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Sunday, November 14, 2010

They See What They Want To See

I find liberals to be so pathetic. And never more so than now, in a time when all their favorite big-government politicians in Washington are having to go out and get real jobs, now that We the People have sent them packing.

So let's talk - briefly - about Roanoke Times columnist Elizabeth Strother and soon-to-be unemployed Congressman Rick Boucher.  Why was he resoundingly defeated on November 2?

"A wave of fear."

And of course by an easily duped electorate being duped by "an unprecedented number of attack ads" that employed "political misdirection swelled by outside campaign contributions" that ...

Oh, why bother.  You know the storyline.

And the same old story it is: You're all really stupid.

Elizabeth Strother knows what you are unable to ever understand.

She's really smart.

So, smart person, let me as a member of the stupid class offer this up for your consideration:

About that "unprecedented number of attack ads"?  Who spent $2,460,686 in campaign contributions this election season, on sundry expenditures that included a withering number of attack ads?

It sure as hell wasn't Morgan Griffith, who spent a fourth of that sum.


And regarding that "political misdirection swelled by outside campaign contributions," the first part of which goes unexplained - political misdirection? - and because of that, automatically gets tossed into the trash compactor for being the throw-away snit that it is.

And the second?   Regarding that "outside campaign contributions" whine, you might want to get your really swelled brain around this:

The top ten zip codes from which Rick Boucher received his paltry 2 million campaign dollars?

I'll give you a hint.  24315, Bland County, ain't in it.  Neither is 24228, Dickenson County.

But other ... close-to-home ... zip codes are.  Here's where your guy's top contributors live:
Want to say something again about "outside" campaign contributions?

Here's the reality that you as a really smart person will never grasp, Liz:  Your candidate-of-choice made a whole lot of decisions over the years that did not serve his constituents well.  Cling to the notion if you will that Rick Boucher's success at bringing broadband to the hinterlands somehow made an iota's bit of difference where it counts most - in promoting the health and vitality of Southwest Virginia's families - but the truth is your hero did absolutely squat to better this region.  And to many of us, his efforts made things far worse.

So he's gone and you pout.

Which, I have to tell you, I'm enjoying to no end.

But understand, I may find your whimpering to be amusing, but only to a point.  You're allowed to make shit up when it comes to what you think this Democrat was able to accomplish in his quarter century in office, but what you'll not be allowed to do is make up the facts that you use to support your flailing notions.

So go away.  Your side had its chance.  And proved itself to be an utter failure.  There's a new sheriff in town.  One who just may clean up the mess that your kind made.

I'll pause for you to whimper some more ...

What Part Of This Message ...

... do Democrats not understand?

We're pro-immigration. But anti-lawbreaking.

Pure. Simple. Unwavering.

Know Your Market

It strikes me as bewildering that while General Motors puts all its effort these days into making a little cracker box of a car go more than forty miles before it dies, or at least forty miles before it peters out and strands you on the side of bustling I-81, the Koreans are producing cars - quality cars - that do what the American people need done.

We want power. We seek it out as a safety feature. And as a matter of convenience.  Wherever it may be found.

Alas, these days it ain't found in Detroit.

See "Hyundai's new 5.0-liter V8 to produce 429 horsepower." (Along with 376 pound-feet of torque for those who want to haul a boatload of passengers and luggage and not see the engine labor going up that steep incline at mile marker 123.)

GM is looking for the consumer who has the disposable capital that will allow him to buy and park a (very expensive) second car in the garage, to be used to go to the grocery once a week. And little more.

Hyundai wants everyone else.

How did it come to this?

Quote of the Day

From Toby Harnden:
Who would have thought that the man hailed as a great American orator and whose stage at the 2008 Democratic convention was a faux Greek temple would be shown up in terms of the theatricality and articulation of the presidency by the man derided as a tongue-tied bumbler and global village idiot?
"The Decider returns to haunt Mr Nuance as George W. Bush eclipses Barack Obama," London Telegraph, November 14, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli Fights The Good Fight

Pay no attention to all the howling and gnashing of teeth.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is on to something.  And with the taxpayers of the Commonwealth - it seems - having been hosed to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a snake oil salesman who masqueraded as a University of Virginia professor, we'll soon have a much-needed reckoning:
The Global Warming Court Battle
By S. Fred Singer, American Thinker

Kenneth Cuccinelli II, elected as the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia in November 2009, has demanded from the University of Virginia (my university) the e-mails and other information of Dr. Michael Mann, who was an assistant professor of environmental sciences there from 1995 to 2005.

From the e-mails leaked from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the so-called Climategate affair, we know that Professor Phil Jones was at the center of a conspiracy to manipulate temperature data. His American analogue was Michael Mann. Even though Jones recommended deletion of all e-mails, it is possible that many e-mails will still be found on the UVA server and furnish the "smoking gun" that can tell us just how the temperature data had been manipulated.

Is Mann guilty of fraud? I don't know; much depends on what Cuccinelli uncovers. But I am of the opinion that Mann should formally withdraw his flawed papers and no longer refer to them in his bibliography or in grant applications without at least a footnote. Formal withdrawal could create a storm, however, since the 2001 IPCC report built its case for man-made global warming on the validity of the hockey stick. There may be interesting times ahead. [link]
Read the whole thing.

It's worth noting that Fred Singer, like Michael Mann, was a University of Virginia professor too. But unlike Mann, he operated within that environment with integrity and a sense of responsibility to those who paid his paycheck and to the country that gave him his entitlement. He did it honorably.

Here's to Ken Cuccinelli. Let's hope he gets to the bottom of this scandal and makes heads roll.

Stuck on Stupid

Despite the fact that his world is crumbling around him, Barack Obama intends to stay the course.

As hard as that news might be for the normal person to digest.

At some point we must start questioning his acuity and sensibilities:
Obama defends economic policies
By Carol E. Lee, Politico

Yokohama, Japan — In the last speech of his nine-day trip overseas, President Barack Obama defended his economic policies and signaled that while he’s committed to bringing down the country's mounting deficit he will not take any drastic measures in the immediate future.

“Already, we are on track to meet our goal of cutting our deficit in half by 2013, and I am absolutely committed to making the tough choices necessary to get us the rest of the way there and bring down our deficit in the long run,” Obama said in a speech at the summit of Asian Pacific leaders. “But we’re not cutting back on the investments that are essential to America’s long-term economic growth: education, clean energy, research and infrastructure. We will make sacrifices, but everyone here should know that as long as I’m president, we are not going to sacrifice America’s future or our leadership in the world.”

Obama, who received pushback from other world leaders over some of his administration’s approaches to economic recovery, said the stimulus bill and financial regulatory reforms have put the U.S. economy back on track, and in turn helped the global economy. [link]
Translation: Except for that little thingie about unemployment skyrocketing on his watch and the country's fiscal stability teetering on the brink of disaster, everything's just swell.  Thanks to him.

How dense is this guy?

From An Election a New Blog Doth Grow

Not satisfied with just one hard-hitting weblog emanating from deep inside Southwest Virginia?  Well, now there are two. 

See Scribbleworthy.


What a Joke

James Clyburn, he of the ruffled feathers over the fact that he can't be House Minority Leader or House Whip, has been given a new title by his boss, Nancy Pelosi.  A title without a position.  But a critically important title just the same, don't you know.

"Assistant Leader."

As you may remember, in the olden days, the chief executive would reserve that exalted appellation for the office secretary who had a nice ass and big boobs and who did Daddy's bidding.

The more things change ...