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Friday, September 09, 2011

Oh. Yeah. Obama.

That's right.  I forgot.  He gave a speech last night.  One I missed because the Packers pre-game show was on TV and ... thank God for that.

Anyway, our president disgorged another stimulus plan before a joint session of Congress, a sure-fire plan intended to save or create lots and lots more jobs.  Even more than the last one did.


Here's what seems to be a fair assessment of the dog-and-pony show, offered up by James Taranto:
As expected, Obama called for a new "stimulus," though he didn't call it a stimulus. The price tag, according to a White House fact sheet, is $447 billion. That's an increase of just under half from the $300 billion that had been floated earlier, though it's still well short of the $800-plus billion for the first, failed stimulus.

There are two competing explanations as to why the 2009 stimulus failed: It was the wrong medicine, or the dosage was insufficient. We agree with the former, but either way it's hard to see an argument for less of the same. In any case, the 2009 stimulus passed without a single Republican vote in the House. Now nothing can pass without Republican votes, and the new Republicans were elected in a revolt against spending. This was not a serious proposal, merely a campaign speech. Congressmen were right to laugh.
I agree with Taranto that it's laughable for Obama to even think he can come back with Stimulus Lite after Stimulus Magnus Grossus was a colossal failure.  What, he thought Americans had forgotten?

But one aspect to this shameful and embarrassing story doesn't sit well with me.  It's the cynical and, frankly, insulting framework upon which Obama built his proposal.  Spend now, pay for it later.

Spend now, pay for it later.

Oh, and raise taxes.

Is he kidding me?

Is he kidding all of us?

That's no longer a joke.  It's enraging.

And it won't be tolerated.

You'd think the guy had learned something over the last two years.  But obviously not.

More stimulus plans will go nowhere.  Beyond that, though, more efforts at tax-and-spend liberalism, the kind that got us into the fiscal mess we're in, is dead and gone.  Forever.

Don't insult us, man.  In fact. the best thing you could do right now is leave us the hell alone.

By the way, the Packers game was GREAT.