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Friday, September 23, 2011

Put Up Or Shut Up

I defy anyone working for the Roanoke Times to back up this statement, found in its editorial dated Thursday, September 22 ("Obama asks rich and poor to sacrifice"):
The president offers a bolder blueprint for at least $3 trillion worth of reduction and funding for his jobs plan. His is a balanced, pragmatic package of less spending and more revenue.

Reduced spending and entitlement reform outweigh new revenue. Most important, he is ready to discuss Medicare reform, an essential step in any serious reforms because rising medical costs are one of the top drivers of future deficits.
Here's the full text of Obama's American Jobs Act.

1) Other than unemployment compensation reform and a reduction in the traditional "entitlement" granted Big Oil, where does one find any real entitlement reform (particularly those most costly - Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security)?

Answer: One can't.  It's not there.  Not one word.

2) "[H]e is ready to discuss Medicare reform." What kind of bullshit is that?  Obama's "ready to discuss it"?  Is he hosting an internet chat room or is he the freaking president of the United States?

2a) Where in the American Jobs Act does Obama acknowledge any interest in discussing Medicare reform?

Answer: He doesn't.  It's not there.

2b) I thought ObamaCare reformed Medicare.  What happened to that plan?

Answer: Nobody really knows what ObamaCare is going to do to Medicare.  But the elderly are soon going to find out.  The hard way.

3) The plan calls for $447,000,000,000 in spending over and above any budget outlay or "continuing resolution" ploy.  How is an increase of $447 billion "less spending"?

Answer: It isn't.

4) "Rising medical costs are one of the top drivers of future deficits."  Was that written before or after ObamaCare was passed?  If after, can we repeal the damn thing because it failed to live up to Obama's promise that his signature health care legislation would reduce medical costs for all?

5) If ObamaCare didn't stem the rising medical costs and his American Jobs Act - with its massive tax increase on the job creators in our country - doesn't stem the rising medical costs, will you and he be bringing forth another proposal that will raise taxes and stem those rising medical costs?

5a) At what point can we tell you to stick it where the sun don't shine?