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Monday, September 05, 2011

On This Labor Day ...

... it must be mentioned that 14 million of us are unemployed, nearly 9 million are part-time workers wanting full-time jobs, and 6.5 million - Americans all - want jobs but have given up looking.

And, while the number of government jobs here in Southwest Virginia are up (the most coveted? Prison jobs in Bland, Tazewell, Patrick, and Wise Counties), those who once worked for Mack Truck, Ethan Allen, Celanese Acetate, Johnson & Johnson, Lear Corp., Dan River, Tultex, Spring Ford Industries, National Textiles, Buster Brown, Natalie Knitting Mills, American of Martinsville, Virginia Glove, Virginia House Furniture, Lea Industries, ArvinMeritor, Alcoa Wheels, Rowe Furniture, VF Knitwear, Vaughan Furniture, Webb Furniture, Burlington Industries, Renfro, Hooker Furniture, Bristol Compressors, Stanley Furniture, Dana Corporation, Thomasville Furniture, Sara Lee Branded Apparel, Bassett Furniture Industries, and Pulaski Furniture are either gone to more promising environs or are out looking each day for jobs that aren't there.

Jobs that appear to be gone forever.

In response, on this Labor Day Obama and his kind will call for the creation of more government jobs and government-funded jobs (and they will someday get around to explaining how we will pay for them). 

And the real problem - our inability to compete in the global arena?  Not a word.

Expect an even more dismal Labor Day next year.

Sorry if I won't be at today's parade.