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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Motive Behind The Story

God help me.  This is going to make all those allegations about me being a racist true.

Oh.  Well.

But first let me pose a question.  And be fair before you answer.  Am I the racist or is the reporter who brings us this story the racist when I can read the headline and know that the accompanying detail is about some unimportant news relating to a black dude that nobody's ever heard of?

The headline in this morning's Roanoke Times:

My immediate response: It's about a black guy.  (Logic screams to us that "legends'" graves don't disappear in the first place unless we are talking about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the year is 1791 or Thomas Paine, 1809.  So this story isn't about some baseball legend.  Rather it's about a baseball "legend."

And so it goes:
Culpeper, VA. (AP) -- The grave of baseball great John Preston "Pete" Hill, believed to be the only Hall of Famer whose burial site had been lost to history, was discovered Monday in a suburb of Chicago by Dr. Jeremy Krock, coordinator of the Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project.

The revelation comes on the heels of renewed interest in Hill, a star of the pre-Negro Leagues who was born in southern Culpeper County in the early 1880s. When Hill was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006, his plaque incorrectly listed his first name as Joseph, and his biographical data showed him being born in Pittsburgh, Pa.

On Oct. 12, Hill's birthday, after months of research by historians across the nation, the Hall of Fame rededicated his plaque and changed his bio.

Only one part of the puzzle remained a mystery: Where was Hill buried?

His death certificate provided a wealth of data, including ... [link]
It's kind of funny when you think about it.  This "legend" had his name spelled wrong by the very people who were desperately trying to make him a legend.

Anyway, baseball great John Preston "Pete" Hill's grave site has been found.  I'll certainly sleep better.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Let me get this straight.  "Youths" are mixing a depressant with a stimulant, drinking the concoction, and the government wants to ban the practice?  Wouldn't banning idiocy really get to the heart of the matter?

Figure all this out if you can:
Board comes down on alcoholic energy drinks
By Cody Lowe, Roanoke Times

The Roanoke County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday to ask the General Assembly to ban caffeine-enhanced alcoholic beverages in the state.

The legislature will consider that question when it convenes in January.

Tuesday, representatives of the Prevention Council of Roanoke County, which aims to "prevent alcohol use, drug use, and other high-risk behaviors" among youth, outlined the dangers of the so-called alcoholic energy drinks for the supervisors.

The board members needed little persuasion. Although they took no formal vote, they indicated by consensus their desire for the county attorney to develop a resolution to send to the General Assembly requesting that such products be outlawed.

The resolution also will ask other regional governing bodies to join in seeking the ban. [link]
It's unfortunate that no one connected with the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors is quoted in this article.  I was so wanting to heap ridicule/derision on him or her by name.

Still, what am I missing?  Isn't "youth" consumption of alcoholic beverages already banned?  So why are these people undies-bunched over this?  And what will a double-ban accomplish that the tried-and-true prohibition hasn't?

As for adults who might think it a neat deal to mix alcohol (a depressant) with caffeine (a stimulant), a recipe only a moron could love, is it the role of government to prevent stupid people from inflicting harm upon themselves?  Wouldn't society be better off if they all killed themselves so that we didn't have to bother with them?

Anyway, it's comforting to know that the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors is there to protect Roanoke Countians from themselves.

How did civilization survive all these millennia without them?

A Bad Day On The Big Hill

If you've never driven I-77 from Fancy Gap down (and I mean down) to the Carolina line, you've missed a scenic wonder.  Add a bunch of hurtling semi trucks and you can transform that feeling of wonder into one of roller-coaster-ride thrill.  Add fog to the mix and it becomes abject terror.

So I'm heading southbound yesterday evening out of West Virginia and received word that I-77 was closed down in that area.  And I knew ...
Dense fog at Fancy Gap blamed for I-77 pileups
By Amanda Codispoti and Jorge Valencia, Roanoke Times

Tractor-trailers lay on their sides, twisted and smashed on fog-shrouded Interstate 77. Cars rammed into one another, mounting the remains of earlier wrecks. Dozens of rescue workers lay the wounded on stretchers and hauled away mangled metal. Cattle thrashed inside their ruined trailer.

Tuesday's toll on the mountainous highway near the North Carolina border included two dead, 16 injured and about 75 wrecked vehicles, half of them trucks, Virginia State Police said.

Starting about 11:40 a.m., authorities closed a 32-mile stretch of the southbound lanes from Interstate 81 in Wytheville to the state line. About halfway through the nine-hour ordeal, three tractor-trailers crashed in the northbound lanes, closing them for two hours.

The names of the dead, neither from Virginia, were withheld by police until their families are notified. Four of those hurt were in critical condition, Geller said. Hospitals in Virginia and North Carolina were treating victims. [link]
To say that stretch of highway is treacherous is to make the understatement.  But these are the mountains.  And such are our circumstances.

May God bless.

'Angry White Men' Held Sway in 2010?

That's one of the liberal lines that's been tossed out there.  (Along with that silly "anonymous donor" chimera that defies logic.)

So, did white males (angry or otherwise) make (nearly) all the difference in the 2010 election?


In fact, just looking just at the demographics as they relate to voting patterns, there was no significant difference from past elections.

The numbers, from Don Surber:
Despite attempts to discredit the election this year by saying the wrong people voted, the 2010 voter was a lot like the 2006 voter [jf: when a pile of Republicans was swept from office].

Exit polls showed the demographics were nearly identical. If anything, the demographics edged in favor of Democrats.

In 2006, 49% of voters were male.
In 2010, 48% were male.

In 2006, 79% were white.
In 2010, 77% were white.

In 2006, 10% were black.
In 2010, 11% were black.

Latino, Asian and “other” were the same: 8%, 2%, 2%.

By age, the percentages were the same.

By party, in 2006, 38% were Democrat, 36% were Republican and 26% were independent.
In 2010, the numbers were 35%, 35%, 30%.

That last number is as Even Steven as it gets

As to the number of people voting, it was roughly the same: 80 million.

What changed was the people themselves.

In each election, 20% identified themselves as liberal.

But the moderate/conservative split went from a historic 47%/32% in favor of moderate in 2006 to a more normal 38%/42% split in favor of conservatives.

The big difference was not in who voted but how they voted.

Women went from 55%/43% in favor of Democrats in 2006 to 48%/49% in favor of Republicans in 2010.

Latino went from 69%/30% Democrat in 2006 to just 60%/38% in 2010.

So much for Arizona’s immigration law hurting Republicans. Looks like they gained 8 points among Latinos.

Republicans gained 4 points among 18-29 voters, 5 points among 30-44 and a whopping 10 points among 65 and older, going from a 49%/49% split in 2006 to a 59%/38% win by Republicans in 2010.

About one-fifth of voters (19% in 2006, 21% in 2010) are 65 and older, the fastest growing voting bloc.

Who voted didn’t change by much. How they voted did.
Who voted didn’t change by much. How they voted did.

Quote of the Day

Glenn Reynolds on those who suffer from "Palin Derangement Syndrome":

"Reader John Spaulding writes: 'We’ve driven them nuts. Literally.'

For some, no driving was necessary. They were close enough to walk already."


I Have a Theory

If you're like me you've been watching with more than a bit of curiosity the growing anger that's being directed at the Department of Homeland Security over its new "full-body scan" policy that it adopted and applied recently at all of America's airports.  There are a whole lot of people out there who don't want TSA employees seeing them naked, apparently.

Me?  I think the level of outrage over the scans is - when measured - in direct relationship to penis size.

You'll notice I've voiced nary a complaint.

I'm just sayin' ...


Is this how they reward her for creating a token position in her Democratic caucus for one of its members?

Looks like she didn't need to create that meaningless yet condescending "Assistant Leader" position for Rep. James Clyburn after all.

Whether he'll still take on the weighty role of carrying her purse for her is yet to be announced.

We Still Have House Cleaning To Do

Make that Department of Justice cleaning.

This is what your tax dollars are buying you these days:
Author of DOJ report targeting NJ Governor Chris Christie has history of using position for political purposes, sources say
By Amanda Carey, The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller has learned that the author behind the recent report from the Department of Justice that targeted five former U.S. attorneys for excessive travel expenses has had, according to our sources, a troubled history in the DOJ and attempted in the past to use her position to smear conservatives.

When the report surfaced last week, the investigation’s timing and targeting especially of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, who has steadily been raising his national profile, raised red flags.

The report’s author, Maura Lee, began her DOJ career in the civil rights division, but now works in the DOJ Office of Inspector General. Hans von Spakovsky, former counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights, supervised Lee and told TheDC that he was “astonished” when he found out she was the author of the report.

According to von Spakovsky, Lee was “one of the most belligerent, unprofessional lawyers” he encountered during his time at the DOJ. “Because of her,” he said, “we had to completely change our security protocol.”

Another former senior DOJ official who asked not to be named confirmed Lee’s involvement in strategizing to leak information to the Washington Post, saying that she was not a trustworthy person and had major political motivations.

Von Spakovsky described one case where Lee was caught breaking into the e-mail of a colleague, Joshua Rogers, specifically because Rogers was conservative and Christian. “Lee was radically left. She made it plain that she didn’t like Rogers,” von Spakovsky said.

He went on to call Lee’s efforts at DOJ a “major security breach.”

“She was one of the most partisan career people I ever met,” von Spakovsky told TheDC. So partisan, in fact, that he describes Lee as someone who would encourage other DOJ lawyers not to pursue cases so that the Bush administration would not be able to take credit for being progressive on voter and civil rights issues.

When asked, von Spakovsky said Lee is “so biased, there is no way she could investigate and write an objective report. I can’t imagine anyone more inappropriate to be working on this kind of report in the IG office.”

According to another former DOJ employee who worked closely with Lee, Lee first got into trouble while working in the Voters Rights Division during the Bush administration. There, according to the former coworker, Lee was caught breaking into other employees’ e-mail accounts and spreading around personal information. [link]
It's obvious that there are no ethics standards in the Department of Justice.

The irony? This is (was) the same Department of Justice that the Washington Post repeatedly accused then-President Bush of politicizing at the very time that this lowlife was up to her (illegal?) escapades. Suppose the concerned citizens at the Post care?

Remember this: That's our Department of Justice. It's up to us - We the People - to make it right. It's not going to do it on its own.

The process of fixing the DOJ begins on November 6, 2012.

And It Showed

Here's a shocker:

And how did that work out for ya, big guy?

Suicide Pact?

The stuff Agatha Christie was made for:
Investigators puzzle over death of one twin sister, wounding of the other at Colo. shooting range
By Joey Bunch, The Denver Post

The shooting of 29-year-old twin sisters Monday at an Arapahoe County gun range continues to puzzle investigators, and their family in Australia still doesn't know which sister is dead.

Both women were shot in the head, one of them dying instantly.

The other was in critical but stable condition Tuesday night at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, unable to talk to investigators or shed any light on the mystery.

Investigators have ruled out the possibility that a third person could have shot them.

A surveillance video at the Family Shooting Center in Cherry Creek State Park showed both women falling backwards to the ground almost simultaneously outside the shooting stall about 2:50 p.m. Monday.

The video did not show what happened inside the stall, however. No one entered or left the stall other than the two women. [link]
How strange.

We Have To Change The Way We Do Business

The federal government is bleeding us dry.  Resulting in entrepreneurs moving their cash overseas, economic growth sputtering, at best, tens of millions of Americans looking to Uncle Sam for their daily bread, and unemployment holding steady at a staggering 9 to 10%.  With little hope of improvement.

We desperately need to reduce the size - and cost - of government if we are going to get the USA back on track.

One of the highest costs?

Defense spending.

We need to rethink the word "defense" and put our country's military into an actual defense posture and not one of a global occupation force of arms.

I'm not alone in thinking the time for this has come.  Newly elected member of Congress (and Army Colonel) Allen West:

"We have to get away from occupation and nation-building style warfare ... Nothing can be sacrosanct."

Something to take into account: We have troops stationed in Germany to prevent the Soviets from invading western Europe. And in Italy. South Korea. Africa. Japan. The Middle East. At a cost that is staggering.

Not to mention the navies that ply the Seven Seas.

And we are flat broke.

Make the Defense Department live up to its name. The days of it being the Protector of the World are gone. The sooner WE come to understand that, the quicker we'll get this country back on track.