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Monday, September 05, 2011

Idiots With Keyboards II

Can just anyone be a newspaper columnist these days?

Seems so.

If the original comment from an Indianapolis congressman - a Democrat - weren't shameful enough, this from an Indianapolis Star editorialist is downright startling.  From "Carson had the guts to say what some feel":
When I opened my Web browser Wednesday morning and read the headline "Rep. Carson: Tea party wants blacks 'hanging on a tree' " on IndyStar.com, my first thought was: "Yup! That's about right." My second thought was: "It's about time somebody said it."
Here, for your edification, is Democrat Carson's statement:
Carson: And this is beyond symbolic change. This is the effort that we're seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens.  Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree.  Some of them right now in Congress are comfortable with where we were 50 and 60 years ago. [source]
This Carson character must be about as stupid as one can be for thinking such a thing.

And this columnist for the Indianapolis Star (has that once-good-newspaper sunk this low since I moved away?) is no smarter.

The Tea Party certainly doesn't merit the hatred and vitriol, but the two of them most certainly deserve each other.