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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Call Them Out

They want "jobs."  But they also want products banned that keep those jobs in existence.  It's one or the other, fellas.  Time to choose.
Gun making vs. gun control
Boston Globe editorial

New England has a centuries-old tradition of both gun manufacturing and gun control. It shouldn’t have to pick between the two. However, at least one manufacturer is trying to force the matter. Proposals to require that guns be made suitable for micro-stamping, a technology which would allow shell casings to be traced back to the exact gun they were fired from, have been introduced in the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts legislatures. These have drawn significant criticism from gun manufacturers, at least one of which, Colt, is threatening to move out of New England if such legislation is adopted. [link]
"New England ... shouldn’t have to pick between ... gun manufacturing and gun control."  In other words, they want it both ways.  They want guns banned but gun manufacturing jobs to be kept in place.

Earth to Boston Globe: Colt Manufacturing says otherwise.

I could never figure out why the company has kept its operation where its products aren't wanted - in the hotbed of anti-gun fanaticism in the northeast (Hartford, Connecticut) - when more inviting locales - say BLAND, VIRGINIA - would love to have them.

As would a host of countries overseas ...

Earth to Boston Globe: Principled positions sometimes produce undesirable results.

Time to rethink one of your two irreconcilable principles.