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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Habeeb Making The Right Moves

OK. I'm impressed.

This comes to us from a press release:
Veterans Rally To Support Habeeb for Delegate

Salem – In a statement released from his headquarters today, Greg Habeeb, Republican candidate for the Eighth House of Delegates District, announced the creation of the “Veterans for Greg Habeeb” coalition.

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of so many brave men and women who have served our great nation,” said Habeeb. “We owe all veterans a debt of gratitude that words can not repay.”

The coalition includes members from almost every major conflict of the last half-century.

"It is not a coincidence that we chose this day to cast our endorsement for Greg Habeeb. Like those who gave so dearly on December 7, 1941, we veterans have always been willing to stand up and defend this nation, fight tyranny and free the oppressed,” said Dr. Garrett Thompson, Captain, U.S. Army. “We understand that to preserve the freedoms we and our brothers and sisters have fought to establish, we need leaders in Richmond and Washington who will fight for more freedom, less government and greater opportunities for all citizens. We know Greg is a leader who will carry on the fight for freedom in Richmond and will honor all veterans in doing so."

“Through my work with the Military Family Support Center, I've seen up close and personal the sacrifices made by our military men and women and their families,” Habeeb added. “I will be a leader in working with local, state and federal organizations, governmental and private, to ensure that we honor these heroes by supporting them in every way possible.”
To provide some serious bona fides to this announcement, here is a list of veterans who have joined the effort to get Habeeb elected next month:

Touching all the bases.  Good timing too.

Click on the list to enlarge it.

Let's Celebrate December 8th

On this fateful day, a date which will live in infamy, it's worth taking the time to admire and respect the resolve of the man who - with a little help from tens of millions of freedom-loving people around the globe - brought down fascism and imperialism, and ended the scourge of Nazism forever.

Here's to Franklin Roosevelt:

On December 8, 1941:

"No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

"With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph. So help us, God."

Right moment. Right time. Right president.

Bush Victorious

Boy, if giving tax breaks to the rich didn't give liberals in this country sleepless nights, this surely will:

Said Mr. Obama, not that long ago:

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

Guess not.

Rick Boucher's Towering Legacy

Yeah, I'm going to kick him one more time before he heads out the door.

So what can Congressman Rick Boucher - Democrat - now claim to be his greatest achievement in all the years he spent wandering around Congress?  This: It's something for which he worked tirelessly and unwaveringly.  Something that was so important to him that he wrote op/ed pieces for local newspapers on the subject.  Something that was so important that the House of Representatives took it up as a matter that needed to be addressed even before they met to decide whether our taxes would go up or not.

The House voted to force TV stations to turn down the volume when they air commercials.

Boucher's baby.

It's called the CALM Act.

It should have been called the BOUCHER Act.  In his honor.

TV volume.  The Congress of the United States of America.

Kinda makes war and disease and starvation and global warming and poverty and pestilence pale in comparison, doesn't it?

The CALM Act.  A legacy that will transcend time.

- - -

James Taranto:
What better time to deal with the scourge of loud ads than a few years after everyone got TiVo or another DVR and with it the ability to skip commercials entirely? Perhaps before the year is out Congress will have addressed the pressing problems of junk faxes and horse manure on New York streets.
Look at the bright side, James.  At least they weren't focusing on seizing our hard-earned income for a few moments.

Who's The Real Nitwit?

There's a lot of criticism being ladled on that sorry sack of human being named Kathy Griffin for her tasteless attack on Bristol Palin at a USO benefit concert the other night.  Criticism that is certainly well deserved.

My question, though, is this:

What in God's name was the scheduler at the USO thinking when he or she booked this gutter dweller to appear in the first place?  What, Medea Benjamin from Code Pink wasn't available?

What were they thinking?

Ah, Congress

Here's one for the history mystery books.  Just to show you that your elected representative in Washington is still hard at it, a vote was taken the other day on House Concurrent Resolution 323, a bill "supporting the goal of ensuring that all Holocaust survivors in the United States are able to live with dignity, comfort, and security in their remaining years."

All right then.

I'm not sure why Holocaust survivors were singled out with that guarantee - wouldn't our goal be to have all Americans live their lives with dignity, comfort, and security? - but here's the strange part.  The final vote?

238 Democrats voted YEA.
168 Republicans voted NAY.

Since a concurrent resolution is ... well, a resolution and doesn't become public law, it seems more than a bit odd that every Republican in the House of Representatives would not want Holocaust survivors to live with dignity, ... etc.

Did the two words in the resolution - "supporting" and "ensuring" - scare them?  Maybe.  God knows the United States government is doing everything in its power these days to "support" and "ensure" every freaking aspect of our everyday lives.  Did the "support" involve a transfer of funds?

Or was it because the resolution was sponsored by a total flake from Florida.

Seems odd.  But then this is Washington ...

They Do Hate Sarah Palin So

Suppose anyone listened with more than a teeny bit of skepticism when a liberal journalist announced on a liberal cable channel that a liberal abortion group had conducted a poll and found Sarah Palin to be lacking public support?  Ring the alarm bells:
MSNBC's Mitchell Touts Planned Parenthood Poll Claiming Palin Not Trusted on 'Women's Health Issues'
By Kyle Drennen, NewsBusters

During Tuesday's 1PM ET hour on MSNBC, anchor Andrea Mitchell highlighted a new poll from the left-wing pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood that claimed that voters do not trust Sarah Palin on so-called "women's health issues": "A new poll suggests that she may have a tough time getting voters to trust her on at least one front....54% of registered voters do not trust Palin on those issues."

Later in the same segment, deciding to get in a few more shots at Palin, Mitchell claimed that the former Alaska governor's new book, 'America by Heart,' had not appeared on the New York Times best seller list: "All of a sudden, Sarah Palin, with a new book, is not on the list....unless there was something wrong with my edition of The New York Times, she's not on it, with a book that's just come out." Well, apparently there was something wrong with the Times' Sunday December 5 best seller list, because its December 12 list had Palin's book debuting at number two behind George W. Bush's 'Decision Points.' [link]
For those who don't know this Andrea Mitchell person, you'd have gained all the understanding about her you'd need had you watched her coverage of the Clarence Thomas hearings a number of years ago.  During breaks in his testimony, she'd come to the camera outside the committee room and, with wild eyes and breathless commentary, proceed to try and refute everything Thomas was telling the Congressional committee about his professional relationship with Anita Hill.  Mitchell dropped all pretense of being a reporter and became, instead, a flaming advocate for the feminist movement, the Democratic effort to stop the Thomas nomination at all costs, and for Hill herself, a dubious character if there ever was one.

From what I see above, her attitudes haven't changed.

Another reason - one of many - why I never watch NBC - or its spawn - any more.