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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Phil Puckett Knows How To Play The Game

I was listening to a radio spot out of Bluefield a few weeks ago put out by the Republican Party of Virginia - you can listen to it here (scroll down and click on "listen to the new radio ad" at the site) - in which the state GOP went after our 38th District Senator Phil Puckett for his penchant for going along with northern Virginia Democrats - always - when it comes to raising taxes here in the Commonwealth.  Going after Puckett's votes to raise gas taxes, license plate taxes, and insurance taxes in particular.  Votes he absolutely cast.

The ad was a little too silly for my tastes, but it got your attention, and that was a good thing.

Puckett came back a week or so later with a rebuttal on the same station with an ad of his own (a copy of which he's apparently not posted to the web).  Well, it wasn't exactly a rebuttal.  It was more of a change-the-subject.  He attacked the outsiders from northern Virginia (!) who had put together the earlier attack piece (the Virginia GOP being a foreign entity when it comes to Southwest Virginia, one must guess), how the accusations were all a pack of lies, and went on to talk about how he's always been there for his constituents, etc. etc.

Slick is the only word to describe it.  He never actually denied the specifics.

Well, now Mr. Puckett has come out with his first YouTube spot.  And it can't be called slick.  In fact, it's quite well done.  You can see it here:

To watch the ad you'd think Phil Puckett isn't the same guy who routinely sides with the most liberal of Virginia's politicians when it comes to taxes and regulation.

Which is his intention.

"Change the Subject Phil" we should call him.

Nice bit of work, though.  Whoever did it.