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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nothing To Lose

Everything to gain.

Ted Nugent:
For as far back as I can remember, politicians have mistreated our Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers with disrespect and disdain. They do what they damn well please. These punk politicians laugh and scoff at those of us who still believe in the 10th Amendment and a limited federal government.

On our embarrassing, apathetic watch, our politicians have built vast departments on top of vast agencies, which sit atop various other vast government institutions. Our politicians have given these inexplicable bureaucracies incredible powers, including what has become, for all practical purposes, unlimited, unaccountable regulatory power, and an army of millions upon millions of bureaucrats to implement the intentionally confusing infrastructure that serves to control us instead of liberate us, stifle innovation instead of reward it and crush entrepreneurialism instead of encourage it.

There is a good reason I refer to this bureaucratic nightmare as Fedzilla: It wrecks everything it touches.

We have a Department of Education that does not educate a single child. We have a Department of Agriculture that does not grow a single bean or stalk of corn. We have a Department of Energy that does not create enough energy to power a light bulb. All the while, these and other Fedzilla organizations spend hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and refuse to explain themselves.

Our politicians give us 2,000-page bills that they have not read and do not understand but have the audacity to tell usare for our own good. That's the bizarro anti-logic of people addicted to crack cocaine and not what we should expect from our politicians. These punk politicians deserve a bucket of hot tar and some feathers.

America is literally on the verge of financial ruin. [link]
Ask yourself: What would we lose if we were to eliminate the Departments of Education, Agriculture, and Energy?  Would education, agriculture, or energy go into decline?


So why do they exist?

Like He Closed Gitmo

So Obama tells us he's working to make America to be energy independent.

But the facts tell a different story. From RedState:
We saw on Wednesday how quickly a cessation of rig activity can translate into a measurable loss of production - an alarming loss of 355,000 barrels per day of oil and 2.0 BCF of natural gas per day in six months (March-September) from the Gulf of Mexico alone.

Windmills aren’t picking up the slack. Production performance like this means one thing: increased imports.

Energy independence? More like energy servitude.
"I’ve called for an investment of $15 billion a year over 10 years. Our goal should be, in 10 year’s time, we are free of dependence on Middle Eastern oil. And we can do it. Now, when JFK said we’re going to the Moon in 10 years, nobody was sure how to do it, but we understood that, if the American people make a decision to do something, it gets done. So that would be priority number one."
-- Barack Obama, October 2, 2008 --

Why Obamacare Will Be Voided

Because the geniuses who dreamt it up and pushed it upon an unwilling electorate were too smart by half.

Rich Lowrey:
Naked cynicism
New York Post

Prior to the passage of the health-care law, President Obama was at his most em phatic and condescending in insisting the penalty for defying the mandate to buy health insurance is not a tax.

In an ABC News interview in September 2009, Obama scoffed when George Stephanopoulos resorted to the dictionary to argue that the penalty must be a tax. An irritated Obama waved it all off as another unfair charge by his unhinged opponents. So you reject the notion that it's a tax increase? Stephanopoulos persisted. "I absolutely reject that notion," Obama declared.

In retrospect, the former law-school lecturer should have consulted his lawyers. No sooner had the law passed than Obama's Justice Department began insisting in court that the penalty is a tax.

ObamaCare passed into law in a festival of cynical maneuvering that now extends into its legal defense. The tax reversal is a classic of Humpty Dumpty semantics: "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less." [link]
And they thought they could get away with it.

Perhaps geniuses they ain't.

You're Changing America For The Good

You think hundreds of rallies drawing hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans don't have an impact on the way government conducts business? You think your lone voice isn't being heard? You think Washington is completely lost and, worse - hopeless?

Think again:
A Growth Watershed?
Wall Street Journal

In the Babel of modern politics, a major turn in policy direction is sometimes hard to discern. But this week we may have been watching precisely such a watershed, as a Democratic Congress extended the Bush-era tax rates, Republican Senators disavowed earmarks to kill a spending-as-usual bill, and a federal court declared ObamaCare to be unconstitutional.

None of these events by themselves signals the arrival of a new economic era. They are temporary or partial victories. But we learned long ago that the direction of policy can matter as much as any specific legislation, and the arc of these events reveals a break from the helter-skelter government expansion of the past four years.

As for the demise of the $1.1 trillion "omnibus" spending bill, do you believe in miracles? We can't recall such a bill failing in our lifetimes, not even with Ronald Reagan in the White House. Credit goes to Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell for making the political stakes clear to his colleagues, as well as to those GOP Senators who changed their minds despite peer and interest-group pressure.

Perhaps we are watching the rediscovery of Republican fiscal principle, which would mark another milestone on the road back to growth economics.

The court ruling against ObamaCare is the most tentative victory of the three, yet it could have the largest long-run impact if the Supreme Court ultimately limits what Congress can order its citizens to do. The Obama Presidency has produced a healthy public backlash that is reacquainting Americans with the Constitution's enumerated and limited powers. A ruling against ObamaCare would also assist the political case for its repeal and replacement, which is essential given the law's fast-track to European spending and tax burdens. [link]

So roll up your sleeves.  There's much yet to be done.

- - -

James Taranto:

"Here we have a Democratic Congress approving the hated Bush-era tax rates! That wouldn't have happened without the Tea Party-driven GOP sweep in November."

Make no mistake about it.

From The Comments To You

From a reader who uses the nom de guerre "Salt Lick" :
I am proud to say I attended one of the first Tea Party rallies in April 2009.

And later, at Rick Boucher's August 2009 town hall meeting in Dublin, I saw a secure politician suddenly realize he was no longer invulnerable. Rick began that meeting with his usual measured, condescending, lawyerly explanation as to why he leaned toward voting for ObamaCare.

Then the crowd exploded in frustration and anger. A light seemed to go off in Rick's head. But he'd already built his own coffin by crafting Cap and Trade.

It's about putting fear of being primaried into the RINOs, folks.

From my linked article -- "Say what you like about Christine O’Donnell and her incompetent nut-cluster of a campaign, she showed the Republican establishment that the Tea Party, and the fiscally discontent at large, are willing to run a kamikaze candidate against any RINO target of opportunity. And not all of the challengers are going to be O’Donnell-type buffoons." I'm already saving money for 2012 donations.

We're Americans. Fighting for individual liberty is what we do. And we have much, much more ahead.
Never relent.  Never compromise our liberties.  Be defiant.