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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Actually, Rachel Maddow is Right

As much as it pains me to admit ...

Read "Madame Maddow Warns That Cutting Government Spending Means Money 'Taken Out of the Economy'."

The author, Jack Coleman, takes the MSNBC blabbermouth to task over her assertion that a reduction in federal spending will bring about a reduction in GDP.  He writes:

"Maddow predictably gets it backward -- increasing government spending diverts money 'out of the economy.' True, much of it is filtered back through salaries for public workers and government contracts, but not until an inherently lethargic bureaucracy bites off a big chunk in the process."

Maddow is right for this reason: Almost one-half of the money that the government is now spending each year doesn't come from taxes or tariffs.  It is funny money that simply comes from that big printing press known as the United States Treasury.  Money that isn't really there.  Federal deficit money. 

Under other circumstances, in a real world, the federal budget would be tied directly to the amount of taxes confiscated from the citizenry and from America's corporations.  But not these days.  The government is pumping money into the economy like the world has never experienced before.  And it's not backed up with anything other than the ink that was squirted to print it.

A huge problem in itself. 

Which actually makes for two huge problems.

We need to control our deficit problem or risk collapse of the dollar, and with it our credit rating.  And with them, our way of life.  But if we remove a trillion dollars in federal spending from the economy over the next many years - nearly half of which didn't come out of the economy in the first place but from that printing press - GDP will take a hit.  As much as a 10% hit.

(I also contend that the reason Obama's - and Bush's - stimulus plans failed miserably was because we already had a torrent of federal spending flooding the economy before they turned the spigot another turn.  A few hundred billion?  Ho.  Hum.)

Bottom line: We need to reduce federal spending or we're doomed.  And if we reduce federal spending we are going to make things worse for the economy.

A fine mess these people have made.

To think: We paid them all handsomely to make this mess too.

The Democratic Party's Best & Brightest

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."
-- Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 --

Maybe.  But in order for that to happen, the Mexicans among us will have to seize control of our country and scrap our Constitution.

For the love of God.  How ignorant can these Democrats be?

The Never-ending Story

How many times has this headline been written over the years?

In truth, New York's GOP is a small shell of that which it once was.

I wonder why ...

Obama: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Talk about being stuck on stupid, I listened to a good bit of Barack Obama's press conference yesterday and was struck by the fact that the man is still spewing the same tired, discredited lines that he's been reciting throughout these past three years.  It's as if nothing's changed.  We need to tax the rich. We need to spend more money.  We need to end the deficit crisis - without touching Medicare, Medicaid, Education, or Social Security (which comprise 78% of the federal budget ...).

Nothing has changed.

Including the fact that the man has never stopped running for president.

Read this.  And, if you voted for the worm, be ashamed:

Nothing has changed as far as the media are concerned either.

The worst part?

Nothing's going to change.

I'm Not Holding Out Much Hope

Ken Cuccinelli, George Allen, and Bill Bolling want to know where Tim Kaine stands on one of the most important issues of our time - the right to work.

From a press release:
Bolling, Cuccinelli: If Kaine Still Supports Right-to-Work, He Should Publicly Oppose NLRB Boeing Suit
-- Republican leaders call for former DNC Chairman to take a stand --

Richmond - If former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine still supports the Commonwealth's Right-to-Work laws, he needs to speak up.

That's the message that two of Virginia's highest-ranking elected officials sent today, calling on the former Democratic National Committee chairman turned U.S. Senate candidate to speak out against a threat to the Old Dominion's continued economic recovery.

"In my role as Virginia's Chief Jobs Creation Officer, I know how important our Right-to-Work law is in helping recruit new business, industry and jobs to Virginia. Employers want to know that they have a stable environment in which to do business," said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.

Bolling, who serves as the McDonnell administration's point man on job creation, called on Kaine to support Virginia's Right-to-Work laws. Virginia's law, as in 21 other states, ensures that workers have the freedom to join a union if they so choose, but cannot be forced to sign up as a condition of employment.

"Virginia is widely recognized as the most pro-business state in the nation, and one of the reasons for this recognition is the fact that we are the northern most Right-to-Work law state," he said.

"Unfortunately, in recent years our right to work law has been under attack," Bolling added. "The most recent attack comes from the National Labor Relations Board and their incessant efforts to force unionization on employers through a number of misguided federal policies."

"Every candidate for statewide office should publicly reject the NLRB's anti-business policies and ensure employers and workers alike that they will do everything they can to support our state's Right-to-Work law," said Bolling.

"This NLRB assault is a jobs creation program... for China. Does Tim Kaine really support this sort of extra-legal, Virginia-job-destroying policy? I think Virginians deserve the right to know before Kaine is given power to affect the NLRB in the U.S. Senate," said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

"Men and women have the right to join a union, but no one should be coerced or compelled to join a union as a condition for having a job," Cuccinelli said. "Washington hasn't yet gotten the message that it needs to get out of our day to day lives. That's why Virginia needs a Congressional delegation that is committed to preserving the freedom embodied in Virginia's Right-to-Work law."

The NLRB sued Boeing last month in an effort to block the company's plans to expand its 787 Dreamliner manufacturing lines by adding some 1,000 new jobs at a new facility in South Carolina, a Right-to-Work state. The Board's suit claims that the decision to expand in South Carolina, instead of Washington, a forced-union state, is retaliation against union workers there for previous strikes.

Boeing argues that all the jobs being created are new and the expansion of the Dreamliner manufacturing line in South Carolina is good business. Boeing has said the new jobs will have no impact on the existing line in Washington state.

As DNC Chairman, Kaine was quick to mobilize the party's resources to oppose the efforts of Republican Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, to overhaul his state's public employee collective bargaining rules. According to reports by The Washington Post, Kaine spoke with Wisconsin labor leaders during the legislative debate on Governor Walker's budget repair bill.

Not long after, Organizing for America, the remnants of the Obama 2008 campaign began making phone calls, sending Twitter messages and e-mails in an effort to rally opposition to the bill.

Both Cuccinelli and Bolling called on Kaine to make his support for Virginia's Right-to-Work laws clear, and publicly call on the Obama administration as well as the NLRB to end their suit against Boeing.
I don't hold out much hope that these gentlemen will get Tim Kaine to make a clear stand on the Obama administration's disgraceful effort to block Boeing's expansion into South Carolina - an expansion that would bring thousands of new jobs to the USA - the very jobs that Obama says he's working tirelessly to create here - because nobody has been able to pin Obama down on the subject.

But Kaine's position is worth knowing.  We don't need to be returning to the days when America's unions had this country in a vice grip.  We have enough problems.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Time For Deeds To Head Off Into The Sunset

Or wherever liberal Democrats go when they're turned out of office by an aroused and surly populace.

The good news out of Charlottesville:
Republican lawyer announces challenge to Creigh Deeds for Senate
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Charlottesville lawyer Thomas "TJ" Aldous will run for the state Senate seat that Democrat Creigh Deeds of Bath County has held for a decade.

Aldous announced his candidacy Tuesday, becoming the first Republican to challenge Deeds for the Senate seat since the Democrat first won it in 2001.

Aldous lives in Albemarle County and practices law in Charlottesville, with an emphasis on estate planning and business law. He said his campaign will focus on better management of tax dollars, creating jobs and education, among other things.

"Over the coming months, I'll share my vision for a prosperous Virginia with the citizens of the 25th District, but I will also be listening to their concerns, their hopes and their dreams," Aldous said in a news release. "I will be at their doorstep and in their neighborhoods. This campaign will be about the citizens, not blind political ambition or coasting."

The 25th District extends from Bath County to Charlottesville and includes all of Alleghany and Rockbridge counties and the cities of Covington, Lexington and Buena Vista. [link]
Here's wishing Mr. Aldous success. Virginia depends on it.

And This In The LA Times?

Everyone's getting a little tired - and a lot annoyed - by the same spiel we've heard now for years.  But this coming to us from the Los Angeles Times is still a bit surprising:
861 days and $787 billion in, Obama pleads for more time on jobs
By Andrew Malcolm

Because who doesn't want to take his 747 to Iowa at this time of year?, President Obama popped up in Iowa today.

And you'll never guess what he did.

He pleaded for yet more time to create new jobs and keep his.

Eight hundred and sixty-one days after popping up in Denver, of all places, to sign the Democratic Congress' $787-billion stimulus bill that was going to work almost immediately and absolutely keep unemployment below 8%, Obama offered another jobs speech today (full text below) with unemployment at 9.1%.

He admitted that things are not good for millions of Americans and said it was going to take even more time to do what his vice president promised would be happening 14 months ago.

How could the awful economic hole from you-know-who keep getting deeper 889 days after the guy fled back to Texas? [link]
I can see them chanting at the Democratic National Convention next year:

Just give him FOUR MORE YEARS to create a job!
Just give him FOUR MORE YEARS to create a job!

I don't know.  Is it just me or does it seem like the magic has worn off?

Stupid People Making Stupid Decisions

At taxpayer expense, no less.

This is almost laughable:
Maryland Adds Environmental Literacy in High Schools
By Jim Angle, Fox News

Maryland is the first state in the country to impose a new requirement to graduate from high school -- something called environmental literacy.

But what is that?

The new rule is a regulation from the State Board of Education, not a law passed by the legislature, so it lays out no specifics. Governor Martin O'Malley offers no real details but praises it, saying it will "infuse core subjects with lessons about conservation and smart growth and the health of our natural world."

O’Malley also said it'll serve as a "foundation for green jobs," though one analyst says training for those is just like it is for any other job.

The state education board leaves all content up to local school boards and a state official says " local systems will implement the requirement as they see fit." [link]
In other words, the State Board of Education issued a mandate that means nothing.  Wasting time and the taxpayers' money on a silly feel-good liberal cause célèbre when it should have been concentrating on all those thousands of kids in its charge who can't freaking read.

So Maryland's young men and women will be expected to know how to plant seeds and recycle garbage in order for them to graduate from high school. Be sure and have them put those skills on their applications when they ask for employment at McDonald's.

When I Get To Heaven ...

(That's the plan anyway.)

... I've sometimes said that the people I'd like to meet - besides an ever growing list of relatives and friends - are The Great Triumvirate (a term for the three most influential men in American history outside of the Founding Fathers, men who represented the then-north, south, and western tracts of the USA; the men most responsible for making America the America it is today):

I'll even buy the beer.  (Or will the Bud be free in heaven?)

Until that day comes (not too soon, I hope), I'll just have to read about their exploits.

To that end a wonderful book on the latter has arrived in paperback via Amazon:

Henry Clay: The Essential American.

Essential reading for those who are interested in knowing more about the years in our history when Washington politicians were trying to gain control of that ship we call the United States of America, a ship that had been launched with great fanfare by their immediate predecessors but was dangerously close to going aground because of the bitter factional differences that were then entrenched

Good stuff.

'Useful Idiots' To Set Sail

Destination: Gaza.

Objective: To break the Israeli blockade* that prevents arms and munitions from getting into the hands of those Muslim terrorists who have vowed to kill every Jew in The Promised Land.

Mode of transportation: To accentuate the muddleheadedness of the operation - The Audacity of Hope.

Included amongst the idiots embarking on this mission of mercy stupidity: The author of The Color Purple, Alice Walker.

To whom screenwriter Dan Gordon - one of those targeted for extermination because he's of the forbidden and condemned Judaic faith - relates a news account in an effort to smarten her up. From "Alice Walker Is Sailing in the Wrong Direction":
On this most recent stint of reserve duty, I went to the spot outside the kibbutz where, just weeks ago, a clearly marked yellow school bus was deliberately targeted by Palestinian terrorists, with one of the more advanced antitank missiles available in the world today. They stalked the school bus as it made its turn into the kibbutz. This wasn't an errant shell, nor a primitive homemade rocket fired randomly in the hopes that it might hit some Jew somewhere. This was a deliberate attempt to murder children...children about whom Ms. Walker and her shipmates say they are so concerned. When the bus came out of the kibbutz the terrorists, not militants, were ready. They had a clear unobstructed shot and they took it, squeezed the trigger, knowing without doubt that they were about to murder Jewish children. Luckily, however, it was the end of the route and only one boy was still on the bus. His name was Daniel. Just like me. And just as I was sixteen when I was targeted at Nahal Oz, almost fifty years ago, this Daniel was also sixteen. The difference is I lived, through sheer luck and the Grace of God, and Daniel was burned alive. Deliberately. By the people whom the crew and passengers of The Audacity of Hope now seek to aid.
How can Ms. Walker support such people? Is she simply lazy? Easily duped? Or does she too wish that all Jews were exterminated, one bus load of innocent schoolchildren at a time?

We learn in Mr. Gordon's well-written article that both he and Alice Walker were active in the civil rights movement here in the USA back in the 60's. It might do her well - would it make any difference? - if she reflected on a sad chapter that was written in that turbulent era. It involved another targeted slaying of children. Their crime? Being black. The executioners?  Rather than Islamist terrorists it was the KKK. The locale? A church, for God's sake.

The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, September 15, 1963.

One would hope that Alice Walker would see the obvious connection.

That connection being hate.

One would, I'm now sure, be sadly disappointed.

So Alice Walker sets sail to "free" the Palestinian people.  I can see her standing outside the prison today, holding a sign that reads: Free the poor Klansmen!

A useful idiot indeed.

- - -

* As the article makes clear, humanitarian aid flows freely into Gaza on a daily basis. It's only arms and ammunition that are kept out of the hands of the Palestinian terrorists.

Headline of the Day

'Government should not tell you what to do unless there’s a compelling public purpose,' says … Mike Bloomberg?"

Republican to Run For Commissioner Seat

An FYI for those of you who live in Roanoke:
Carla Bream Announces Bid for Commissioner of Revenue

Roanoke – Carla Bream announced her candidacy for Roanoke County Commissioner of Revenue Tuesday morning with Republican elected officials and voters behind her.

“I am standing here today in front of all of you because I am applying for the position of Roanoke County Commissioner of the Revenue and this is my job interview,” said Bream in her announcement speech. “I think by the time you hear my positions and solutions, you will hire me for this job.”

Bream, at this point, is the only Republican candidate to file the required paperwork to run in the November general election. The filing deadline is 5 p.m. on July 1. Several Republican elected officials, including State Senator Ralph Smith, Delegate Greg Habeeb & Sheriff Octavia Johnson stood with Bream as she spoke.

In her speech, Bream laid out a vision for working with County leaders to make the Commissioner of Revenue Office more customer-friendly.

“One of my goals is to bring back good, old-fashioned customer service. I want to revitalize the office, energize it once again and make it a stand out among county-wide offices,” Bream said.

Bream is a self-employed businesswoman. She holds two degrees and lives in Southwest Roanoke County with her husband, Mike.
Stay tuned for further developments.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Defying The Will of the People ...

... will have this effect:
GOP gains early edge in Nov. 8 elections
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Richmond -- The pivotal 2011 General Assembly elections are more than four months away, but Virginia Republicans already have one important advantage over their Democratic Party rivals.

Republicans have candidates running in at least 107 of the state's 140 General Assembly districts. The GOP is well positioned to retain its comfortable majority in the House of Delegates and is mounting an all-out effort to grab control of the state Senate, where Democrats hold a fragile 22-18 majority.

Despite controlling the recent Senate redistricting process, Democrats so far have candidates in just 24 of 40 Senate districts and have no challengers for any Republican incumbents.

Republicans only need to pick up three Senate seats to gain an outright majority in the chamber and break the Democrats' last hold on power in the Capitol. The outcome of the elections could go a long way toward determining the fate of Gov. Bob McDonnell's policy agenda in the second half of his term. [link]
Push for tax increases and an endless string of regulations and suffer the consequences.

George Allen on 'The Right To Work'

This seems so basic to our freedoms. And yet with Obama and his union henchmen having gained power in Washington, the fight for our right to work is back on. And it's more critical to our future than ever before.

To that end, our once and future senator takes up the challenge:
Defending Virginians' right to work
By George Allen, Politico

Americans have the right to move to wherever they want in our country. That same basic freedom of movement applies to businesses and investment.

Do we want bureaucrats in Washington dictating where our businesses can set up operations, invest and create new jobs in America? Should federal bureaucrats be allowed to intimidate job-creating businesses with costly lawsuits as punishment for making a decision to locate in a favorable place in the U.S.?

Well, such an attack on freedom of movement is happening right now.

President Thomas Jefferson defined the sum of good government as, “a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”

Those words are the uplifting principles of a free society.

Unfortunately these principles are being ignored by the powers in Washington.

The National Labor Relations Board’s complaint against Boeing’s locating some production facilities in South Carolina is an attack on the founding principles of our country. It’s also an attack on the freedom and competitiveness of every state with right-to-work laws -– including Virginia.

If the NLRB is successful, a chilling message will be sent to all businesses operating, or considering operating, in the U.S. It is shameful that a business could enjoy greater opportunity in another country. We should be sending the message “America is Open for Business,” rather than “America likes to tax and regulate business.”

As Virginia governor, I saw first-hand the competitive advantage that our right-to-work law gave us in recruiting and expanding new investment and jobs. The law serves as a foundational strength. Being the northern-most state on the Eastern Seaboard with a right-to-work law places Virginia in a great location for business. Maintaining that advantage ensures that men and women in Virginia receive the best opportunities to succeed in a highly-competitive economy.

It is essential that we secure the economic freedom and opportunities that Virginia’s workforce deserves.

No one should be forced to pay $700 or more in union dues just to have a job. That is the fundamental principle behind our right-to-work law, and it is the responsibility of leaders to preserve that liberty.

Men and women should have the right to join a union if they freely choose – but no one should be coerced or compelled to pay to be in a union as a condition of employment. That’s bad for businesses, workers and our economy. It diminishes individual liberty.

We must reinvigorate America’s entrepreneurial spirit. That starts with strong leadership and the courage to fight for the freedoms of every citizen, entrepreneur, business and state to adopt pro-job economic, energy, labor and educational policies.

This complaint by the NLRB is an egregious over-reach by the federal government — and an attack on American values and principles.

All Virginians should stand up for our rights. Having been governor, one would think Tim Kaine, my opponent in the Virginia Senate race, would know about the desirability of right-to-work laws for Virginia jobs and condemn this NLRB intrusion.

Unfortunately, the liberal Democrats in Washington, where Kaine served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, are joined at the hip with the likes of Service Employees International Union bosses, whose policies can undermine our free market and employees’ freedom of choice. Unelected bureaucrats should not be able to dictate to our job creators where they can conduct business.

It is the responsibility of Washington leaders and candidates running for office to speak out against the dangerous precedent of the NLRB’s assault on the liberty of working men and women everywhere and the rights and prerogatives of the people in the States.

Virginia deserves leaders unafraid to speak out against this administration, the federal bureaucracy and the union bosses who seek to undermine our free market economy and who will fight for Virginia’s working families.

It’s time for this over-reaching federal government to get out of our lives and stop encroaching on the economic freedom of Virginia — and all right-to-work states.

Virginians deserve to know if Kaine will stand with me in support of the people and values of Virginia on this important issue of liberty and opportunity. [link]
Boeing wants to create jobs in South Carolina.  Obama says no. Reason enough to send him into retirement come November, 2012.  And to elect George Allen at the same time.

Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Sadly, when it comes to the institution of marriage, James Taranto is right:
This column's position on same-sex marriage is one of resignation rather than enthusiasm. If a plebiscite were in the offing, we'd lean toward a "no" vote. But the overwrought expressions of anger and despair from people who style themselves champions of traditional marriage have the feel of scapegoating. It isn't the fault of gays that marriage is in dire straits.
Homosexuals across this land celebrate the fact that the state of New York has made same-sex marriage legal within its boundaries. What exactly is worth rejoicing over, considering the sorry exercise in hooking-up-with-a-license marriage has become, is beyond me.

Taranto is right. Gays aren't to be blamed for its disintegration. Their being welcomed into its confines is but a glaring indicator of the depths to which the once sacred institution has fallen.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Memo To Aspiring Reporter

Sometimes background information is called for.  And, space permitting, it's always a good thing.

Otherwise, your readers are left wondering: What's the story behind the story?

A mystery begins in the Wytheville Enterprise:


What Civil War graves? one might ask.

One isn't told.

This is as close as we get to an explanation:

"Last month, a team of students and two professors from Radford University traveled to Wytheville to scientifically test an area of the cemetery that, according to local history buffs, may have unidentified Civil War soldiers buried in unmarked graves."

The rest of the article goes into the search for remains.

Remains of unidentified soldiers buried in unidentified graves in an unidentified circumstance that got them there in the first place.

For that necessary background information one must turn to this weblog.  And to Colonel F.E. Franklin, USA, July 23, 1863:
On the l8th our column arrived in the neighborhood of Wytheville. Colonel Toland immediately sent two companies to the railroad, ten miles west of the town, to destroy the track and wires. It was then his intention to divide the balance of his force one part for the bridge, the other for Wytheville but for the want of a guide he could not do that. He therefore marched his whole remaining force on Wytheville. But the town was occupied by about five hundred troops concealed in the houses, besides two pieces of artillery. The contest of the most obstinate hand to hand fighting lasted about one and a half hours. We, however, carried the town by storm and with a perfect rush. As the soldiers, citizens, and even the women fired from their houses, both public and private, we burned the town to ashes. We had three commissioned officers killed and four wounded, fourteen men killed, twenty six wounded, and thirty eight missing and prisoners.

By the time the action was over and I had rallied my men the enemy had received seven hundred reinforcements in our front and three hundred cavalry in our rear, besides which there were a regiment of infantry and a battery of artillery at the Long Bridge. We therefore concluded it would be madness to attempt anything more except the destruction of a large culvert east of the town, which we effected. The loss of the enemy in killed was estimated at seventy five, the number of wounded unknown. We took eighty six prisoners. (source)
As was often the case in after-battle reports, the numbers of engaged, wounded, and killed in action are wildly exaggerated.

It is said that of the Union soldiers killed and left behind when Toland's raiding party retreated (leaving him behind as well - he was killed early on) Protestants were separated from Catholics (how those who did the burying knew can only be surmised; captured Union soldier info maybe?) and only the Protestant Yankees (seven in number?) were buried in St. John's Cemetery. Exact location unknown.

There you have the rest of the story.

Two Killed

Gun blamed.

Question asked (Roanoke Times, June 26, 2011, "Are firearms treasured more than people?"):
Sixty million Americans own a combined total of about 200 million firearms.* These firearms are so greatly treasured -- more so it seems than the people killed with them.

... Have you ever wondered if one of those 200 million firearms could be used to kill or wound you or someone close to you? Do we care enough to even wonder?
I'll care enough to wonder for only a moment.  And then I'll put the question back in the trash can, where it belongs.

If there are 200 million guns in circulation today (*), and one of them was used in a senseless crime, the odds that I - or someone close to me - will be murdered by a deranged gunman are so infinitesimal  that I'll not worry about it at all.

1 in 200,000,000.

Anyone who does feel the need to "wonder" should take a pill.

* By best estimates, 200 million is a wild exaggeration.  But the number makes for good ... wonderment.

Evidence That Politicians Aren't Normal

This from "Blue Ridge Caucus" will surely make you want to scratch your head:
A short synopsis: The Democrats who drew the state Senate redistricting plan targeted Smith for elimination, putting him in the same district with state Sen. Steve Newman, R-Lynchburg. They also set out to do some political mischief to state Sen. Bill Stanley, R-Moneta, moving most of his district elsewhere and instead leaving him in a strangely-shaped district that stretches from Franklin County to Wythe County.

Then things happened.

Stanley moved into ANOTHER district, to challenge state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, D-Henry County, something the Democrats likely didn’t foresee. And Smith moved into Stanley’s district, or what was technically his district now — that Franklin County-to-Wythe County creation.

Smith pointed out that a lot of the constituents he’s had are already there, plus he’s got some family ties to Wythe County.

And so there he sits, high atop Bent Mountain — without a Democrat in sight.

Instead of being eliminated, he’s unopposed! [link]
Is all this, in the end, worth it?

Must be ...

This Is No Way To Lead a Country

Mocking the president seems to be going mainstream:
In preparing his February budget, Obama totally ignored the recommendations of his own fiscal commission headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Others noticed: The Senate rejected the initial budget by a vote of 97-0.

Then, speaking in April at George Washington University, Obama said he was presenting a new budget with $4 trillion in long-term spending cuts. But there were no specifics.

Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf was asked last week if the CBO had prepared estimates of this budget. "We don't estimate speeches."
Michael Barone, "Like Chauncey Gardiner, Obama is profoundly aloof," Washington Examiner, June 25, 2011

Politico Gets It Right

I was wary when I approached this Politico article about the Republican messiah - Jon Huntsman.  This is Politico, after all.  But, as it turns out, it's spot on, as far as I'm concerned.  But you be the judge:
The problem with Jon Huntsman Hype
By Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei

From afar, it’s easy to get swept up by the hype: Jon Huntsman is accomplished, handsome, smart, and his civility message has appeal beyond the meat-eaters who dominate this early phase of the Republican presidential campaign.

This is the reason his small base, largely in the media ... have been unabashed in their Huntsman swooning. We have our share of swooners here at POLITICO, too.

But there is a problem ...

There’s a reason he barely has a pulse in the polls. He speaks so softly that even his aides sometimes have trouble hearing him at events. He is making civility a cornerstone of his campaign, at a time when Republican voters are ravenous for red-meat conservative policies, and an epochal showdown with Obama.

The GOP base, sensing weakness in Obama, wants a brawler, the sort of Republican who prospered in dozens of races in the 2010 mid-terms.

For all his obvious gifts, and his potential appeal as a general election candidate, it seems to us Huntsman has two even more obvious problems. He’s got the wrong issues for a Republican nominating contest. And he’s got the wrong persona, especially for this angry moment in GOP politics. [link]
I like the note made about the fact that Huntsman's support at this point in the campaign comes largely from his base in the media.  Which is pretty much a fact.

It's just as true that he's (a) wrong on the issues that we care most about, and (b) wrong for pushing issues that we don't care about ("civility" is a media issue and is always aimed solely at conservatives, and we're tired of it). 

So these two get it right.  Wonder of wonders.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Approve

Lord a'mercy:

How do you spell babe?

And she sings opera.

I wonder if she'd come over here to Bland County and belt out a little Madame Butterfly for the local aficionados.

This Guy Should Work For General Motors

Or for Obama.  Either way.

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera on why nobody's buying the extremely expensive, extremely nonfunctional Chevy Volt:

"The Volt went on sale last December. But because Chevrolet has been so cautious in rolling it out — dealers in only seven states have gotten cars so far, with fewer than 2,500 sold — it can sometimes seem like the world’s most publicized invisible car." [link]

The Volt has had disappointing - and microscopic - sales results so far because General Motors has been cautious in its production and release of the vehicle model.  That's the kind of spin that only someone in GM's marketing department  - or in Joseph Goebbels' Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda - could love.

The truth?

"At least as far as the Volt is concerned, explained [Greg Martin, director of policy and Washington communications at General Motors], its underwhelming sales numbers have a lot to do with the fact that it’s a new vehicle, there still is not an adequate infrastructure in place for the advanced battery, and the technology is only scalable to a certain point. That means that any GM-manufactured electric car will be a small car 'with a technology that comes with a price.' Not exactly the apple of the soccer mom’s eye."[source]

In other words, no one wants the thing.

It should be noted, Nocera wasn't motivated enough by the wonderment that is the Chevy Volt to have purchased one for his very own either.  He was lent one to drive - and extol - by GM.

They did their job.  He did his.

One wonders if he had to shower after he was finished.

One also wonders if he really believes the crap he writes.

And In Today's Loon News

For your amusement:

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, a Democrat, talking about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath:

"I started wondering if during the night I would be visited by specially trained CIA agents. Could they secretly shoot me with a miniature, slow-acting poison dart?"

This from another Democrat:

Hey, how about this from Chicago's crazy police superintendent ... appointed by a Democrat:

"So here’s what I want to tell you. See, let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting’ scared? Government sponsored racism.  Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy. Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children."

Crazy?  Does he really want to put it to a vote?

And this from economy-ravaged, tax-ravaged, Democrat-ravaged New York, where young people can't find work and plan to move elsewhere because a bleak future awaits them if they remain in their state (see "Escape from New York: Young Taxpayers Flee Economic Ruin"):

Governor Cuomo Signs Gay Marriage Law.

Yes, Governor Cuomo is a Democrat.

And yes, young gay New Yorkers will be fleeing as well.  But at least they'll be able to wed before they hightail it.

Last but not least:

Yup. That would be Crazy Al. Also a Democrat.

I wonder why he isn't promoting fewer overweight blowhards to curb pollution?

Anyway, there's a roundup of today's Democrat news.  Quite the hoot.

Worlds Apart

Compare and contrast this:

[Katrina] Victims Homeless, Angry

Cops loot Wal-Mart after Katrina in New Orleans

With this:

Generous residents help neighbors in flooded Minot

A completely different narrative. Why?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congress Is Confused Too

It's not just Obama.  Nobody seems to know what he's doing when it comes to our kinetic involvement in or around or above Libya:

I'm embarrassed for my country.

- - -

Glenn Reynolds:

"Libya is a 'dumb war' — because it’s halfhearted, half-assed, and run by committee, and the President can’t even articulate the national interest involved. Obama the candidate said he was smarter than that. Obama the President is proving the candidate wrong."

That's about the size of it.

They'll Never Connect The Dots

And they wonder why the MSM has lost all credibility.

Chicago Bleeds

And the one man most responsible for stopping the rampant crime wave that is destroying it talks about slavery as being the root cause.

For the love of God:
McCarthy: NRA, Palin a part of 'government-sponsored racism'
By Adam Zielinski, WLS

Chicago (WLS) - Chicago's new top cop says the accessibility to firearms in America is an extension "of government-sponsored racism" that goes back to the days of slavery and Jim Crow.

Speaking to parishoners at St. Sabina Church earlier this month, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy took to the microphone after Father Michael Pfleger spoke about gun control.

McCarthy said the topic of race is a sensitive issue "because everybody's afraid of race" but that he wasn't afraid to broach the subject.

"So here’s what I want to tell you. See, let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting’ scared? Government sponsored racism."

"Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy. Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children," he said.

"The NRA does not like me, and I’m okay with that. We’ve got to get the gun debate back to center, and it’s got to come with the recognition of who’s paying the price for the gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities," McCarthy said.

McCarthy illustrated his point by recalling a crime scene investigation while he was a police official in Newark, New Jersey where five children were shot, two of whom were killed. McCarthy said when he got home, he turned on his television to unwind and found an episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" showing.

"She was caribou hunting and talking about the right to bear arms. Why wasn't she at the crime scene with me?" [link]
This man may be the stupidest person I've ever come across.

And he's now in charge of the Chicago police department.

Chicago, where a Republican hasn't been mayor for eighty years.

And where the citizenry seems perfectly happy with its murder rate.

Why else accept a dolt like Garry McCarthy as guardian to their children and grandchildren?

Quote of the Day

On Obama's gift of oratory, James Taranto:
True, Obama was persuasive enough to get elected president--but that was with a hapless opponent, a dour nepotist as his intraparty rival [jf: that would be Hillary], a public fed up with the other party, and a media-driven cult of personality.

Part of that cult of personality is the myth that he is the World's Greatest Orator, a myth the Times evokes with its hazy recollections of times when he was "highly persuasive." When was he highly persuasive? When he sold the public on the so-called stimulus and ObamaCare? When he campaigned for Democrats in 2010? When he rallied public support for his last change in Afghan policy, an increase in the U.S. troop presence?

The truth is, there's an Emperor's New Clothes aspect to Obama's supposed status as the World's Greatest Orator. 
Explains a lot.

The NY Times Is Pathetic

How does one write a report and not include one of the most important details about about the story being reported on?

The New York Times: All the news that's fit to print that they want you to know.

Devious?  Or simply cowardly.  You decide.

Phil Puckett, Fighting For ... What Again?

I received the following email from my state senator, Phil Puckett, a Democrat:
Dear Jerry,

I want to thank those of you [jf: there's only one of me] who signed my coal petition. I've sent these signatures on to our representatives in Washington. It's important that Washington knows how vital the coal industry is in our everyday lives, and that they don't do anything to harm the thousands of Virginians who work every day to keep the lights on across the country.

I want to talk a minute about this year's elections. I will have my first opponent in twelve years, and I'm not taking any chances. That's why I'm hoping you can help me out.

If you can make a contribution of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to my campaign, it would go a long way toward helping me continue to fight for Southwest Virginia.

You can also help out by telling your friends and family about the work I'm doing, and encouraging them to sign my petition. I'll continue to deliver these signatures to our representatives.

Thanks for your support.


Phillip Puckett
Virginia Senate, District 38
Let "Washington know how vital the coal industry is in our everyday lives"? That's it? Not Let's clean house? Not Let's stop those in the Obama administration who work tirelessly to do Southwest Virginia grievous harm? Not We need to declare war on the EPA?

Does Puckett honestly think his buddies there (including Mark Warner and James Webb) give two squirts about the many families of the coalfields who are now being thrown into despair by those same buddies' very own machinations?

Please. Just ask for a campaign donation to keep your sorry ass in office and leave it at that. Don't insult us.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Libertas non tyrannis

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.
-- Thomas Jefferson --

May I add, before He gave us life and liberty, He gave us light.

He knew what He was doing.

So, to celebrate the wonders bestowed upon us by a merciful and benevolent God, hold that incandescent light bulb high.  To light!  To liberty!  To life!
As Incandescent Bulb Ban Looms, Opposition Grows
By David Hogberg, Investor's Business Daily

The incandescent bulb lit up America and came to symbolize a great idea. Now on the cusp of a federal ban, Thomas Edison's invention has become a symbol for personal liberty.

Perhaps no issue better illuminates the transformation of the right from Big Government conservatism to Tea Party activism.

With many consumers griping about the cost and type of light of the substitute bulb, populists have won the ear of some once-staunch ban supporters .

The Energy Bill of 2007 phases out incandescent bulbs, with the 100-watt banned in January 2012. The ban hits the 75-watt bulb in January 2013, and 60- and 40- watt bulbs in January '14.

Compact fluorescent lamp bulbs are more expensive than traditional bulbs, but use less energy and are supposed to last longer. Users should save money in the long term, supporters say.

But many Americans complain that the light from CFLs lacks the yellow warmth of incandescents and natural light. CFLs can take a long time to warm up as well.

Tests have shown that on-off use can reduce CFLs' life span significantly, sometimes even below that of an incandescent. CFLs also contain toxic mercury. [link]
It comes down to this: The United States government was never given the authority to ban our light bulbs.  That, coupled with the fact that it was a hastily drawn, boneheaded move, requires that they ban their ban.

And leave us to our lives.

Fiat lux! Let there be light!

Oh, If I Were A Reporter

I might ask these clueless environmentalists and Hollywood has-beens how they are planning on getting to Washington D.C. to protest ... oil.  By bicycle?

- - -

You might wonder about one of the names of those who will be looking for TV cameras when they get to the White House gate - Bill McKibben.  I looked him up.  He's an author who can't spell (EAARTH?) and a seemingly well-educated guy who still believes in global warming.

With opposition like this, how can we lose?

Let 'Em Whine

My heart bleeds.  Al Gore and his enviro-revivalists are upset with Obama because he's not paying their silly notions about the planet enough attention.  And the ... always-consistent ... loony left in this country - once opposed to "social issues" being discussed when so many more important crises must be addressed - is upset that Obama's not pushing for homosexual marriage.  (The ultimate social issue.)

But, as Obama well knows, these poor schmucks are his.  They ain't goin' nowhere.  What, they're going to vote Republican?  Before or after they sever a limb and gouge out their eyes?

He gave them lip service.  And now they're upset with him.

Ah, the joy and satisfaction it brings.

Why America Is Doomed

It can be made no clearer:

"Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday called on Vice President Joe Biden to include new economic stimulus spending in deficit-reduction talks as a way of lowering the 9.1 percent jobless rate that is hobbling the economic recovery."

New economic stimulus spending in deficit-reduction talks.

For the love of God.

Worth Absorbing

"The fact that the White House feels it must vilify businesses for telling the truth about ObamaCare shows just how destructive the law really is."

We Need To Withdraw

About Afghanistan I have asked a simple question for years now - since George W. Bush left and Obama came along - What's the mission? Why is the latter sacrificing young American lives now that victory has been taken off the table?

Sadly, I keep coming to the same conclusion. We are there for no particular reason other than to halfheartedly fulfill a halfhearted campaign pledge.

And that's hardly reason enough to send our brave troops to die.

So, though the Wall Street Journal is in open opposition to his decision, I think Obama has made the right one. He's removing our best and brightest from harm's way and drawing down troop levels in Afghanistan.

Sure, it may come back to bite him.  And us.  But the commander-in-chief of our armed forces had no mission.  And no compelling interest in winning.

So withdrawal is best.

Maybe now he'll do the same thing with regard to Libya and get us out of that mess he created.

- - -

Speaking of Libya, are we about to declare defeat?

Where Do They Get These People?

Could someone get a memo to NBC News?  Global warming as a movement - and as a faith - died a couple of years ago.

Yet they persist:
NBC Thinks Real-Life Noah's Ark Could Be Needed in Global Warming Apocalypse
By Kyle Drennen, NewsBusters

During a fluffy human interest story on Wednesday's NBC Today about a man in Holland who built a full-size replica of the biblical Noah's Ark, correspondent Janet Shamlian turned serious for a moment, wondering: "But how realistic is this Dutchman's dream of doom? Because of global warming, the concept of a flood happening here is not unheard of."

Shamlian touted how "Al Gore predicted as much in the movie, 'An Inconvenient Truth,'" followed by a clip of Gore lecturing in the film: "If Greenland broke up and melted, this is what would happen to the sea level in the Netherlands, absolutely devastating." [link]
I don't know this Janet Shamlian character but, based on the blurb about her above, she comes across like a fifth-grader.  Working for NBC News. As what, a reporter?

May God have mercy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll Take That Bet

Let's review recent history.

Bob Dole was electable.

John McCain was electable.

Right up to nomination day.

But neither Bob Dole nor John McCain proved to be electable when it counted.

History repeating itself?

He's betting that a lot of Republicans will find him "electable" because the media adore him and because he's only a smidgeon from being a Democrat.

On second thought, maybe I won't take that bet.

Question Posed. Answer Provided.

Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin.com:

"So why doesn’t the government just ban cigarettes since they’re so horrendously unhealthy? Well, they care about our health, but not that much."

Ban cigarettes.  I'm surprised Obama's EPA hasn't done just that.

It can, you know.  The United States Supreme Court says so.

Explain This To Me

Feminists support abortion with unmasked zeal.

Feminists support abortion with unmasked zeal.

So what's a feminist again?

This Takes The Cake

The Obama lackey whose claim to fame is that he was caught not paying his taxes is proposing a tax increase.

On the rest of us.

See "Tim Geithner's tax evasion" from 2009.

See "Geithner: We Need to Raise Taxes" from 2011.

If I, like Geithner, can refuse to pay them, I'm for tax increases too.

I sometimes think we need to put a match to Washington and let it burn.

Mindless Idiocy

Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson:

Simply put, the Clean Air Act saves lives and strengthens the American workforce.  As a result, the economic value of clean air far exceeds the costs."

Is she stupid?  Or evil?

You decide.

A Question That Deserves An Answer

In the last three decades the U.S. has been invaded by 10,000,000 foreigners whose first act when they stepped onto U.S. soil was to break the law. So where do we place the emphasis when it comes to the defense of our country?

In May of 2006 two North Korean soldiers entered the DMZ and crossed into South Korea, then returned.



And where are all our troops positioned?

I think the sheriff has a valid question.

I Provide Support To Muslims

Here's a test of your political consistencies.

Do you side with the Jewish community in its expressed outrage that the city of San Francisco is contemplating a ban on circumcision, a traditional rite of the Jewish faith?

If so, do you oppose government efforts to ban this religious custom too?

I can see why law enforcement would have a problem with the burqa. And if it weren't for that little thingie called probable cause, I might be right there with them.

I'll grant you the fact that a distinction can be made between a rite and a custom.

But other than that, is there a valid reason, beyond your wish to see Muslims shut up and go back to wherever they came from, why you'd favor one and oppose the other?

Time to consider ...

Where's Tim Kaine?

Just how out of touch are Democrats these days?  With all the problems America faces - massive unemployment, even worse underemployment, a mortgage crisis, an energy crisis, a bankruptcy implosion, a dollar crisis, a deficit/debt crisis, three (maybe four) wars going on simultaneously, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security under growing pressure, our way of life under assault by the courts - Tim Kaine, candidate for senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia, has made the centerpiece of his 2012 campaign ...

... education.

The one and only topic that is offensive to no one and one about which everyone has a positive attitude.

Never mind the fact that the United States government, within which he'd be working if he gets elected, educates nobody.  Nor has it ever been responsible for educating anyone.

Never mind the massive unemployment, even worse underemployment, the mortgage crisis, the energy crisis, the bankruptcy implosion, the dollar crisis, the deficit/debt crisis, the three (maybe four) wars going on simultaneously, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security under growing pressure, our way of life under assault by the courts

So why would Tim Kaine focus on something about which he can have no direct influence?

It's easier than tackling those real issues that plague our country and our state.

Well, he ain't gonna get away with it.  He can run from the important issues but he can't hide:
George Allen Calls on Tim Kaine to Stand Up for Virginia and Condemn the NLRB’s Baseless Lawsuit

Richmond, VA – Today, George Allen condemned the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) complaint against Boeing as an attack on job-creating businesses and the economic competitiveness of all Right-to-Work states, and urged Tim Kaine to stand up for Virginia and speak out against this baseless lawsuit. According to the Washington Examiner, the lawyer for the NLRB could provide no evidence to the House Oversight Committee to support their primary complaint that Boeing transferred jobs out of Washington State.

“The NRLB’s complaint against Boeing is an assault on the economic freedom and competitiveness of all Right-to-Work states — potentially costing America jobs as companies look for more hospitable environments elsewhere,” said George Allen. “Do we really want the government telling our job creating businesses where they are allowed to build plants, hire workers and produce? I certainly don't, but unfortunately my opponent, Tim Kaine, has remained silent on this important issue.

"It's clear that when the Democrats in Washington take their marching orders from the SEIU union bosses, it puts American jobs in jeopardy. Virginia is the northern-most Right-to-Work state on the eastern seaboard, which gives us a crucial competitive advantage in attracting job-creating businesses and investment. We cannot stand by as liberal Democrats in Washington carry out their anti-business, job crushing agenda. I hope Mr. Kaine joins with us in Virginia instead of standing with his supporters and allies in Washington,” Allen concluded.

The Hill reported in February that as DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine helped to support the labor protests in Wisconsin, characterizing reform efforts as a “declaration of war on public workers.” George Allen believes the families of Virginia deserve to know whether Chairman Tim Kaine will once again choose to stand with President Obama and the SEIU union bosses as they undermine the freedom and competition that Right-to-Work laws promote. So far, Mr. Kaine has been silent on the issue.
I should add one more problem to the lengthy and growing list of crises that we face - an out-of-control executive branch of the federal government that defies the legislative, denies the will of the people, and foists upon us dictatorial decrees that mock the Constitution and that ravage the nation. In this case it's the NLRB, but it also includes an EPA that answers to no one. Except Obama.

So where is Tim Kaine on this issue?

My guess? We'll never know. He's off making speeches about how important kindergarten is.

While Rome burns ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does Tim Kaine Have a Twin?

Because the one who's running for the Senate sure wasn't the then-governor described in this passage from a Winchester Star article from yesterday:

"I had to cut more money out of the state budget than anybody had ever done."

Is that the Tim Kaine you remember?

Or is this the one thing you recollect from this snake's tenure as governor?

More specifically, does this bring back ugly memories?
It’s unanimous: Kaine can keep his tax hikes
By JR Hoeft, Bearing Drift, January 22, 2010

Gov. Tim Kaine tried twice to get huge tax hikes into his proposed budgets, and twice, nearly the full House of Delegates rejected him.

In both 2008 and 2010, not a single delegate voted for either of Kaine’s tax bills.

Most recently, Kaine was proposing a 1% increase in the income tax rate from 5.75% to 6.75% – that measure failed yesterday by a vote of 0 in favor to 97 against.

This is a reminder of the 2008 vote where Kaine attempted to increase the gas tax, auto sales tax, home sales tax, and general sales tax – which was also resoundingly rejected 0 in favor to 98 against.

Now there’s a legacy. [link]
Tim Kaine the Miser.  Please.  Don't make me laugh.

Kaine's Soon-To-Be Lie Number 2

First he tells us he's big on spending cuts.  And now this:

"I will never be one of those Democratic candidates that [sic] distances myself from my party or my president. I’m proud of my party. I’m proud of my president."


Let's wait and see how long that declaration holds up.

This, by the way, was spouted in an interview over in Charlottesville on Saturday in which he was distancing himself from his president with regard to the very unpopular Libyan kinetic military whatever-we're-doing-there.

Babble. Babble. Babble.

George Allen To The Rescue

This is encouraging.

From a George Allen for Senate press release:
George Allen Signs “Cut, Cap and Balance” Pledge

Richmond, VA – Today, George Allen signed the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge – a promise to oppose any increase in the national debt limit without first meeting the following three conditions:

● Cut - Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter.

● Cap - Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget.

● Balance - Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.

“The ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ Pledge represents the same policies and principles that I have consistently fought for while representing the people of Virginia. These provisions are essential to reining in out-of-control spending in Washington, DC by making sure that any increase in the national debt limit is tied to ironclad spending cuts and long-term fiscal restraint.

“In just a little over four years since Democrats took control of the Senate, the national debt has shot up over 60 percent, and trillion dollar deficits have become the norm. We cannot give this White House and Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer another blank check to fund their over-spending, over-reaching federal government.

“I have long supported immediate and meaningful cuts in wasteful spending. As far back as 1992, as a Representative for the 7th District of Virginia, I introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. And as a U.S. Senator, I proposed a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a Line-Item Veto Amendment, and a ‘paycheck penalty’ that would withhold a member’s salary if the appropriations bills were not passed on time.

“The federal government’s exploding debt has become a national crisis and our leaders in Washington have an obligation to act. Our current path is dangerous and unsustainable; it will endanger our children’s future and their ability to achieve the American Dream.

“I am proud to sign the ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ Pledge to oppose raising the debt ceiling unless there are binding conditions that reduce the deficit, cap spending and balance the budget. It’s time to put an end to the wasteful and reckless spending in Washington, DC.”
Here's to you, sir.

This Is How Bad It's Gotten

The Chinese now prefer to buy European debt over ours.

Can it get any wor ... oh, never mind.

More bad news to follow tomorrow.

Sanity Prevails

The sorry tale should never have gotten this far.

Nevertheless, it has a happy ending:
Wal-Mart's Class Victory . . .
Wall Street Journal

Liberals routinely complain that the current Supreme Court is too business friendly and given yesterday's decision in Wal-Mart v. Dukes, we guess that includes Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. In a unanimous ruling, the court said a huge employment discrimination class-action against Wal-Mart could not go forward.

Wal-Mart has had a strong official antidiscrimination policy. But in asserting the class, plaintiffs claimed that decisions by individual managers on raises and promotions had a disparate impact on women, and that the experience of some women could be extrapolated through sampling and statistics to cover the entire female workforce. While that argument won at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court found that a combination of anecdotes and "Trial by Formula" isn't enough to prove a pattern of discrimination.

The women want "to sue about literally millions of employment decisions at once," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority. "Without some glue holding the alleged reasons for all those decisions together, it will be impossible to say that examination of all the class members' claims for relief will produce a common answer to the crucial question why was I disfavored." [link]
Shakedowns like the one being foisted upon Wal-Mart are all too numerous these days.  It's good to see the Supreme Court put a stop to it.

As for the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, what buffoons.

- - -

See the pronounced influence that three UVa professors had on the Supreme Court decision here.

Suckin' In Those Republicans

Remember when John McCain was the darling of the press?  Until he became the Republican nominee for president?  And quickly wasn't?  They knew what they were doing.  They got their man.

And we got Barack Obama.

Mission accomplished.

Today?  It's déjà vu all over again.

Only now their chosen lamb-to-slaughter is ...

... Mitt Romney.

Expect the Republican establishment to fall for it.  Again.  It has this weird, inexplicable penchant for doing just that over and over again.

Can't Argue That Point

The worst mayor in American history was on The Today Show yesterday and made a statement a portion of which I find impossible to dispute:
On NBC's Today, 'Honest and Open' Ray Nagin Blames Racism for Slow Katrina Response
By Kyle Drennen, NewsBusters

Promoting his new book, 'Katrina's Secrets,' on Monday's NBC Today, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin stood by his assertion that racism played a role in the Bush administration's response to the storm: "I'm not telling you that President Bush was a racist or what have you. But I think race and class and politics played in just about every aspect of this disaster." [link]
The cold, hard truth is that race did play a part in the story that unfolded in New Orleans after Katrina.  Nearly all of those who made their way to the Superdome and waited there for someone to come to their rescue for days upon days were black.  Black Americans, most of whom could have escaped from that hellhole but didn't.  Black Americans who waited there for the government to come and save them, and were sorely disappointed when it didn't.  A pathetic spectacle in more ways than the one played up by a liberal media that loves to champion "the victim."

Contrast that with the widespread flooding and devastation that has has been brought down upon the good people of North Dakota in recent days.

Oh, you hadn't heard about that?

I wonder why.

It's all about race all right.  But not in the way they want it portrayed.

When a Footnote Would Do ...

... environmental extremists instead make stuff up to propel the accepted narrative.

Read "Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for 'Adjusted' Sea-Level Data." And be ashamed of that which passes for science these days.

The nut:
The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters -- or about the thickness of a fingernail -- every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming.

"Gatekeepers of our sea level data are manufacturing a fictitious sea level rise that is not occurring," said James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute.
No appreciable rise in sea levels as a direct result of global warming, as Al Gore predicted? Hey, let's find a reason to say they're rising anyway!

Scientists. Used car salesmen. Show me any difference.

If Only It Could Be Concealed

I showed you the other day the video of the dude who almost took his own head off when he fired a 600 Nitro Express handgun and the recoil that he wasn't prepared for sent the cannon flying back, nearly separating his scalp from his skull.

But if the 600 Nitro Express is a fearsome piece of machinery, just think what a 700 Nitro Express is like.

The video:

It's the perfect weapon to keep in your home. Even if you miss an intruder when he breaks in in the middle of the night and you fire at him, the muzzle blast alone will burst every capillary in his body.  And soil his jeans.

You're wondering what a person would do with one of these monsters? As I told Paula when I brought home a 7mm Magnum rifle a while back: With this you can kill any animal on the North American continent, including cape buffalo.  And that we all need to be prepared for the eventuality of a cape buffalo stampede.

She stared at me, then just shook her head and walked off.

Next up, an 800 Nitro Express?

When You Live In Abject Fear ...

This is kinda humorous:

I wonder, do they flush the system every time a bird poops in the reservoir too?

Several times each day?

Every day?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Headline of the Day

Would this have even made sense just a month ago?

I love words well chosen.

Quote of the Day

From the head journalist at the New York Times:

"However tempting the newsworthy havoc of a Palin presidency, I’m pretty sure most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea."

Substitute the word "journalists" with "leftists" and ... nothing changes, does it?

At least Bill Keller doesn't mince words when it comes to the esteemed members of his dinosaur media and their flagrant - and shameful - bias.

Remember that next time these prejudiced blowhards try to convince you that they are reporters.

Measuring Success & Failure

Steve McCann, writing in American Thinker, compares "insolvency indices" ("a combination of the budget deficit as a per cent of GDP and the unemployment rate") of the Bush years to Obama's to try and get a fix on how close we are to implosion.

The hard truth?

The Bush Years (2001-2008):     7.4

The Obama Years (2009-2012): 19.1

To compare, Greece, which is all but insolvent today, comes in at 24.3.

Not a good trend line, is it?

And to have our president freely admit that he doesn't know what he's doing (in a joke, no less) is tantamount to admitting defeat and padlocking the gates.

How were we able to make such a mistake?

At least we'll always have the fact - as we stand in the unemployment line - that our current president is more or less black.  We'll always have that.

A Case Of Self-Preservation

Let me summarize this article in a few choice words:

Briefly put: The Democrats are eyeing ways to keep their jobs next year.

Not havin' much luck though.

OK. Make The Case, Big Guy.

You read a headline like this and you naturally become curious:


I'd be impressed if he could define the policy.

So a "vigorous" backing of the policy?

Let 'er fly, big guy.

But no.  If this article fairly relays Gates's defense of our Libya policy, pity the messenger.

The "details":
In two farewell interviews Sunday as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates launched a robust defense of the operation in Libya, despite his closed-doors opposition to U.S. involvement in the mission to oust Libyan President Muammar Qadhafi.

In interviews on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley and “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, Gates defended both the strategy and legality of the ongoing U.S. operation there.

Gates told Wallace that President Obama made the right call in letting NATO take the lead on the operation, what has been referred to as the United States “leading from behind.”

“When this operation stated,” [sic] Gates told Wallace, “we were at war in Iraq still, we had 50,000 troops in Iraq, we have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, we have 24,000 people engaged in Japanese earthquake relief - we have a number of commitments around the world.”

“So, the arrangement and the understanding that the president had with our key allies form [sic] the very beginning was the U.S. would come in heavy at the beginning, establish the no-fly zone and then had [sic] off the operation to our allies - and that we would recede into a support role,” Gates said. [link]
I see no "vigorous backing of our Libya policy" in any of that.  A defense of our strategy perhaps.  But not the reason for our being involved in the war hostilities "limited kinetic operation" there. (Gates even offends the English language in his "defense" of Obama policy.)

So why are we bombing Libya?

For the very reason we're not bombing China.

Though you'll not hear it from Gates, or from anyone else in Washington, we're bombing those poor Arab bastards because we can.

Nothing more.

What? They Thought No One Would Notice?

This is so wrong. And so pitiable:
NBC Apologizes For Editing Out 'Portion' Of Pledge--But Doesn't Mention Omitted Words Were 'Under God'
By Mark Finkelstein, NewsBusters

As Noel Sheppard reported earlier, in the show-opening feature of its coverage of the final round of the US Open golf championship today, NBC--twice--edited out the words "under God" from its clip of school children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clearly many Americans were offended and let NBC know about it. Because later in the broadcast, host Dan Hicks issued an apology on behalf of the network. But NBC simply compounded one omission with another. The apology spoke of "a portion of the Pledge" being edited out--but never mentioned that the omitted words were "under God." [link]
NewsBusters offers up the video of both transgressions.

Someone went to a lot of trouble putting together some film footage intended - one would guess - to make us proud.  Instead I feel ashamed.

Way to go, genius.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thunder From The Right

What's the first thing you think about when you hear the name Bob Goodlatte?

Some of you are saying "Wasn't he a game show host?"

Others will have no reaction at all, having never heard the name.


Me? I think, whether deserved or not, of earmarks.

I think of that theater over in Waynesboro that he felt needed to be renovated at his the taxpayers' expense.

A theater.

Taxpayer money.

So it comes with a certain amount of interest that ol' Bob may have a challenger from the right come up and take him on in next year's Republican primary.  He should have seen this coming:
Goodlatte may face tea party challenge
By Mason Adams, Roanoke Times

Karen Kwiatkowski, a former military analyst who lives in Shenandoah County, told the Roanoke Tea Party she will challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte for the Republican nomination in the 6th District next year.

The self-described "conservative, constitutionalist, Libertarian Republican" favors downsizing government, letting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare dry up and eliminating foreign entanglements.

Kwiatkowski told a crowd of more than 50 that she will defend the Constitution and all of its amendments except the 16th and 17th -- which established the income tax and allowed for direct election of U.S. senators -- which she will try to repeal.

Kwiatkowski, 50, is a retired lieutenant colonel who spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force before retiring in 2003. She and her husband live west of Mount Jackson, where they raise cattle. She writes for several websites and is an adjunct faculty member in political science at James Madison University. She is married with four children and two grandchildren. [link]
As an interesting aside, Colonel Kwiatkowski is a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon as well.

And she bears a remarkable resemblance to one of my heroes - Michelle Bachmann.  And not just in appearance.

Want to learn more about her?  Go to LewRockwell.com.  There you'll learn all about her political positions.  Perhaps a lot more than you wanted to know.

Anyway, Bob Goodlatte is being challenged by a libertarian Goldwater Republican.  Good.  Maybe the contest will straighten him out.

- - -

Regarding that "Kwiatkowski told a crowd of more than 50 that she will defend the Constitution and all of its amendments except the 16th and 17th ...," I'm sure she meant to say that she would "support and defend" the 16th and 17th amendments until they are repealed. Not that she would defy them.

She did mean to say that, right?

Nutter's Replacement Steps Up?

Former Montgomery County supervisor seeking GOP vote in 7th House District
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Richmond -- Former Montgomery County Supervisor Nick Rush will seek the House of Delegates seat being vacated by Christiansburg Republican Dave Nutter, who is running for the state Senate.

Rush filed petitions Wednesday to get on the ballot for the Aug. 23 Republican primary in the 7th District. Wednesday was the deadline for candidates to file paperwork to get on the primary ballot.

Rush was elected to the Montgomery County board in 1991 at the age of 23 and served for 12 years, including one as chairman. He works as an insurance agent with Farm Bureau Insurance and serves on the board of the New River Valley Economic Development Alliance. [link]
Details to follow ...

This Is Who You Voted For

From this morning's New York Times:
In 1996, as a candidate for the State Senate in Illinois, Mr. Obama responded to a questionnaire from a gay newspaper. “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages,” Mr. Obama wrote, “and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

White House officials have said Mr. Obama was really referring to civil unions, which he does support. (On Friday, Mr. Obama’s communications director, Dan Pfieffer, caused a brief kerfuffle by telling a conference of bloggers that Mr. Obama had not filled out the forms himself; the White House later said he was mistaken.) 
Change you can believe in.  Just pick which of his changes you find most suitable ...

On Obama & His 'Green' Jobs

At the rate he's going, Obama will have achieved full employment - by my calculation - in the year 27428.

How can that be?

Our president assembled his high and mighty Council on Jobs and Competitiveness the other day to figure out what it will will take to create a job in this country.

Well, no, make that a fourth job.

He has, in fairness, created three.

And they happen to have been birthed right there where his wise men gathered. At Cree Inc., a light bulb maker. And not just any light bulb maker.  This is a manufacturer of those "green" curlicue light bulbs that Obama and his ilk love so much.

The three jobs? Jonah Goldberg reports:

"Under [Obama's] supposedly jobs-boosting stimulus, Cree received $5.2 million. According to Recovery.gov, that $5.2 million created 3.02 jobs. That’s $1,716,171 per job."

3.02 jobs.


So let's see.  At this rate - $1,716,171 per job created - the 14,000,000 Americans who are currently unemployed can all be handed meaningful employment for the low, low price of $24,056,894.000,000.  Which is a drop in the bucket compared to what our national debt will be when Obama leaves office.

By God, that's money well spent!

We may need to figure out how to speed up the process though.  Those poor schmucks may be too old to appreciate their new jobs when they're somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 years old when prosperity finally comes a'knockin'.

Funny, right?

It is funny, right?