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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Don't Ya Hate It When This Happens

You're out in the yard, trying to clear the weeds, mow the grass, spruce things up, and ...
New River aircraft drops training missile in Hubert yard
By Hope Hodge, Jacksonville Daily News

While readying his yard in advance of Hurricane Irene, a Hubert man discovered another unwelcome deposit from the sky: a six-foot military training missile.

Parker Radcliffe, a Camp Lejeune Marine sergeant, discovered the ordnance near his home on Errol Drive on Thursday. After registering shock, Radcliffe realized he and his wife had heard it drop to the ground the night before.

“I heard a boom and I thought it was artillery or something,” he said.

A combat engineer by trade, Radcliffe said he immediately realized the device was not armed, but that the knowledge did little to alleviate his dismay.

“My initial thought is that this was 50 feet from my house; it could have ended up in my living room,” he said. “If people are negligently discharging missiles off aircraft, that’s just ridiculous.”

A spokesman for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, Maj. William Klumpp, confirmed to The Daily News that the ordnance had fallen off an AH-1 Cobra helicopter with New River’s HMLA-167 Squadron around 1 a.m. on Aug. 24. [link]
Obviously someone doesn't like Sergeant Radcliffe.