piece is that there's not one word in the article about RACISM.  It's all about the size, scope, and power of the federal government.

Thanks, Bob, for keeping it real.

Governor Bob, We Hardly Know Ye

I think the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia needs to spend more time over here.  Had he paid us an extra visit or two, he might have gained an understanding of the depth and breadth of the anger that swept long-time Congressman Rick Boucher from office and powered Morgan Griffith to victory.

McDonnell surprised that Griffith beat Boucher
By Olympia Meola, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond, Va. --

Gov. Bob McDonnell said he was among those surprised by Del. H. Morgan Griffith's 5-point upset of 28-year incumbent Rep. Rick Boucher, D-9th, on Tuesday.

"No one really saw that coming," McDonnell said this morning on WRVA.

"The focus on the [Scott] Rigell and [state Sen. Robert] Hurt races [was] so significant that people didn't pay the 9th District a lot of attention early on."

He said the 9th District is "about the most conservative district in the state."

"It just had been occupied by a 28-year incumbent who got the NRA endorsement and did good constituent service and people didn't think he was beatable but Morgan kept steadily chipping away at the lead and then I think the wave just caught him on Election Day." [link
"[P]eople didn't pay the 9th District a lot of attention ..."  We get a lot of that.  So we do for ourselves.

And we did for ourselves.

In any case, Governor Bob is surprised by Morgan Griffith's victory.

In truth, maybe we all are, to an extent.

But it sure feels good regardless.

I Can't Imagine Why


That "easing" involves the federal government borrowing $600 billion from the federal government to buy federal government notes.

Why would anyone be concerned about that?

Obama Out Of Control

Has this guy never heard of email?
34 warships sent from US for Obama visit
Press Trust of India

New Delhi: The White House will, of course, stay in Washington but the heart of the famous building will move to India when President Barack Obama lands in Mumbai on Saturday.

Communications set-up, nuclear button, a fleet of limousines and majority of the White House staff will be in India accompanying the President on this three-day visit that will cover Mumbai and Delhi.

He will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Arrangements have been put in place for emergency evacuation, if needed. [link]
How about staying here at home and wasting our money domestically, Barry?  This three-day jaunt is going to cost us billions?  And for what?  Have you no shame?  Have you no sense of responsibility?

This is outrageous beyond words.  What are you thinking?