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Monday, December 13, 2010

They Always Know Better

The extremely liberal New York Times has conservative Ross Douthat sitting at its editorial board table.

The equally liberal Washington Post has conservative columnist George Will.

On the flip side, the conservative Wall Street Journal has liberal columnist Thomas Frank.

Heck, even the ravenously conservative Fox News features, each day, a bevy of liberal talking heads on its various news and talk programs.

All for balance.

And the Roanoke Times?

We're liberal and everyone else is stupid and we like listening to what we say more than we do what all you lesser humans might eruct, so shut up and send in your letters to the editor and we'll decide if you're worth a voice in this our democracy.

Or something.

Not since 2006, when the Times's best weekly columnist - and also its lone conservative contributor - left and went back to the blogging world, has the Times had a dissenting voice on the inside.

It's best that their worldview not be challenged.  Everything makes so much more sense.

The End of an Era

I remember my grandmother getting a monthly pension check in the amount of $12 from this company.

Twelve dollars.

For many years of loyal service.

Who knows, maybe that's how it stayed in business back then.

Today?  Well, the $12 pension checks are gone.  And so is the company.  Perhaps:
A&P's bankruptcy opens the door for Burkle
By James Covert, New York Post

A&P filed for bankruptcy yesterday -- a move that could transfer control over the struggling grocer to Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle.

The 150-year-old supermarket chain -- which has shrunk drastically in recent years from its heyday more than 50 years ago, when it was among the biggest companies in the US -- was a victim of fierce competition from fast-growing rivals including warehouse clubs and big discounters like Wal-Mart.

Nevertheless, A&P's bankruptcy filing -- smack-dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season -- took some industry insiders by surprise, with some blaming ... [link]
A&P (Atlantic and Pacific), the Wal-Mart of the grocery business in its day, fossilized.  And crumbled.  A lesson to be studied and learned by Wal-Mart executives today, ahem.

My grandmother, by the way, was thankful for her $12 a month.  She was always that kind of person.  And she loved her A&P.

From The City Of Illegal Aliens


I think I'd rather have a homelessness reputation than a lawless, environmental-wackoist, welfare state reputation.

But that's just me ...


The Washington Post is running a series of investigative reports on ...

... The Hidden Life of Guns.

The assumption is that someone cares.  And that someone else will buy into the idiocy.

And that guns have ... lives? 

For the love of God.

Time To Start Over?

Maybe it's best, as news leaks out about that which is being added to the bill that is supposed to keep George W. Bush's tax cuts in place going into next year (when they are currently scheduled to expire), if we just ask the Republicans in Congress to kill it and start over in January when they have a clear majority to work with.  Because this is quickly getting to be intolerable:
Lame-Duck Bailouts for Ethanol and Wind?
By Robert Bryce, National Review

Ethanol is the Frankenfuel of the energy business, a subsidy-devouring monster that cannot be killed, no matter how great the political opposition. Farm-state senators have apparently succeeded in adding an extension of the ethanol tax credit, which is scheduled to expire at the end of the year, to the tax bill now working its way through Congress.

While that news is disheartening enough, the wind-energy business — the electricity sector’s equivalent of the ethanol scam — may also be winning in its effort to garner more federal subsidies.

Any legislation that provides more subsidies for ethanol or wind energy in the final days of the 111th Congress will be a major loss for taxpayers, as billions of additional dollars will be lavished on sectors that cannot survive in the free market. [link]
We have time to codify the tax cuts.  But we don't have time when it comes to getting the United States of America on solvent ground again.  These costly, wasteful and counterproductive subsidies must stop.  Now.

On Global Warming

A consensus is forming.

But Al Gore and every other totalitarian environmentalist on this planet ain't gonna like it.

Smackdown of the Day

Charlie Martin:
As Mark Twain would put it, a rather amazing amount of supposing and concluding, based on the most trivial investment in facts. I count three unsupported assertions, a couple of ad hominems, at least two separate and disconnected threads of argument, at least one non sequitur, and a gratuitous use of class warfare.

If this paragraph were a railroad man, it would be getting a gold watch for the loyal service it put in to the cause of liberal whining.
"The Shame of Being Jonathan Turley"

More On Adult Incest

I'm waiting for the deep thinkers at the Roanoke Times, those who still occasionally write on their editorial page that Virginians are a bunch of neanderthals because we oppose gay marriage, to tell us what position they take on the brewing controversy over that (rabidly liberal) Columbia professor who has been arrested for diddling his own daughter.

Tell us, fellas, if you oppose adult incest, is it because of some moral principle you've been hiding from us?

And if you support incest, do you then accept any kind of perversion, as long as it involves one or more adults?

So far we've been subjected to an eerie silence from the Times ...

I don't blame you.

- - -

Law Professor Eugene Volokh:
Given the recent news story about father-adult daughter incest, I thought I’d ask a few questions about adult-adult incest:

(1) Should it be illegal, and, if so, exactly why? Is it just because it’s immoral? Because legalizing incest would, by making a future sexual relationship more speakable and legitimate, potentially affect the family relationship even while the child is underage (the view to which I tentatively incline)?

(2) Given Lawrence v. Texas — and similar pre–Lawrence decisions in several states, applying their state constitutions — what exactly is the basis for outlawing incest? Is it that bans on gay sex are irrational but bans on adult incest are rational, and rationality is all that’s required for regulations of adult sex? Is it that bans on gay sex don’t pass strict scrutiny (or some such demanding test) but bans on adult incest do? Is it that Lawrence rested on the fact that bans on gay sex largely foreclose all personally meaningful sexual relationships for those who are purely homosexual in orientation, whereas incest bans only foreclose a few possible sexual partners?

(3) If adult incest is indeed criminalized, what should the penalties be (assuming lack of further aggravating circumstances, such as force, strong evidence of grooming for future adult incest during childhood, and so on)? Should the penalty be relatively light, on the theory that only consenting adults were involved (much as the penalty for prostitution is relatively light)? Should it be very grave, on the theory that it’s important to send a firm, unambiguous message that such behavior is wrong, or perhaps on the theory that one party is likely to have seriously harmed the other even though the other consented?

(4) Should all this apply to adult brother-sister incest, or are the arguments chiefly limited to what one sees as the likely special emotional control that parents might have over children?
Ah, yes.  Adult brother-sister incest.  Add that to the argument.

Where are you, Roanoke Times?  You like to be out there on the cutting edge of public opinion.  Why the silence?

- - -

Let it be duly noted: This incident occurred in the holier-than-thou universe of Columbia University, not in Hill Jack, West Virginia.

- - -

I tried long ago to convince Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times, that you can't accept one kind of perverse behavior without opening the door to all kinds of aberrant sexual doings.  He just kept responding with "consenting adults, consenting adults."  And here we are.

Gutter Journalism

Be outraged.

Read "Media Creates New Palin Scandal! Sarah Accused of Bringing Hairdresser on Haiti Trip."

And remember to never trust the cheap bastards in the mainstream press.

A Real Basket Case

A (socialist) politician runs for election to the highest office in the land on a platform centered around opposition to the War on Terror and opposition to the capitalist way of life.  The same politician who wins handily, and immediately launches into dramatic reforms.  And who, a few years later, finds his country to be in complete turmoil.

Obama and the U.S.?


Spain and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Spain, where unemployment now exceeds 20% and youth unemployment shoots beyond 43%.

Maybe we'll all learn a valuable lesson from this for next time around?

As goes one socialist, so go them all.

I Can See Them Pulling Their Hair Out

Liberal Bush-haters screaming in a fit of rage:

Pure joy.