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Monday, September 05, 2011

How Not To Conduct Oneself In The Corporate World

We can argue over whether the United States government should get involved when a prospective (private) employer turns down a candidate for employment because said candidate looks like a chthonic monster.


My question is this, though:

What employer, of sound mind, in this day and age, when the United States government is watching over our every hiring and firing practice, tells a prospective candidate for employment - in a forthright manner - the truth?

Earth to Lawrence Transportation Systems: A simple "Sorry, no" would have violated no law and would have kept you out of trouble.  You owed this dude no explanation.  Instead someone there was honest with this strange looking character and your company gets hauled before The Big Tribunal.

Know how the game is played or get to the sidelines.

Photo courtesy of Eric Brady and the Roanoke Times.