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Saturday, September 17, 2011

NPR Twists Itself In Knots

What?  An NPR radio program referred to an abortion doctor as an abortion doctor?

Time for a referee to  step in!

See "The Loaded Labeling of Providers and Clinics in the Heated Abortion Debate."  In it NPR's watchdog gets all bent out of shape explaining that, because he/she performs other services, the person providing the "service" should be referred to as a "provider."  An "abortion provider."

The lengthy explanation was apparently required because some liberal listener objected to the term "abortion doctor."  Like he/she is known for anything else when he or she is killing little children.

Well, Mr. Ombusdman, I have a problem with the term "provider."  Doesn't an abortion provider actually administer?  What exactly is he/she providing and to whom exactly is she "providing" it?

After all, the woman isn't getting aborted.

It's the baby.

- - -

Verb: provide prəˈvīd
1. Give something useful or necessary to
2. Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance

- - -

Want to rethink that term too?

I''ll expect a lengthy and ponderous explanation ...