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Monday, December 06, 2010

We Got Your Number

The Kingsport Times-News editorial staff certainly has the editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times pegged.

Dan Radmacher, Roanoke Times:
President Obama jumped ahead of congressional Republicans in announcing a two-year pay freeze for the federal government's civilian work force.

There is, as he noted, a need for Americans to feel a sense of shared sacrifice as the nation's economy continues a wobbly recovery from a long, devastating global recession. 
The Kingsport Times-News:
With his job approval ratings in free fall and a second term in jeopardy, President Obama’s latest political ploy — a two-year pay freeze for the majority of federal civilian workers — gives cynicism a bad name.

President Obama must think most Americans aren’t very bright or have short memories.
Can that be?  Does Obama think most of us (a) aren't bright or (b) have short memories?  Who knows.

But the charges - (a) and (b) - and even (c) all of the above - can certainly be leveled against a certain nitwit at the Roanoke Times.

The People Of Virginia Want To Know

Is the Commonwealth's new Democratic Party chairman as bigoted and mean-spirited and liberal as is his brother?

The Deficit Be Damned

I know.  I know.  With Obama in the White House, compromise has to be the order of the day.  At least until January, 2013 when he'll no longer be able to inflict any more damage upon our bleeding and ulcerated economy.  But still, this has to stop some day:
Bush Tax-Cut Deal With Jobless Aid Said to Be Near
By David M Herszenhorn and Carl Hulse, New York Times

Washington — White House officials and Congressional Republicans said Sunday they were closing in on a deal to temporarily continue the Bush-era tax cuts at all income levels, while bitterly frustrated Democratic Congressional leaders began exploring whether they would have the votes for such a package.

A day after the Senate rejected President Obama’s preferred tax plan, officials said the broad contours of a compromise were in focus.

Rather than extending the tax rates only on income described by Democrats as middle class — up to $250,000 a year for couples and $200,000 for individuals — the deal would also keep the rates for higher earners, probably for two years. In return, Republicans said they would probably agree to extend jobless aid for the long-term unemployed. [link]
That "jobless aid for the long-term unemployed" used to be called welfare.  A debilitating and costly program that even Bill Clinton had finally had enough of and ended in 1996.  Now it's back.

Couple that with the fact that the Republicans in Congress are not only helping to resurrect that demon, they are paying for its revival with ... nothing.  That nothing being an IOU.  Or, as we know it, the national debt.

The irony?  They are doing it so as to be able to say to the American people that they were able to keep for us that which we already have (Bush's tax cut).

May God have mercy.

The 2010 election did mean something, right?

Be Green

Die from mercury poisoning. 
Consumer groups call for end to EU light bulb ban
The Local

Consumer protection organisations have demanded a suspension of the EU ban on incandescent light bulbs, citing official tests that showed the new compact fluorescent lamps to be dangerous if broken.

The energy saving bulbs show mercury levels 20 times higher than regulations allow in the air surrounding them for up to five hours after they are broken, according to tests released Thursday by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

“If the industry can’t manage to offer safe bulbs, then the incandescent bulbs must remain on the market until autumn of 2011,” said Gerd Billen, the leader of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (VZVB).

His group encouraged the federal government to push for a suspension of the ban in Brussels until there was a safe and practical alternative.

“It can’t be that the state bans a safe product and replaces it with a dangerous one,” Billen said. [link]
Here in America, too, Congress (and George W. Bush) banned a safe product with its only viable alternative replacement a dangerous one. Not to mention the fact that it's also an expensive one.  And, as a light emitter, a lousy one.

So the Europeans have had enough of it.

Can the U.S. Congress be far behind?

We Live In Different Worlds

I just about tossed my breakfast onto my keyboard when I read this, a nomination for TIME magazine's "Person of the Year" offered up by one Michael Eavis:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is my choice. President Obama was generous in offering her the top job in U.S. politics after his, and she was able to swallow her pride and accept it. Her performance and skill on the world stage have impressed people of all races and genders, and she has added so much to American status and pride that she truly deserves the title of TIME Person of the Year.
No.  It's not a joke.  At least I don't think it's a joke.

Forget the fact that our traditional allies in Israel now hate us.  As do the British.  Forget the fact that the North Koreans are walking all over us.  Along with the Chinese.  And never mind the fact that the Afghan people now see more of an opportunity siding with the Taliban than with us.  Forget too the fact that the Russians have been pushing Hillary around now for two years.  And forget her embarrassing efforts to promote global "climate change" legislation, all of which failed miserably.

Hillary Clinton's "performance and skill on the world stage" can best be summed up in this Drudge headline this morning:

Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson or Henry Clay or Daniel Webster or Elihu Root or Cordell Hull or George Marshall or John Foster Dulles or Colin Powell - all former Secretaries of State - ever having a headline like that appear in the papers?

"She has added so much to American status and pride that she truly deserves ..."

For the love of God.

Alternative Energy Sources Come ...

... and alternative energy sources go.

Well, hopefully, anyway:
Ethanol on the Run
Wall Street Journal editorial

Last week, no fewer than 17 Senators signed a letter calling ethanol "fiscally indefensible" and "environmentally unwise." Led by Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Republican Jon Kyl, the group said Congress shouldn't extend certain subsidies that expire at the end of the year, including the 45-cent-per-gallon tax credit for blending ethanol into gasoline and tariffs on cheaper imports. Conservatives like Tom Coburn dislike this costly industrial policy, while liberals like Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse are turning against the hefty carbon emissions that come with corn fuels.

Even Energy Secretary Steven Chu seems to have found the anti-ethanol religion. Speaking at the National Press Club last Monday, Mr. Chu said that "ethanol is not an ideal transportation fuel" and that the government's focus should be "on ways that we can actually go beyond ethanol." Like most greens, he still supports so-called advanced fuels that aren't made from corn and also aren't commercially viable, but we'll take his partial conversion.

[A]lso last week, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that under the 2007 energy bill Americans must use at least 13.95 billion gallons of ethanol next year, or about 8% of total U.S. fuel consumption. In protecting its free ride, the ethanol lobby is like Fannie Mae before the crash. But at least now there's a glimmer of political hope for taxpayers. [link]
Early on, many of us looked to ethanol - along with the other "biofuels" as well - as being a wonderful alternative to petroleum.  As time went by, however, we came to realize that wonderful it ain't.

So we're back to oil.  And whatever else Al Gore dreams up in his Willy Wonka factory.