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Thursday, December 02, 2010

But It Seemed Perfect For The Occasion

Mine may be a different take from those you'll read anywhere else.  On that intentionally blasphemous video depiction of the crucified Jesus having ants crawling all over his body that the taxpayer-funded National Portrait Gallery put on display in Washington, but just as quickly removed from display when the desired uproar occurred, I would ask that the NPG put the "art exhibit" back up.  For all the world to see.

The presentation has been referred to as a landmark LGBT exhibit.  I'll let others decide if it rises to the level of "landmark" or not.  It does seem that it conforms to the kind of degenerate "art" that is so ... proper these days in east coast "arts" circles, but ants crawling all over the murdered Jesus?  Yeah, that may be a new one.

But I'd respectfully ask that the display be put back up for all the world to behold.  It fits right in with the rest of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender exhibit (paid for by you). And with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender culture in general, for that matter.  I think the world should be allowed to gain a real understanding of the degeneracy, decadence, and depravity that these people champion.

Let the exhibit run!  We deserve to know who these people are.

A Heartbeat Away

[Our vice president] can't tell left from right for Kirk oath of office.

Hey, It's Only Money

And you know good and well that you were only going to use it to finance your children's college education. Which is not nearly as important as your hard-earned income being used to support foreign banks.

For the love of God:
European banks took big slice of Fed aid
By Robin Harding, Tom Braithwaite, and Francesco Guerrera, Financial Times

Foreign banks were among the biggest beneficiaries of the $3,300bn in emergency credit provided by the Federal Reserve during the crisis, according to new data on the extraordinary efforts of the US authorities to save the global financial system.

The revelation of the scale of overseas lenders’ borrowing underlines the global nature of the turmoil and the crucial role of the Fed as the lender of last resort for the world’s banking sector.

However, news that banks such as Barclays of the UK, Switzerland’s UBS and Dexia of Belgium borrowed billions of dollars at favourable terms from US authorities may further anger critics already enraged about the Fed’s rescue of Wall Street. [link]
Ya think?

This makes me want to cry.  Our critically debt-ridden government is lending money to people we don't know, and worse, people who generally hate us.  People who will quickly squander our children's college funds as they have their own treasury reserves.  Can you say toilet and flush?

We approach the abyss ...

Obama Is Strangling Us

Let's get real.  Alternative energies don't exist.  Not really.  And they may never in any appreciable quantities at prices that humans can afford. 

With that understood, this should scare the socks off of you:
Obama Administration Blocks Energy Development
Americans for Prosperity, Virginia

The Obama Administration today suspended exploration for oil and natural gas off the coast of Virginia for at least the next seven years. Likewise, the Administration blocked similar development in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the entire Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States.

Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia Director Ben Marchi today issued the following statement:

“This excessive, sweeping and unnecessary move by the Obama Administration is nothing short of a knee jerk reaction that will have lasting repercussions on the economy of Virginia, potential job creation and the nation at large.

“Such a categorical action during an economic downturn denies the uniquely American ability to solve problems and formulate effective methods to overcome obstacles. By this action, President Obama is eliminating the possibility of creating thousands of jobs in Virginia and elsewhere. He has also cemented – at least for the foreseeable future – America’s reliance on foreign sources of energy while we have untapped resources here within reach on our own shores.

“This is an issue of national economic security, and we are deeply disappointed in President Obama’s actions. Now is the time for our members of Congress, including our two U.S. Senators, to express opposition to this shortsighted policy.” [acquired via email]

From the Republican Party of Virginia:

Obama to Virginia: Drop Dead

- Administration says no drilling off Virginia, despite gas pushing $3, need for more jobs--
-Key Obama allies Warner, Webb, Kaine remain silent while Old Dominion suffers-

Oil prices are rising, and families are digging ever deeper to pay for gasoline that's headed rapidly toward $3 per gallon. Virginia, just like very other state in the union, needs more jobs.

Governor McDonnell and the General Assembly, in a bipartisan effort, have cleared the way for offshore oil drilling as part of the Governor's plan to strengthen our economy and create new jobs.

Hearing all this, President Obama stepped up and ... ordered no offshore development in Virginia for at least seven years.

Not content with destroying the economy of the Gulf Coast, the Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will block any drilling off the Virginia coast, ensuring that thousands of potential jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of capital investment never happen.

This is oddly similar to Barack Obama's unilateral decision to close the Joint Forces Command - which will hurt Virginia's economy and weaken our military's capabilities in a time when we need a strong national defense. Once again, Barack Obama seems to be telling Virginia's families to "drop dead."

It begs the question, when will Virginia's Democrats start standing up for the Old Dominion's economy, and stop kowtowing to Barack Obama?

It's not like Virginia Democrats don't have some pull with the Obama administration. DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is a close confidant and was very nearly Vice President. Democrat Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner campaigned with Obama, and made his signature 'accomplishment' - ObamaCare - possible.

If Kaine, Warner, and Webb were interested in what was right for Virginia, they'd already be at the microphones, raising hell until the Administration stops hurting Virginia.

Just what do Kaine, Warner, and Webb think about Obama sticking it to Virginia yet again? Are they going to fight, or are they more worried about hurting the President's feelings?

Virginia Democrats: Standing Up For Barack Obama, Not Virginia's Economy.
So what does Obama propose as an alternative to oil production?

"Green" this. And "alternative" that. Pablum.  Pablum.  And more pablum.

We don't deserve this.  Obama and his enablers all need to go.

Republicans Get Serious

On the flip side of Barack Obama's blind and dumb decision to ban offshore drilling for seven years (see above), the Republicans in Congress are clearing the decks and preparing to get this country focused once again:
Pelosi Climate Panel Dies in Republican Sweep of House
By Jim Snyder, Bloomberg

Republicans will eliminate the House committee created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to highlight the threat of climate change, Representative James Sensenbrenner, the top Republican on the panel, said today.

In one of her first acts as speaker in 2007, Pelosi, a California Democrat, created the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to draw attention to climate-change science and showcase how a cap on carbon dioxide needn’t be a threat to economic growth.

Republicans, who won control of the House in the Nov. 2 election, have opposed legislative efforts to regulate carbon emissions as a tax on energy. When the panel convened today, Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, said that the hearing “will be the last of the select committee.” [link]
I'd give a hearty Thank God Almighty! if the demise of this committee really had significance beyond the Republicans' showing that they are serious about stopping the burlesque that is the global warming movement.

After all, there is something to be said for the fact that the more the Democrats screwed around with this kind of idiocy, the less time they'd spend dreaming up new ways to confiscate our hard-earned income through taxation.

Still, at least as a show of intent, the Republicans are sweeping away the silliness that is the environmental movement.  Here's to them.