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Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Climate Change' Being Put In Its Place

After a short stint (two decades?) of wild-eyed hysteria having seized the scientific community around the globe, mature reflection and a sincere and thoughtful attempt at understanding settle back in.  Understanding that there's a whole lot that we don't know about climate.

We not including Al Gore, of course.

With that one exception, this is a positive evolution:
New climate science vindicates global warming skeptics
By: Matt Patterson, Washington Examiner

Commonly known as "anthropogenic" global warming, the theory holds that human activity has delivered sufficient amounts of carbon into the atmosphere to trap the sun's radiation, causing the Earth to warm.

Some activists have even claimed that this warming is a threat to the very existence of our civilization, and painted dire scenarios whereby our great cities will be overwhelmed by deluge as glaciers and ice caps melt and sea levels rise. There was no room to doubt this theory: The science, we were told, was "settled."

Turns out, it wasn't settled at all. [link]
There are a lot of "scientists" around the planet who will be tough to convince, they being heavily invested in the theory that human-induced global warming is going to destroy us all (characterized by the likes of James Hansen, who, as a scientist, should be ashamed of himself).

But the science will out.

And the James Hansens and the Al Gores will be sent into forced retirement.

And the world - particularly that part occupied by the planet's scientists - will be the better for it.