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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morgan Griffith On The Attack

I am so proud of this guy.  He's doing what we sent him to Washington to do.  That being to try and stop the madness.

You've heard of Solyndra.  If not, that's the "green" company that you gave half a billion dollars to - in a sweetheart Obama deal - that floated down the commode, never to be seen again.

See "'Connected' Energy Firm Got Lowest Interest Rate on Government Loan."

See "Solyndra Collapse a 'Waste' of Half a Billion By Obama, GOP Critics Say."

What follows is a clip from a Congressional hearing held yesterday, the purpose of which was to try and determine (a) how this company was able to obtain that sweetheart deal, and (b) what happened to our money.  It features Representative Morgan Griffith (R-Southwest Virginia) interrogating - masterfully - the Obama administration's Department of Energy chief loan officer, Jonathan Silver on one particularly smelly facet of this sordid tale having to do with the apparent subordination (i.e. make less important) of the taxpayer's outstanding loan to another company (one I'm sure we'll be learning more about as time goes by.  What that means, in a few words, is: that company will see repayment of the debt obligation before the taxpayer does.  And that's the part that is (allegedly) illegal.

Watch. And be proud:

What this exchange boils down to is this: The American taxpayer was screwed by a decision - seemingly illegal on its face - to protect Solyndra investors.

Keep an eye on this developing scandal. And on Mr. Griffith's pursuit of the truth.

More to follow. Guaranteed ...