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Monday, November 29, 2010

We Have a List. And a Long Memory.

William A. Jacobson:

"It is time to hold all institutions -- not just for-profit corporations -- which helped pass Obamacare to account for what they did. AARP, Consumers Union, and the AMA would be a good start."

From "When Will AARP, Consumers Union and AMA Be Held To Account for Obamacare?," November 27, 2010

It's Come To This

Now that the "global warming/climate change/climate disruption" craze is on the wane and the most well-known of the "global warming" theorists find their reputations to be in the toilet, where they belong, 20,000 anachronisms (otherwise known as "conferees") make their way to the sunny resort community of Cancun to attend the latest festive gathering of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Why and at what cost are the questions.  With WHY being the biggie.

Oh, and another question arises. Senator James Inhofe asks, now that "climate change" is no more:

"What are you going to do in Cancun other than go swimming?"

One obvious answer is that the 20,000 attendees will (break from their poolside activities long enough to ...) call for a global tax on carbon so as to ...

... pay for more United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings at sunny seaside resorts around the planet.

It's come to this.

Here's One To Watch

If the Republicans in Washington got the message sent loud and clear earlier this month, then you'll see a radical departure from the past here:
The Kingston Brio
Wall Street Journal

House Republicans are choosing their committee chairmen in the next week or so, and one of the biggest decisions will be who runs the Appropriations panel that dictates federal spending. Georgia Republican Jack Kingston is only fifth in line by seniority, but he is making an impressive case that he understands the need to rethink how Congress spends money.

Mr. Kingston's two main competitors for the job are promising that they've got tea party religion, but their records belie the claim. Californian Jerry Lewis is a former Appropriations Chairman whose tenure coincided with the record for the number of earmarks in 2005 and 2006. He fought every reform attempted by younger Republicans and presided over the favor-factory mentality that corrupted Members like Duke Cunningham. Mr. Lewis would need a special term limit waiver to lead the committee again, and if he gets the job we'll know Speaker-presumptive John Boehner has been cowed by the Old Bulls.

Next in line is Kentucky's Hal Rogers, who was first elected in 1980 and has long been content to divide the spending spoils with Democrats. Between 2008 and 2010, Mr. Rogers secured $246 million in parochial projects, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense. He had the fourth most earmarks of any Member of Congress last year and was recently cited by Citizens Against Government Waste as one of its "Oinkers of the Year." His hometown newspaper in eastern Kentucky crowned him "the prince of pork" for the tax dollars he sends home. It's a fair bet he would marshal his 12 subcommittee chairmen as a phalanx to defeat any serious budget reform or spending restraint.

As an Appropriator first elected to Congresss in 1992, Mr. Kingston is no spending virgin, but his overall record is much better. The National Taxpayers Union gives both Messrs. Lewis and Rogers a grade of C+ for fiscal responsibility, putting them near the bottom among Republicans. Mr. Kingston's lifetime grade is B+.

As significant, this week Mr. Kingston will present to Mr. Boehner's Steering Committee a blueprint for action that shows he's given considerable thought to changing the spending culture in Congress. (We're posting his 18-page power point at OpinionJournal.com.) [link]
Lewis and Rogers are part of the problem.  A big part.  Giving either one of them the Appropriations reins means the GOP hasn't learned a thing.

The Hope and Change truly start here.

Another One To Watch

What don't they understand about ...


From the American Thinker:
Will The Light Bulb Ban Inspire A Conversion?

Why is the incandescent light bulb ban such a lightning rod for Tea Party-inspired remorse from big government Republicans? Simple: it's a liberty-stealing assault on our privacy and common sense, outrageously expensive, and doesn't solve any of the problems it's intended to fix. That's only for starters. The most egregious feature is that the ban makes fools of the American people who willingly succumb to such nonsense from Washington, DC.

Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) campaigning to advance his chances in ascending the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee now says he'd open hearings to reconsider the phase out of incandescent light bulbs.

His first witness should be Dennis Miller, who quipped on his radio show about dreaded CFLs, the most ballyhooed replacement for incandescents, " I don't care what my electric bill is. I haven't worked my entire life so that my living room can look like a Soviet Bloc stairwell during a James Bond fight scene." A good line for Miller to express humorously what most people are thinking.

And a good move for Upton to seek some conservative creds, given the testosterone offered by his rival Joe Barton (R-TX). Maneuvering to keep his top spot for the Republicans on Energy &Commerce, it was Barton, knowing how to push all of the red buttons, who in October introduced a bill to repeal the light bulb ban in its entirety.

Upton, a favorite with so-called bi-partisan moderates showing too many sympathies with the global warming crowd, having been an outspoken friend of CFLs and an enthusiastic co-sponsor of the incandescent phase out in 2007, has been badly torched by right-sided true believers.

But Upton is no dummy He and the other Republicans-who-too-often-behave-like-Democrats now know that they are on probation, realizing that those who remain co-conspirators in government overreach will be driven into the political wilderness in 2012. [link]
A message to this Upton character: If he thinks his allowing a one-time conversation to take place in a committee room regarding his incandescent light bulb ban is going to rectify things, he's got another think coming.


Anything less than outright repeal of the ban and there's going to be hell to pay.

Morgan Griffith Goes To Work

Our new congressional representative in Washington got the message.  See him as he begins his new career here:

Turns out, he's not a bad stump speaker either.

Let's hope he "remembers the ones what brung him" and doesn't catch that disease that eventually afflicts so many politicians in the Capitol. Creeping Liberalism.