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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet The Real Racists

It don't get any plainer than this:

Why South L.A.? Well, that's where all the - you know - black people are in Los Angeles. And we all know how black people love their fast food. And fast food ain't good for them. And we all know they're too stupid to realize it. So Mama's gonna take care of them, like it or not.

For the love of God.

The best part?  Black folks in this country - and in South L.A. - will vote overwhelmingly in the next election for this same bunch that continually looks down upon them as being little smarter than zoo creatures.

From this point I'll leave it to the psychiatrists ...

OK, I'm Done With This Gig

Read Barack Obama's (brief) resumé and you come to this inescapable conclusion: The man hasn't held down any one "job" for any great length of time in his entire life.  That pattern maintains:

If not, it's just a matter of time. Other adventures await ...

Photo courtesy of Drudge.

'It's Just Sex Between Consenting Adults'

If you're not completely grossed out by the thought of a (very liberal) Columbia Poli Sci Professor [allegedly] Diddling His Daughter, you're probably a big supporter of gay rights.

There's a point here that I've been making for years. If you're going to argue in favor of sexual perversion, then you have to be willing to accept sexual perversion in the many forms in which it manifests itself.

But if it's between two consenting adults, who are we to judge?


- - -

Robert Stacy McCain:

"So, according to his own daughter, Professor Pervo was engaged in this twisted behavior the whole time he was blogging at HuffPo."

Twisted indeed.

Go Away, Bernie

It appears that socialist United States senator Bernie Sanders has captured the imaginations (that word fits this topic so very well) of America's liberal fringe now that he's gone to the podium and prattled on for eight hours about how much he hates rich people.

Except for that fringe, however, his stunt came and went.  Ho.  Hum.

Those of us who don't live in an imaginary land see those "rich" folks by another name - EMPLOYERS.   Many of whom have packed their bags and moved to China where they get a fairer break from the government (the commies!) than they had here in the U.S. where Sanders's fellow travelers have now ruled for sixty years.

Bernie Sanders wants to launch a class war.  A war that ended with the dissolution of the old Soviet Union many years ago. 

Americans want their employers back.  And if the last election meant nothing else, it meant that the American people want fossils like Bernie Sanders to crawl back under their rocks and let us get back to work.

Suppose They'll Notice?

Will they connect the dots?

"As negotiators from nearly 200 countries met in Cancun to strategize ways to keep the planet from getting hotter, the temperature in the seaside Mexican city plunged to a 100-year record low of 54° F."

I'm guessing it won't phase them one bit.

Playing To The Crowd

Well, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin's popularity just went up six points:
Joe Manchin booed over 'Don’t ask' vote
By Scott Wong, Politico

Gay-rights activists on Friday booed the mere mention of newly sworn in Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), the only Democrat to join Republicans in blocking a repeal of the Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

At a Capitol Hill rally, two West Virginia natives took to the stage and condemned Manchin’s vote on Thursday, issuing veiled threats that they would work against his 2012 reelection if he did not reverse course.

West Virginia Army National Guard Sgt. Jared Towner, 31, who served three tours of duty in Iraq and is straight, said continued opposition to repeal could cost Manchin the youth vote in two years. [link]
Right.  Sure.  Manchin is going to lose the "youth" vote.  Because he opposes DADT.

That loss has to tally at least a dozen "youths."  The rest?  They don't care, don't vote, or are with the entire adult population of West Virginia in opposing a politically correct United States Armed Services.

Gays are mad at Joe Manchin.  In West Virginia.  It wasn't by accident that he got that lucky.

What Is It With Liberals and Trains?

If taxpayers weren't going to ultimately foot the mammoth bill, this would be a laugh riot.  Unfortunately ...
Subsidy Trains to Nowhere
Wall Street Journal

Consider the case of California, which is one of the states getting cash for trains that the Midwesterners didn't want. Earlier this month its high-speed rail authority approved construction on the first 65-mile segment of a 500-mile bullet train. The first miles will connect the small towns of Borden and Corcoran in the Central Valley for a mere $4.15 billion. Yes, that's billion.

One other detail: The segment won't even begin operating until more of the line is completed, which on present trend could be never. Read on and weep. [link]
Yes.  Read on.  And weep.

Despite all the evidence collected over time that suggests - no, guarantees - failure when it comes to these rail projects, liberals keep pushing them onto the taxpayer.

It's time to stop the madness.  It's time to put Chris Christie in charge of the Transportation Department. It's time to return sanity to federal appropriations.

To Those Who Think They Know Everything


Didn't his kind say the same thing about black people up until just recently?